Nov 22 2005

We Predicted Zarqawi’s Fall

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Yes, I am tooting my own horn here. On 11/20 I predicted the Amman bombings would destroy all support for Zarqawi and Al Qaeda. On 11/15 evidence of the fall from grace started to see the light of day. On 11/20 we heard the rumors of Zarqawi’s death and I couldn’t help but notice the fact his family had disowned him and he was now exposed for betrayal by the people.

I review all this to introduce this excellent piece by Mark Steyn on how the Arab street rose up, as I predicted it would, to begin the process of shedding itself of violent Islamic Terrorist like Zarqawi.

On Friday, the allegedly explosive “Arab street” finally exploded, in the largest demonstration against al-Qa’eda or its affiliates seen in the Middle East. “Zarqawi,” shouted 200,000 Jordanians, “from Amman we say to you, you are a coward!” Also “the enemy of Allah” – which, for a jihadist, isn’t what they call on Broadway a money review.

The old head-hacker was sufficiently rattled by the critical pans of his Jordanian hotel bombings that he issued the first IRA-style apology in al-Qa’eda’s history. “People of Jordan, we did not undertake to blow up any wedding parties,” he said. “For those Muslims who were killed, we ask God to show them mercy, for they were not targets.”

Well Zarqawi is a Class A idiot and the Jordanians are not. The woman bomber whose device failed was all over TV describing how she and her husband stood on either side of the room for the wedding to make them their targets. No one likes being taken as an utter fool. The apology was more disrespectful to a proud society than the supposedly collateral damage!

And the liberal left is also soaked with the blood of the dead, as Steyn so aptly points out:

Though it’s much admired in the salons of the West, armchair insurgents such as Michael Moore seem to have no desire to walk the walk. Mr Moore compared the Zarqawi crowd to the “Minutemen” of America’s revolution, pledged to take to the field of battle at a minute’s notice. Alas, the concept of self-destructing Minutemen depends on the often misplaced optimism of the London bus stop: there’ll be another one along in a minute.

Mikey, it appears your freedom fighters have a taste for killing people at weddings and funerals and mosques. Are you and your liberal enablers still glad you egged these freedom fighters on to take on the US? My guess is you are.

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