Nov 18 2005

Showdown With Mad Murtha’s Dems

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After Mad Murtha insulted our military men and women and calling them the source of the problems in Iraq, the Congressional Republicans grew some spine and a showdown vote in the US House is on for tonight, Drudge is reporting now at 4:00 PM eastern (and now by AP)

The names of all the treacherous dem0crats who insult our troops and their incredible efforts over the last three years, who sully the memories of those who payed the ultimate sacrifice so Iraq will become the largest, richest, newest Arab democracy, who embolden the terrorists to bomb and kill innocent people with their cries for surrender, the names of all these people who represent everything America is not will be etched into history.

The names of people calling for the rapid surrender in Iraq, only a month before a popularly certified and elected government is to be established, will forever be known as the Great Losers of the 21st century. Losers because they did all they could to lose Iraq and lose the war on terror. And losers because in the end they lost in their bid to lose.


Here is the start of the Michelle Malkin linkfest.

The Llamma Butchers are predicting a donkey surrender instead of a US surrender. I don’t think the donkeys are that smart.

Don Surber has it right – support the troops by letting them finish the job. In other words Congress should sit down, shut up and watch how it is done.

More at Stop the ACLU and The Jawa Report (welcome back Rusty). And make sure to read this post by the Anchoress on cutting and running. Libertarian Leanings has a great historical perspective as well, check it out.

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  1. BurbankErnie says:

    Can’t wait to see the Ball less Bastards Vote.
    I cannot believe we are still paying for the VN Pullout with the MSM and Elected Washington Officials. Some who instigated pulling Defeat from the Jaws of Vitory in VN are still in positions to totally F’ Up the GWOT.

    Pox on them all, and we will soon see which way the weathervain pussies vote.

  2. “Hawkish” Dem: Time To Cut And Run

    … Words escape me. I’ve run through my entire list of epitaphs, printable and unprintable, and can’t find one that comes close to describing my feelings toward this despicable little worm. The kindest theory I can come up with is that this fool’s …

  3. We often hear Murtha’s argument that the US presence in Iraq is creating terrorists; presumably, if the US retreated from Iraq, there would be fewer Muslims, inflamed by our efforts there, turning to terrorism. A little thought and a little review of Bin Ladin’s history will show this argument to be wrong and incredibly dangerous.

    How did Bin Ladin make his name in radical Muslim circles? By claiming the credit for driving the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan. According to Bin Ladin, his rag tag army of faithful mujahadin drove the Soviet Union out and defeated a super-power. In 1996, he issued his Fatwa declaring war on the US. In the same period, he merged with the Egyptian based terrorist group that had carried out the first WTC attack. In 2001, he attacked the US again, rather successully. The US reacted by invading Afghanistan and then driving a dagger into the heart of the Middle East, by invading Iraq and taking down Saddam and his loathsome regime.

    Now, imagine how it will look if the US takes Murtha’s suggestion and bails out of Iraq. Bin Ladin will be able to claim that Al Qaeda had now defeated the remaining superpower. He’d be right.

    And the Muslim masses, that sat on the fence, will now see which is the “stronger horse”. Every disaffected Muslim youth, in the Middle east and Europe, will revere him. Hundreds of thousands will flock to his banner. Why not? He delivers.

    Murtha is providing aid and comfort to our enemy. He is either a complete moron or a traitor. Since he’s a white-flag Democrat, it’s hard to tell which. Probaby both.

  4. GOP: Iraq Showdown

    “I nostri soldati sono sotto attacco. Non possiamo permetterci di mandare segnali ambigui”. Con queste parole, il congressman dell’Arizona, J.D. Hayworth, ha lanciato il guanto di sfida repubblicano agli avversari democratici, obbligandoli a prendere…