Nov 18 2005

Fly By, 11/18/05

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I was driving this morning and the talk shows were ablaze with Rep Murtha’s comments, so I had to go see what the fool had said. Well, he starts off by insulting the troops:

Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.), a decorated Vietnam War veteran, said many of those troops are demoralized and poorly equipped and, after more than two years of war, are impeding Iraq’s progress toward stability and self-governance.

Got that? They are in the way. They are part of the problem. They are ill equipped and bummed out, so apparently they don’t know what they are doing and/or cannot do their jobs and need to get out of Iraq before they screw it up worse. When did the democrats decide it was time to attack our military?

“Our troops have become the primary target of the insurgency,” Murtha said in a Capitol news conference that left him in tears. Islamic insurgents “are united against U.S. forces, and we have become a catalyst for violence,” he said. “. . . It’s time to bring them home.”

See, our troops cannot protect themselves, and since they are angering the terrorists (by killing and capturing them) they need to leave before they make the world worse. Sounds like he is having a Vietnam flashback. As the guy been to Iraq? I love this duh! comment, as if it had anything to do with insulting our military heroes and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice:

The bitter exchanges came as polls show Americans are increasingly eager to have Iraqis assume control so U.S. troops can come home.

And on queue, as if to emphasize Murtha’s Madness, the terrorists go on another bombing rampage:

Suicide bombers killed at least 90 worshipers Friday inside two Shiite Muslim mosques northeast of the capital near the Iranian border, and a pair of car bombs outside a Baghdad hotel that houses foreign journalists destroyed a nearby apartment building and left several more people dead.

I know the liberals are going to deny this (because they have to in order to sleep at night), but every call for a pull out spurs another wave of bombings and killings. Every hand wringing liberal pol and journalists makes the terrorist believe they can win through rampant murdering like we saw today in Iraq. Bombing Mosques and journalists cannot win the war in terms of might of arms. It has one purpose and one purpose only, to make the meek shout and ball and call for it all to end so they don’t have to hear it anymore. That is Murtha’s madness.

I know this is not true: but I would not be surprised if someone told me the attack was coordinated with the speech. It is not true – but it would not surprise if it were true. Why? Because the effect is the same. A call to cut and run (by insulting our troops) is a green light to more bombings. So it doesn’t matter if it is coordinated or not. The result is the same – more dead innocent people.

The problem is the media planted this story without telling the entire truth about Madman Murtha and his views on Iraq.

And when is the CIA and Washington Post going to stop leaking and risking our intelligence operations and our agents!

The CIA has established joint operation centers in more than two dozen countries where U.S. and foreign intelligence officers work side by side to track and capture suspected terrorists and to destroy or penetrate their networks, according to current and former American and foreign intelligence officials.

The CIA has operated the joint intelligence centers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, according to current and former intelligence officials. In addition, the multinational center in Paris, codenamed Alliance Base, includes representatives from Britain, France, Germany, Canada and Australia.

The first two CTICs were established in the late 1990s to watch and capture Islamic militants traveling from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt and Chechnya to join the fighting in Bosnia and other parts of the former Yugoslavia, two former intelligence officers said.

Did Joe and Valerie Wilson leak this intelligence too? Is this the CIA’s payment to the press for the press covering up for the Wilsons?

Clarice Feldman has this great and well timed article in The American Thinker regarding the media and their Federal agents inside our government.

Let’s review the facts of that case before proceeding further. In 1999 and 2000 attention was focused on the sloppy – really non-existent it seems – security procedures in effect at the nuclear research facilities at Los Alamos in New Mexico. Los Alamos was overseen by the Department of Energy Secretary,. Hazel O’Leary , a Clinton appointee.

Five reporters, Walter Pincus of the Washington Post, H. Joseph Herbert then of The Associated Press, James Risen of The New York Times, Robert Drogin of the Los Angeles Times, and Pierre Thomas, then of CNN, reported that a scientist involved in that work, Wen Ho Lee, was suspected of stealing nuclear secrets on China’s behalf . Lee was charged with 59 serious criminal counts and placed in solitary confinement for nine months. In time, all but one of the charges against Lee were dropped. Lee was never charged with espionage and pleaded guilty to one count of mishandling nuclear weapons information.

And it is certain that in the trial of this case we will learn whether Governor Richardson and other Clinton appointed officials tried to play pin the tail on the Chinese nuclear scientist to divert attention from their own inattention to national security at a vital American facility. Or,even worse, as some have suggested, to muddy the search for how the Chinese obtained this vital information.

Do I need to remind people that in the spring of 2000, the great Able Danger purge was instituted to cover up what US Army LIWA and Orion Corp had uncovered during their China espionage data mining effort (here and here)?

Geez, I was just checking on any late news and now Fitzgerald comes roaring back with the threat of more grand jury proceedings. Since Pincus clearly obstructed justice in covering up for Woodward, in a conspiracy to hide evidence, I am not surprised there should be more investigation. But Fitzgerald is not the one to do it, since he only investigated the WH for the last two years and failed to even get as clear an understanding of events as the blogoshere as developed over the same time period. There is one bit of ‘news’ – we might finally see how good or bad Fitzgerald did on his investigation

Fitzgerald’s comments about bringing proceedings before a different grand jury were contained in court filings in which he backed off seeking a blanket order to keep all documents in the CIA leak case secret.

I’ll believe Fitzgerald is serious when he indicts the reporters for lying and obstructing justice.

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  1. BurbankErnie says:

    Since I can’t swear like a Sailor here, all I have to say is:

    Mother Father Klintoon Legacy. He and Jimmah Carter single handedly destroyed the ability of the Intelligence Community to operate and Klintoon lied like a Whore in confession to us and the World. He would sell his Soul for a morsel of respectability, which he does not have.

    A putrid shit of a man. Excuse me while I spit.

  2. Delirious says:

    I read the Anchoress article and comments. I saw that the ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner was being brought up again. I have a military background and would like your readers to understand that the banner belonged to the ship. Ships regularly fly such a banner when returning from a cruise or operation, and in this case a war zone.
    Sad that the liberal press, cartoonist, and even those in the congress and their staff who are unfamiliar with the military wouldn’t know this or care since they chose to misuse it to laugh at President Bush and those serving our country.

  3. Delirious says:

    CIA LEAKS CONTINUE and they are giving away info thats useful to our enemies:

    ABC News article dated Nov 18, 2005
    CIA’s Harsh Interrogation Techniques Described
    Sources Say Agency’s Tactics Lead to Questionable Confessions, Sometimes to Death

    Two experienced officers have told ABC that there is little to be gained by these techniques that could not be more effectively gained by a methodical, careful, psychologically based interrogation…
    It is “bad interrogation. I mean you can get anyone to confess to anything if the torture’s bad enough,” said former CIA officer Bob Baer.
    Larry Johnson, a former CIA officer and a deputy director of the State Department’s office of counterterrorism, recently wrote in the Los Angeles Times, “What real CIA field officers know firsthand is that it is better to build a relationship of trust … than to extract quick confessions through tactics such as those used by the Nazis and the Soviets.”