Nov 14 2005

Iraq Looking Good

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Here is a later article confirming the UK position that troop reductions are possible next year if conditions warrant.


I know the MSM is always finding grey clouds amongst all the silver lining shimmering across Iraq these days – but there is a lot of good news out there. The US led coalition is now supporting Iraq’s pummeling of the insurgents:

.S. and Iraqi forces today killed an estimated 50 insurgents in “heavy fighting” in western Iraq near the border with Syria as part of Operation Steel Curtain, the U.S. military said in e-mailed statements.

Coalition forces launched air strikes against five targets in Ubaydi, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) from the border, as ground forces fought with insurgents who attacked with small arms, the military said early today in an e-mailed statement. The older portion of the town was cleared of insurgents, and efforts are now aimed at New Ubaydi, the U.S. said in a later statement.

“Iraqi Army soldiers, Marines and U.S. Army Soldiers engaged groups of insurgent fighters when they entered the city this morning after receiving small arms fire,” the military said in the latest statement. “Approximately 50 insurgents are estimated to have been killed in sporadic but heavy fighting.”

Looks like the “Insurgent Flypaper” has been doing its job by attracting and condensing Islamists into these border outpost ‘fish barrels’ (my analogy of the day!).

The American military says foreign fighters are crossing into Iraq from Syria. More than 100 terrorist suspects were already captured before today’s assault and 33 weapons caches have been cleared in an operation that comprises 2,500 U.S. Marines, sailors and soldiers together with an Iraqi Army scout platoon, the military said in a statement sent late yesterday.

The operation, along with others currently under way across Iraq, will help provide security for Dec. 15 elections when Iraqis will vote for a permanent parliament, the military said.

Draining the swamp as it should be done. And the coming elections are marking the time when the US coalition can begin to draw down and create a real PR problem for Al Qaeda. The draw down is being planned as we speak – as long as conditions warrant, of course. Our European Allies have been of immense help and are logically ready to move from military support to other ways to keep Iraq on the path to join the community of free and democratic nations.

Bulgaria’s unit in Iraq will begin its withdrawal after the parliamentary elections in the country planned for December 15.

Bulgaria’s Defence Minister Vesselin Bliznakov sent a letter to the allies thus officially informing them for Sofia’s plans for withdrawal.

Some dead ender anti-Bush types will want to see this as cutting and running on the part of the Bulgarians. I would suggest they don’t try that lame attack – because people who risked their lives to reach the final stage of a democratic Iraq deserve better than low brow insults. But typically the left ignores my warnings and self destruct anyway. Go figure.

Our valiant UK allies will be one of the last to leave, again forever in our debt and in our hearts for standing with us while the loser-left predicted doom and gloom and the worst about humanity.

Any exit strategy “depends on the job being done”, he told BBC’s Sunday AM.

However, Defense Secretary John Reid has hinted the handover to Iraqi forces – followed by the gradual withdrawal of UK troops – could begin next year.

Again, if conditions warrant there could be withdrawal. And here is the conundrum facing Al Qaeda and the insurgency: They say they want the Western forces out of Iraq – but the way to make that happen is to stop killing Iraqis in an effort to de-stabilize the political process (which is now a fate compli). As the Iraqi’s take more and more control of the country Al Qaeda will be seen at war with moderate Arabs and Muslims – not at war with the West! Al Qaeda will need to stop attacking Iraq or bring on the Muslim battle for the heart and soul of Islam.

The bombings in Jordan were the tipping point for AQ. The Arab street is rising up – against Al Qaeda. The Arab and Muslim street sees Iraq completing its transformation from arrogant bully to the model image of the future for all the people! That is the difference between the old Arab monarchy’s and Iraq and Afghanistan (for the Persian persuasion). The transformation in these two countries empowered the people – not theocrats, autocrats or bestial-crats… Just the people.

And as this realization grows among the people the Al Qaeda’s attacks on Iraq (note, not ‘in Iraq) , which will be seen against the backdrop of a constantly diminishing role from the West (nailing the AQ propaganda about imperialism to its own crucifixion cross) as an attack on freedom for the people.

The endgame is near. By the first months of 2006 Al Qaeda will have either realized the PR trap they are in and try and salvage their position with the people, or they will have overplayed their hand and turned the people against them.

Either way it is coming on checkmate – in two moves (elections and draw downs of troops).

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  1. MerryJ1 says:

    Alan Kaplan has posted an excellent, authoritative letter from a Marine in Iraq, the son of one of his Vietnam buddies, about progress and weaponry in Iraq. It’s posted under Alpha-Whiskey-Romeo (“Allah’s Waiting Room”), and includes some “fun facts” like:

    “Random autopsies on dead insurgents show a high level of opiate use,” and “Captured enemy have marveled at the marksmanship of our guys and how hard they fight. They’re apparently told in jihad school that Americans rely on technology and can be easily beaten in close combat for their lack of toughness.”

    Added thought, “Let’s just say they know better…”

    The posting is at:

    When you visit the site, don’t miss the “Thanksgiving” entry.