May 27 2009

Did Politics Play A Role In Which Car Dealers Were Shuttered?

If there is one issue the Democrats and the Obama administration will be skewered on in 2010 it is the job situation. Right now we already know the ‘shovel ready’ stimulus pork spending bill is a woeful failure. But if in addition to this job busting disaster is not enough, we may have the makings of what could be a legitimate legal investigation into the biggest case of bribery since Saddam Hussein bribed the UN with oil contracts in order to dodge international scrutiny of his WMD program.

I am speaking of the breaking news that the US government mandated closing of Chrysler dealerships with an eye to which ones where democrat fundraisers vs GOP fundraisers. From Gateway Pundit:

** Earlier it was reported that the Obama Administration may have targeted GOP donors in deciding which Chrysler dealerships would have to close their doors.

** Last night it was discovered that a Big Dem Donor Group was allowed to keep all 6 Chrysler dealerships open…. And, their local competitors were eliminated by Obama’s task force!!

Which was also picked up by Allahpundit at Hot Air:

I’m skeptical that this is as bad as it looks — it’d be politically suicidal, for no benefit greater than petty revenge — but consider it your must-read of the day. Don’t stop before the updates either or you’ll miss profitable dealers scratching their heads trying to figure out what mysterious sin they could have committed to warrant termination.

If GOP supporting profit making dealers where shuttered in locales where Democrat supporting dealers were left open (to take the business) then we have the making of a major scandal. The government cannot put people out of business based on political leanings. As noted at Hot Air:

“The Fifth Amendment clearly states you cannot take another person’s property without due process or compensation. Even in eminent domain, there is an appraised price on the property being taken by the state.”

I too am a bit skeptical this early, but the answer is obvious – full investigations into the decision process for closing Chrysler dealerships. The trend is something that cannot be ignored. If there was no effort to shut down politically opposed businesses then there should be no resistance to an investigation. But if there was any information garnered during the process which indicated political support or fundraising, then the entire process is tainted and I am sure numerous laws were violated.

So let the investigations begin. Every person who lost his or her job due to the government’s intervention needs to be assured political donations and support had no bearing in the decisions which left them without a job and put them in serious financial jeopardy.

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7 Responses to “Did Politics Play A Role In Which Car Dealers Were Shuttered?”

  1. Frogg says:

    I don’t know why you are so obsessed with talk radio. It’s like getting all bent out of shape over something Barbara Streisand or Sean Penn say.

  2. Frogg says:

    Oops. meant to post the above in the Levin topic. Mea Culpa.

    I can’t believe the Obama team would do something so out of line in the “pay to play” sense as to decide auto closings based on political leanings. If he did……and if the MSM reports it (which I believe they would have to do eventually if proven)….then it will be a huge scandal and a sad day for America.

  3. Mike M. says:

    AJ, what did you expect?

    Corruption has been part and parcel of the Democrat Party since the adoption of the ‘spoils system’ in the 1820s. It became worse after World War I. And Chicago is notoriously corrupt by Demosrat standards.

    Add to this Obama’s knowledge that he has a Democrat-run Congress that will stonewall any attempt to investigate, and this sort of thing is to be expected.

    Now, it IS getting out in the American Samizdat Media…but the only way the Propaganda Press will mention it is if a major lawauit is brought.

    Which may well happen.

  4. lurker9876 says:

    Check the new climate bill. It includes a blurb about paying unemployment benefits for up to 3 years to those that lost jobs because of this bill.


  5. daniel ortega says:

    If all the terminated dealers were Republican Party supporters
    you then must also check if all the still in business dealers are
    Democrat Party supporters.

    If you don’t have this then it may be that all car dealers are
    Republican Party supporters. This is possible, because why if you
    are running your own business would you try to elect the Communist
    Party which is an accurate description of what your Democrat Party
    has now become.

    But if it is true that still open dealers are Democrats, maybe they
    should be called the Demmunists!, then there is a case and I hope
    they can go to a court.

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