Nov 10 2005

Zarqawi-MSM Help Bush

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Interestingly enough, the continued calls for our surrender in Iraq by the liberal media here and in the West can easily be interpreted by all as the last key element of hope driving Al Qaeda’s resident butcher Al Zarqawi. In his desparate hope to stoke more western media consternation and fear and calls for surrender, Zarqawi decided to take his battle to Amman Jordan. Zarqawi needs the mindless, partisan western media to ramp up their efforts to stop the US before we fatally cripple his insurgency. And the media has responded as scripted.

But the Jordanians did not!

Three terror bombings that killed at least 56 people in Jordan’s capital sparked furious protests against al Qaeda on Thursday after a Web site carried a claim that the group was behind the attacks.

Jordanians flooded Amman blaring car horns and waving the nation’s flag to protest the suicide attacks at three hotels with Western connections.

Hundreds of angry Jordanians rallied, shouting, “Burn in hell, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi!” after the claim of responsibility was posted.

Is there any better example of what is wrong with the rabid left than their calls for us to run away while the Arab street rises up in opposition to AQ? The street did not rise up against us or our efforts in Iraq but against Al Qaeda’s murderous brutality!

What a day when the Arab Muslims in the middle east take to the streets to denounce our enemies while our media takes to the airwaves to wring their hands and once again call it quits for the 3rd year running.

Michelle has a post on the bombing here. Hopefully she will also see the opportunity this provides Bush to establish the left as so desparately partisan they are now aligned against the good people of Jordan.


Libertarian Leanings said it better here.

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  1. The Jordan Bombings

    The news yesterday that suicide bombers had attacked in Jordan made me pause a moment.

    Isn’t this the homeland of Zarqawi? Why would he attack his own land:
    “Despite the security measures that the traitor (Abdullah), the son of the trai…

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  3. mary mapes says:


    Stealing an idea from Hugh Hewitt, if someone told me, on September 12th, that the media would view terror attacks as “good stories that might nail the Bush administration” I would have told them they were right.

    If they told me that the Democratic leadership that had WARNED me for years preceding, that IRAQ, not TERROR by TERRORISTs, would be my primary future concern WOULD backpedal on this claim to gain campaign dollars, I might’ve paused.

    I was deadly wrong.

  4. gumshoe says:

    why would Zarqawi attack Jordan?

    the way i’ve heard it,
    Jordan isn’t a radical Islamist band-wagoneer,
    has recognized Israel,had/has treaties with Israel,
    despite disagreements about the Palestinian claims,etc…

    in other words,Zarq and his buddies likely consider
    Jordan and it’s gov’t to be “collaborationist” in some way(s).

    as a parallel one might ask:

    why would
    OBL and AQ under his direction
    attack within Saudi Arabia…after all
    it’s “his homeland”…eh?

    i’m not aware that Jordan
    gave access or staging for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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