Nov 06 2005

Joe Wilson Panics

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As the growing list of people who knew Valerie’s CIA employment before the Novak article grows (NY Times [Kristof, Shipely], Washington Post [Pincus, Leiby], NBC {Russert, Mitchell], Time [Cooper], Knight Ridder, the Kerry 2004 campaign. John Gibson and General and Mrs. Vallely) Wilson realizes the only thing holding the press back from turning on him and Val is disapearing rapidly.

Check out the lame legal action on General Vallely – even though he can be backed up by numerous other people present the four times Wilson blabbed about Val:

A demand letter was sent by Christopher Wolf, partner at Proskauer Rose LLP and counsel for Wilson, to both Vallely and WND tonight.

It disputes Vallely’s claim that Wilson mentioned Valerie Plame’s status with the CIA in conversations in 2002 in the Fox News Channel’s “green room” in Washington as they waited to appear as analysts.

“As you know, that assertion and the claim that Ambassador Wilson revealed to you or to anyone that his wife worked for the CIA is patently false, and subjects you and anyone publishing your statements to legal liability,” states the letter.

“This is slanderous,” Wilson wrote. “I never appeared on tv before at least July 2002 and only saw him maybe twice in the green room at FOX. Vallely is a retired general and this is a bald faced lie. Can we sue? This is not he said/he said, since I never laid eyes on him till several months after he alleges I spoke to him about my wife.”

Who are these people kidding? The list of people who knew is enormous – despite the fact Fitzgerald missed them all! Joe, you need to bone up on the law. Slander and Libel are a two way street in your case. Unfortunately for you – the facts are against you!

Are you planning on running soon?

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  1. Plame Game – Touching a Nerve

    Alerted by a commenter (h/t Big Joe), this interesting article appeared yesterday in World Net Daily:

  2. granitroc says:

    It appears the chickens are coming home to roost and it couldn’t happen to a better guy. AJ you were right, there is more to the story. The question is can the MSM bury it? Time will tell.

  3. BurbankErnie says:

    The definitive article on the Wilson/CIA misadventure THE PLAME KERFUFFLE Investigate the CIA in the WSJ (free article) by VICTORIA TOENSING

    Nuff. Said. Definitive.

  4. LuckyBogey says:

    As some have questioned: Is this a rogue CIA’s payback to Bush and his father for Duane ‘Dewey’ Clarridge, (Aldrich Ames’ supervisor), a longtime CIA field agent and administrator pardoned by GHW Bush for Iran-Contra involvement?
    (A Spy for All Seasons, 1997, Scribner’s).

    Among the 11 reprimanded by Director James Woolsey, but not named was Alan Wolf, the CIA station chief in Rome when Ames’s drinking problems and security violations were overlooked. Was Aldrich Ames, the person that “outed” Valerie Plame to the Russians?

    Is this a CIA out of control and a fringe CIA group providing classified data to the DNC as payback to Bush and use this as a Kerry last ditch effort to defeat George Bush? Does this go through France-Canada-China-UN and down to Little Rock? While Joey had his fingers in the honey jar at the CIA, Jacqueline was busy working. Who is Jacqueline Wilson? Is she a French double agent?
    Executives of the Africa Channel, a new cable service, talk to Jacqueline Wilson, an adviser to the president of Gabon.

    Jacqueline and her husband personally knew Saddam’s weapons buyer, having dinner with him on the eve that Kuwait was invaded in 1990. It very clear that there are connections to oil-for-food. Wilson had connections to the Gabon Chief of State, Omar Bongo, who was the chief African ally of the French oil company TotalFinaElf, a major beneficiary of the Oil-for-Food bribes. Prior to the Iraq War, they had a contract with Saddam’s regime worth an estimated 12.5 to 27.0 billion barrels of oil reserves. Also he had connections via the Middle East Institute and Rock Creek, both of which are Saudi controlled.

    USA: African Governments Spend Millions on Lobbying
    by Jim Lobe, Inter Press Service May 20th, 2001

    Lobbyists also include former high-ranking members of the intelligence community…. she reported sending ”letters to the office of National AIDS policy at the White House.” Gabon has also maintained a three-year-old relationship with Jacqueline Wilson, the ex-spouse of a senior US diplomat. According to her filings, Wilson receives tens of thousands of dollars for special projects and reports to President Omar Bongo’s daughter, Pascaline Mferri Bongo…..

    As former federal prosecutor Joesph DiGenoa contends it sure looks like the CIA didn’t exactly bust a nut to “take every conceivable step to protect this person’s identity.”

    DiGenova lays most of the blame for this explosive controversy on the CIA and asked: “I believe the agency didn’t properly protect [Plame’s] identify because they didn’t want to and clearly didn’t try,”… “The CIA isn’t stupid,” he said. “They wanted this story out. I’m raising the question: Did the CIA mislead Fitzgerald?”….

  5. MaidMarion says:

    I realize this is off the topic of Valerie’s CIA employment…but I was looking over Hersh’s article re. the forged Niger documents.

    Vince Cannistraro pops up there…

    As previously noted, Seymour Hersh had a “former senior-level CIA official” source who told him that the Niger documents were forged by retired, disgruntled CIA operatives. Hersh reported this in his 20 Oct 2003 “Stovepipe” article.

    Vince Cannistraro, the former head of CIA’s Counter-terrorism Center who apparently left the CIA in 1991, was another source for this same article. Hersh writes:

    “The documents were just what Administration hawks had been waiting for. The second former official, Vincent Cannistraro, who served as chief of counter-terrorism operations and analysis, told me that copies of the Burba documents were given to the American Embassy, which passed them on to the C.I.A.’s chief of station in Rome, who forwarded them to Washington. Months later, he said, he telephoned a contact at C.I.A. headquarters and was told that “the jury was still out on this”—that is, on the authenticity of the documents.”

    Read that last sentence again. Doesn’t it sound as though Cannistraro was keeping tabs on the whereabouts of the documents and status of the hoax from at least the moment they were handed over to the American Embassy? It seems to me Hersh was using Cannistraro’s comment to confirm the claim made by his “former senior-level CIA official” source.

  6. mary mapes says:


    “Months later, he said, he telephoned”

    To answer your question, yes!