Nov 01 2005

Who Knew About Val?

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You want to have a fun time at the Libby trial? Well start with the list of people who knew Val worked at the CIA! Who cares who knew about her efforts to get Joe to Niger in spite of the fact the intel community, when briefed, considered it a waste of time. And never mind that Joe was told to stay away from the prime investigation (same link) and there was a better, more immediate resource available (same link).

Never mind all that, how Val pushed up hill to get Joe to Niger is not relevant – only who outted her. So who could know?

Well, the NY Times (re Kristof, Wilson) and Washington Post (Pincus, Wilson) surely could know since she could have been his second source.

Her parents knew.

Tom Maguire explains how Andrea Mitchell knew (and admits many reporters did)…

In fact John Gibson made a very telling comment tonight on his FOX show:

Cheney’s deputy wasn’t charged with outing a CIA agent because she had been outed already by her husband, Joe Wilson, who constantly introduced her as his CIA wife.

By the way, Gibson noticed something else ‘ol eagle eye Fitzgerald missed:

Now the good defense being a good offense. Wilson doesn’t want to talk about how he was an anti-war former diplomat who was opposed to regime change for Saddam Hussein (search). He doesn’t want to talk about how his wife certainly knew that. He doesn’t want to talk about how the very day that Vice President Cheney’s office asked for more information on a report Saddam was trying to buy nuke bomb fuel from Niger, on that very day, Wilson’s wife wrote a note to her boss saying her husband — Wilson — would be perfect to go to Africa to investigate what she called “this crazy report.”

How clairevoyant of Valerie! The same day Cheney asked about the question she was prepped and ready to push Joe to go??

Larry Johnson knew – he went to CIA school with Val, as he reminds us ad nasuem. Can any tell Larry Johnson and his cohorts is part of a vendetta campaign? Larry has a guest blogger – an old bitter CIA hand – who says:

For the past thirty years, Cheney has been wreaking havoc on America’s national security policy and working to politicize the intelligence assessments of the CIA, but his work has been conducted from the shadows.

You know what is sad, these CIA kooks can’t deal with their own failures very well. Remember how the soviet union finally collapsed due to our efforts beat them through success and technological advance? The agency is still mad about being wrong about that too!

Cheney and Rumsfeld were instrumental in imposing a team of right-wing ideologues onto the CIA in an effort to push the agency’s analysis on Soviet military developments far to the right, charging that the agency “significantly understated the threat of the Soviet military buildup.” The exercise, which began in 1976, was known as the Team A/Team B Exercise. Team A consisted of the analytical cadre at the CIA who worked on Soviet strategic assessments. Team B included such ideologues as Harvard Professor Richard Pipes, William Van Cleve, Paul Wolfowitz, and retired general Daniel Graham. CIA director William Colby refused to accept Team B because of its ideological makeup; his successor, George H.W. Bush, however, was willing to allow the exercise to take place.

I guess the nuclear freeze fanatics never got the message who won the cold war – and why. Anyway, these are the up coming democrat talking points – bet on it!


Read the next post at Larry’s fantasy site – again they tipped the left’s silly hand in today’s Senate stunt:

What took place and why will not be known with any certainty until the details of the Fitzgerald investigation are revealed. (As we go to press, Fitzgerald has made no public statement.) But recent revelations in the Italian press, most notably in the pages of La Repubblica, along with information already on the public record, suggest a plausible scenario for the evolution of Plamegate.

Information developed by Italian investigators indicates that the documents were produced in Italy with the connivance of the Italian intelligence service. It also reveals that the introduction of the documents into the American intelligence stream was facilitated by Undersecretary of Defense Doug Feith’s Office of Special Plans (OSP), a parallel intelligence center set up in the Pentagon to develop alternative sources of information in support of war against Iraq.

Yep. Just like the tin foil hat brigades’ claims Bush knew about 9-11 before it happened, and allowed it so we could invade Iraq, these nuts believe someone in the Bush administration helped cooked the evidence. These fevered fantasies are what the democrats brought the US Senate to a stand still to promote.

Like the McKinney 0-11 madness and Mad Hatter Conyers’ pretend impeachment hearings in the Congressional Basement – these lunatics have ridden their denial and hate into what must be a near psychotic delusional state.

By the way, read this with a grain of salt. This section

Panorama, perhaps not coincidentally, is owned by Prime Minister Berlusconi. On Oct. 9, the documents were taken from the magazine to the U.S. Embassy, where they were apparently expected. Instead of going to the CIA Station, which would have been the normal procedure, they were sent straight to Washington where they bypassed the agency’s analysts and went directly to the NSC and the Vice President’s Office.

Does not jive with the Senate Iraq report:

On October 16, 2002, INR made copies of the documents available at the NIAG meeting for attendees, including representatives from the CIA, DIA, DOE and NSA. Because the analyst who offered to provide the documents was on leave, the office’s senior analyst provided the documents. She cannot recall how she made the documents available, but analysts from several agencies, including the DIA, NSA and DOE, did pick up copies at that meeting. None of the four CIA representatives recall picking up the documents, however, during the CIA Inspector General’s investigation of this issue, copies of the documents were found in the DO’s CPD vault. It appears that a CPD representative did pick up the documents at the NIAG meeting, but after returning to the office, filed them without any further distribution.

And yes, that was Valerie’s group that misplaced the Niger Forgeries – Larry Johnson pal.

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