Nov 01 2005

What He Said

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Reading DJ Drummond, who is under the weather today, makes me want to hang up the keyboard and just read.

The Conservative Movement may become fractious at times, and may hold heated debates. But there is no simply comparison between the Left and Right in terms of cogency or substance, and for the foreseeable future the Average American will come to understand that only one party has presence of mind; the other major party has simply lost theirs.

I can only add: Fitzgerald has pointed out Libby had numerous government sources to Valerie’s role with Joe and her job at the CIA, and never once did he confirm these facts with any reporter – instead simply blowing them off with comments he had heard the rumors from the press. Fitzgerald, charged with investigating the outing of Valerie Plame, indicted someone for testifying how he did not leak the information – which is used as a basis of fact in the indictment. The fact Libby did not confirm his inside knowledge about the Wilson’s, but misled reporters, is used as proof he tried to cover up his actions – of not outing Valerie. Does anyone still think the circular logic of Fitzgerald and the circular firing squad formation of the Senate dems is not proof of collusion????

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