Apr 15 2009

What If Rightwing Extremism IS On The Rise?

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One thing my former colleagues in the conservative movement better brace themselves for is the possibility the DHS report may be true, and in fact there are indication rightwing extremism is heating up.

One of the things a lot of us heard while debating this subject is that there is a lot of real concern with these groups right now. It is not “Obama trying to attack his opponents” concern (they are imploding so fast he has no need to worry). There are hints and whispers that there really are disturbing signals starting to show. I won’t go into it any further right now. But things could be going in a direction the conservatives suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome may just not be aware of – or worse are not willing to admit is happening.

Update: Looks like the Freepers are getting their mental wake up call today:

Heads up: Hedgecock, who broke the DHS story is talking to DHS spokseman. 

Bush ADMIN Report? In the works for a year

Why would Bush target right wing?

This my friends is someone trying to wake up from the throws of delusion – let’s see if they can pull it off:

Napolitano never saw it…never signed off.

Oops. What will the right wing conspiracy theorists do now? How can they connect Obama to this report? Stay tuned, I am sure some fictional fantasy will come out, just like it did with Obama’s birth certificate nonsense.

Hedgecock says, why target Vets, broad brush?
Smith says yes, its a broad brush. Things about assessment poorly written.

Well, because Vets weren’t targeted. Seems Hedgecock can’t let go of his alarmist theory which got him all this great traffic.

Why would Bush target right wing?why did he enact the patriot act?

ummm – lemme think

maybe because he was a rino? …because he sure as heck wasnt a conservative 

And there we  have it folks! It was the evil President Bush who was behind targeting those devilish conservatives. He is in cahoots with Obama, probably placed McCain at the head of the GOP ticket to ensure Obama’s win. He also was responsible for losing the Iraq war until to the point he could wipe out conservatives in Congress. It is an evil plot that goes back to 9-11, where Bush plotted with Soros to set up the Democrat landslide of 2008. It’s all so damn clear now!

Ugh, am I glad I am out of that fevered swamp.

Update: Actually, I think people should be let in on a few more details known to conservative bloggers.

Update: The essence of the problem appears to be the conservatives cannot distinguish between leftwing nattering about conservatives and hard working protectors of this nation in DHS trying to stop any more attacks like OKC and the killing of 3 police in PA. Connecting DHS to the far left is the insult that went to far.

As my above link notes, the drama queens on the right have been told that the vagueness of the report (wherein specific groups were mentioned to ensure the focus was clear) was due to a request to remove those names from the report. If anyone was paying attention to the NSA-FISA debate over the last 6 years they would know that in order to monitor such groups requires significant evidence of potential risk. To monitor anyone in the US requires a FIS Court warrant. Get clue people. There are some scary reasons why this report came out the way it did. Bottom line, it was to alert law enforcement and only law enforcement. That has now gone bust with mainstream conservative folks crying its all about them.

When the left exposed our efforts to stop attacks on this nation I was on the forefront of objecting loudly to the smears against those trying to stop the attacks. I have not changed. Conservatives now feel they have the right to do the same thing they lambasted the NY Times and others for. If you believe the right is endowed with certain morale rights to insert themselves like this in stopping attacks, I would suggest you just moved into a fragile glass house.

The right has been notified about how they got this all wrong. The new DHS Director did not see or influence this report. They have been told by respectable sources. They have not admitted this to their readers or listeners. And now they are trying to hunt down names of people in order to pressure them publicly. This needs to end.

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54 Responses to “What If Rightwing Extremism IS On The Rise?”

  1. Dc says:

    If it took the names/groups to make it somehow “different” than how it overtly reads…why weren’t they included in such an important document that was never meant for public consumption, but only for those eyes only who would understand it? Did they intend on also confusing/misleading their own depts?

    As I said before, the argument that somehow adding names or specific groups/targets to this would in any way fundamentally change the context of it seems pretty ridiculous to me.

    And who’s the drama queen here? (ie..people lining up with pitchforks, your marine having to stand against his own people, etc).

  2. Cobalt Shiva says:

    This product contains Law Enforcement Sensitive (LES) information.

    No, it does not. It contains talking points from certain advocacy groups that have been improperly labeled as LES information in a failed effort to keep us serfs from getting riled up.

  3. AJStrata says:


    You are wrong again. This is the UNCLASSIFIED version. The full version reads differently.

  4. Cobalt Shiva says:

    You are wrong again. This is the UNCLASSIFIED version. The full version reads differently.

    There is absolutely no need for an unclassified version if one is not engaged in some sort of political warfare.

  5. AJStrata says:


    Are you just trying to be obtuse? Straighten that tin hat, your reception is way off.

  6. Dc says:

    If they did not intend this document to serve as guidance, but merely as a vague overview of non-specifics…then why did they put this at the end of it :

    (U) Reporting Notice:
    (U) DHS encourages recipients of this document to report information concerning suspicious or criminal
    activity to DHS and the FBI.

  7. Dc says:

    And why would the Bush admin have included information about the most recent shooting of the 3 policemen in Pitts….which just happened to be the latest uproar on lefty blogs? And other recently common lefty fearmongering themes? Apparently, including misreporting: (according to Hot Air)

    (U) In April 2007, six militia members were arrested for various weapons and explosives violations. Open source reporting alleged that those arrested had discussed and conducted surveillance for a machinegun attack on Hispanics.

    This was also a viral factual misreporting that spread through blogs. Some of these things just look out of place for this kind of document. And it’s not because the actual names of the people weren’t listed.

  8. AJStrata says:

    Good Grief DC, they updated the damn thing with current stuff.

  9. ivehadit says:

    AJ, I don’t know about the others but I am trying to have a reasoned discussion with you on this subject.

    Again, if this were coming from a different administration that had not consorted with those who use KNOWN tactics such as Rules for Radicals, ACORN, etc, then I would not have the same response.
    And I am surprised that you do not get that.

    And I PERSONALLY know what I am talking about here.

    DHS is not the issue. Napolitano IS the issue. What exactly did she mean in her interview on CNN? What EXACTLY does she mean by “right wing extremists”? Why are there no left wing extremists mentioned in this report? Why is “right wing” attached to ANYTHING in this report? As a new administration, obama et al have NOT shown their willingness to bring people together, imho. Au contraire, quite the opposite.

  10. Cobalt Shiva says:

    Are you just trying to be obtuse? Straighten that tin hat, your reception is way off.

    AJ, here’s the first sentence of the “Key Findings.”

    The DHS/Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) has no specific information that domestic rightwing terrorists are currently planning acts of violence, but rightwing extremists may be gaining new recruits by playing on their fears about several emergent issues.

    “No specific information” on whether these people are planning attacks, and they “may be” gaining new recruits . . .

    In short, DHS just admitted that they don’t know a damn thing, but proceed to spend eight pages hyperventilating about hypotheticals using talking points from the usual suspects.

  11. Dc says:


    Bush ADMIN Report? In the works for a year

    Why would Bush target right wing?

    This my friends is someone trying to wake up from the throws of delusion – let’s see if they can pull it off:

    This is just getting to be too much. First you quote in your post that “Freepers” were getting all bent out of shape after discovering the issues they had with this document were Bush era reports that had been in the works for a year and that the current director of DHS had nothing to do with.

    Then you say..well of course it was updated for current events.

    Perhaps you missed the point that the problem people have with this document might be the new additions, or “updates”, that appear to be entirely out of context with the purpose and tone of the rest of this document…and that all of those said updates appear to be the most recent ones?? Further, that those “additions” just happen to be some of the most recent common lefty talking points??

  12. AJStrata says:


    You want reasoned debate then act reasonable. I have in my possession emails from a very respected conservative blogger who has stated Michelle’s claims are all false. She has the same emails.

    She has not recanted or apologized to those we know she smeared.

    How does that feel? To be lied to so your anger is pointed at innocent people so Malkin can gain notoriety and money?

  13. Dc says:

    While were at it…why don’t we clear up a couple more of your factual errors in the initial reporting….first, Napolitano “did” in fact read and sign off on this report.

    2nd…she has also said this:

    “If there’s one part of this report that I would rewrite … it would be that footnote,” Napolitano said.

    ie..the one that some of us have been pointing to as being out of place, out of touch, and parroting current lefty political themes that could have only been a recent additions.

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