Nov 01 2005

To Nuke Or Not? Do it!

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BTW, for those who think I have lost my marbles, I haven’t. I reserve the right to make sure Alito is worth the effort we are going to put into this next nomination. We are going to rue the day we did not find a qualified woman – it is just a political fact of life. I also have my doubts about Alito’s – who seems notorious for complex opinions. Well, he has made the partial birth abortion issue a big deal since he will be possibly sitting on this very subject if confirmed.

But Rick Moran has a great question regarding the nuclear option and the possible filibuster. I am a proponent of the nuclear option. All nominees should be given an up or down vote by the senate. I am a member of the Coalition of the Chillin’ because I did not see any down side to delaying the grand battle while conservative justices were seated! What’s wrong with that???

But I am all for getting rid of all filibusters on nominees. Maybe this battle will invigorate the base without turning off or repulsing the center voters. It is in how it is handled. If those who raise questions or doubts are pilloried, it will fail in the grand scheme of things – even if Alito is confirmed (and there is no reason I can see he won’t be).

Rick is right, though. There should be no hesitancy. Nuke the filibuster if the question arises. No debate.

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