Mar 10 2009

Finally, A Turn For The Better

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The controversial Obama nominee to head the National Intelligence Council has withdrawn his name in the light of a lifetime of radical positions and statements.

Charles Freeman, the Obama administration’s choice to head the National Intelligence Council, has withdrawn from consideration after facing strong opposition from Senate Republicans.

The withdrawal came hours after Freeman agreed to testify before the Senate intelligence panel on Thursday to answer questions raised in recent days. All seven Republicans on the panel had sent a letter to Blair raising concerns about Freeman’s experience and objectivity. 

Earlier on Tuesday Feinstein told The HIll she was keeping an open mind on Freeman’s appointment.

“I’ve talked to director Blair about it. Director Blair feels this is not a policy job, that he’s well qualified for what he wants him to do,” Feinstein said. “I feel presidents should have their choice if possible of appointments. I’ve read Mr. Freeman characterized in a number of different of ways. We’d like an opportunity to talk with him and get our own fix on these views. How strongly their held, whether in fact there is bias.”

Feinstein said she did not have any concerns over Freeman as of lunchtime Tuesday but that she might change her mind depending on his answers before the intelligence panel.

Others have been well chronicling the dangerous views of one Chas Freeman, and there is nothing I could add to all this good work. But it is clear that strong alliances can oppose Obama and his liberal allies. Finally, a change we can cheer. Each time reasonable voices rise up and blunt the liberals in DC opposition will be easier and easier to mobilize. We just need to remain serious and willing to join forces with like minded folks from across the political spectrum. We need allies who feel respected, not threatened or repulsed.

Let’s just hope the next nominee named is not as bad, or heaven forbid  worse. For the purity nuts, please not how working with Sen Feinstein (and I assume other less radical democrats) can be productive.

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  1. Another Obama Appointee Runs For The Hills (Chas Freeman)…

    Jake Tappers advises:
    “Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair announced today that Ambassador Charles W. Freeman Jr. has requested that his selection to be Chairman of the National Intelligence Council not proceed.  Director Blair acc…

  2. lurker9876 says:

    Not surprised and glad Chas withdrew.

    Now to get Susan Rice out.

    I wonder that the more Obama is attacked, the more of a “lameduck” he will become in short time…

  3. Terrye says:

    I have never seen so many resignations in such a young administration.

  4. crosspatch says:

    Well, Pelosi and Reid got a “stimulus” bill through that isn’t set to be spent, for the most part, until 2010. Now today Pelosi is talking about ANOTHER stimulus bill. Looks to me like they are setting things up for a veritable pork explosion right before Congressional elections next year.

  5. crosspatch says:

    My favorite line of the day from Confederate Yankee:

    “At this pace, Obama’s going to be reduced to filling Administration jobs in front of Home Depot.”

  6. Redteam says:

    CrossP,,, sounds about right.

    For those foreseeing gloom and doom for the Republican party, there’s a good story by Patrick Buchanan out about when Goldwater lost the election of 64, and LBJ had over 75% of the votes in both houses and the Democrats were gonna be in power forever,…….uh, or until 1966 when the Repubs came roaring back and continued it in 1968 winning and keeping the presidency for 20 of the next 24 years.
    Obama is gonna be a dead duck (politically) in 2010. The Repubs are gonna come roaring back.

  7. crosspatch says:

    Redteam, things are different these days. The new voters coming of age are of a generation that have been programmed to believe that it is the responsibility of “the government” to take care of them. The look at “rich people” as parents whose responsibility it is to pay the medical and housing costs of everyone else.

    We have a different culture from back then when people were taught to get out their and make it on their own.

    I am not so sure anymore.

  8. gwood says:

    Unlike the post-Goldwater and LBJ years, we now have a plurality of the electorate who, if they vote their own “pocketbook” issues, will vote for more government every time. It’s no longer “the economy stupid”.

    Those who gain an advantage through tax policy will not give it up readily. The sheer numbers who work for government, added to those whose bread is indirectly buttered by government, is vast and growing.

    Government grew by one-third under Bush, and the current pork-fest is about enlarging government’s reach even more. The elimination of the charitable deduction completes the coup.

    The private sector now consists of the politically neutered, and the co-opted, hands out and palms up.

    Atlas is already shrugging.