Oct 24 2005

Fitzgerald Should Know Better

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While we run down the clock to the last days, possibly hours, of the Plame insanity I think Mr. Fitzgerald needs to step back and decide what kind of law he wants to represent in this country. Not for our sake – we know what is important and what the law should mean in its most basic form. But for him. Because the Plame Game will represent whether we hold onto our core values, or fight to hold onto our core values.

We are all tired and fed up with politics ending up in the courthouse. We don’t need another Monicagate, or memogate, filegate, or whatever. The cold calculating side of me says let Fitzgerald provide the liberals their partisan fantasy dream and indict. The left will never rebound from such a move. But the damage would be too great to the country.

The people of America might finally grow so tired of the politicians we clean house. The media will take longer, but they too need a infusion of new, serious voices. But it would take a heavy toll on the fabric of our society – so I will not partake in the fantasizing and simply strive for the basic good of the truth.

The Plame Game is a policy dispute taken into the gutter by the Wilsons and their followers. Earth to Joe: we cannot un-invade Iraq and we will not tear down the Iraqis’ new democracy so we can go back to 2002. Life don’t work that way. So this effort on their part is a waste of time.

I honestly believe the Wilsons and their cohorts thought we would fail in bringing democracy to Iraq. I would point you to their lame attempts to find grey clouds behind the silver lining of the new Iraqi constitution – but what’s the point? They were wrong. They had expected to reach this point in completely different circumstances. They expected to be winning in court as we were pulling out of Iraq in defeat. The proof behind their case would be reality, not marginal details about a single forged document from Italy. But they were wrong, and here we are in place these people claimed was impossible to reach.

The WSJ says it all best here in today’s editorial. And this is the one paragraph Patrick Fitzgerald needs to focus on:

Mr. Wilson’s original claims about what he found on a CIA trip to Africa, what he told the CIA about it, and even why he was sent on the mission have since been discredited. What a bizarre irony it would be if what began as a politically motivated lie by Mr. Wilson nonetheless leads to indictments of Bush Administration officials for telling reporters the truth.

The emphasis is mine to point out that our legal system depends totally on how those empowered to execute it do so. Yes, you can indict a ham sandwich – but don’t because it makes our legal system a joke and no one will take a joke seriously. Yes, you can play politics with the law like Ronnie Earle did in Texas indicting Tom Delay using a law that wasn’t even on the books – but don’t. We as a people cannot hold others accountable to laws we ourselves abuse and monkey with. And that is why this must end the right way.

If Fitzgerald indicts administration officials for telling the truth to a lie, he will go down in history as the idiot who tried to make truth against the law. If there is one thing the majority of non-political, non-partisan Americans will not allow to happen is for the truth – something we instill in our children as paramount to life – to be made illegal in a brazen political game of gotcha.

Mr. Fitzgerald. Is this the kind of America you will try to leave us and our children with? Well, if you are crazy enough to try I think you will find the truth tellers will be the ones remembered for sacrificing for the better of the country and the liars and their minions will be remembered as the last gasp of a failed ideology. Because this is the last gasp of the failed ideology of liberalism. It has now sunk to the caricature of Big Brother in Orwell’s 1984 – where history is what the elites tell the masses and the masses listen or else go to jail.

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  1. Observer says:

    Interestingly enough, only fanatic Republicans think Mr. Wilson lied. In fact, he not only DID NOT LIE, but he found the same thing the BRITISH intelligence community found. I.E. The story he was sent to confirm was a LIE. Cheney and company didn’t want to listen and broke several laws in the counterattack. At it’s most basic, each member of the White House team signed an “under penalty of perjury” statement that they had not even TALKED to Judith Miller or Robert Novak prior to the attack on Wilson. That statement has been disproven over and over again with lots and lots of documented evidence, including White House memos, logs, emails and statements by the principals in the case. If, for example, I had signed such a statement during my long stint as a Government employee I would have been fired for cause and my retirement taken away without even bothering to start a big court, media campaign. It’s O.K. to be conservative but defending the rabid attack dogs bad no matter which side we are on.

  2. mary mapes says:

    Go sell crazy somewhere else. He did lie, and that is his problem. Had he told the truth about the circumstance surrounding his trip, no reporter would have given him ink. So he stumbles around the country committing the actions he accuses others of doing, calling Cheney a “lying bastard” and the WH ” a bunch of assholes”. Face it, your great hope turned out to be a fraud, and nobody bothered to tell him to quit while he was ahead. His mouth got the best of him. It was too good to be true.