Mar 05 2009

Major Victory Over Attempted Obama Power Grab

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This is excellent news, and proof Americans can pull together to stop even the liberal democrats in DC from going overboard:

The Obama administration has scrapped plans to have the Census Bureau director report directly to the White House, assuaging the concerns of lawmakers.

Commerce Secretary nominee Gary Locke met with key senators Wednesday to reassure them that the 2010 census would be managed by the Commerce Department, and not the White House. 

Fearless Leader just showed some fear. Someone send a dead fish to poor Rahm – he just lost his plan for world domination (so what are you going to do tomorrow night Brain?)

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6 Responses to “Major Victory Over Attempted Obama Power Grab”

  1. OLDPUPPYMAX says:

    So Husseins minions in the Commerce dept. will phony the Census returns there rather than in the White House. Big deal.

  2. ivehadit says:

    OPM, I agree. It’s all a sham, imho. And I base this on historical evidence of whom obama has associated himself over his entire adult life and his actions: we seem never to get a straight answer from him that lasts for more than a week…Just my opinion.

  3. Redteam says:

    So Rahm should put on his tights and go back to ballerina dancing…
    Since it would have clearly been unconstitutional, it’s better be back down voluntarily….

  4. BarbaraS says:

    The only reason Obama wanted Rham to do the census was because he had named Gregg as Commerce Secretary at that time. Can’t have a republican in chanrge of the census. He would probably make waves when Obama wanted to fudge the figures. This is not a step back. Just the same old slime.

  5. Terrye says:

    They put a little light on the plan and the roaches went scurrying away.

  6. Good news in a sea of bad…

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