Oct 22 2005

Miller Implicates Kristof

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Pete Yost and the rest of the MSM have such serious tunnel vision on the Plame scandal they have lost all powers of observation and reasoning. To establish the basis for this first we must remember that Kristof was the first person to write about the Wilsons, and he let slip that his sources were the Wilsons because they were the only two at the debriefing which would push the Niger forgery angle. Poor Kristoff, he either did not know the debrief was at the Wilsons’ house or he was so desperate to believe he too turned off his brain.

Then Miller’s NYTimes article comes out after her jail visit and testimony, and she slyly writes about her testimony and notes implying Libby talked about Joe Wilson, but he talked about a ‘clandestine guy’, which Miller noted was Wilson because she had known about the Wilsons’ from Kristof before the Libby discussions. She was clearly trying to confirm the story for the NY Times.

Recently NYTimes Editor Keller tried to apologize to the NYTimes staff for letting Miller run open loop. His claim was

In a memo to the staff, Executive Editor Bill Keller says Miller “seems to have misled” the newspaper’s Washington bureau chief, Phil Taubman, who said Miller told him in the fall of 2003 that she was not one of the recipients of a leak about the identity of covert CIA officer Valerie Plame. Miller says Keller’s criticism is “seriously inaccurate.”

Well, she was only the recipient of ‘a leak’ if she learned of the identity from an administration source – which she testified under oath she did not. And again, as with her statement under oath, she denied this myopic view of how she learned of Valerie Wilson:

“I certainly never meant to mislead Phil, nor did I mislead him,” Miller was quoted as saying in a Times story Saturday.

Look. If Miller learned of Valerie from Kristof then her testimony and this statement are 100% accurate and consistent.

When will the press realize the source of Valerie’s employment and role were provided by the Wilsons!? When will they come clean? The only scenario that fits the Miller testimony is she learned of Valerie from a reporter.

Too easy. Why can’t the media and the NY Times see the truth of everything in front of them? Too easy again:

Underlying the issue is Miller’s own flawed prewar reporting on Iraq.

Miller accurately reported the impression by most that Saddam had WMDs. This may have been in error with hindsight – but it was believed to be true at the time. Besides, he had WMD technology which is the crux of a true threat from Saddam and terrorists. Saddam’s WMD could be traced back to him. If he trained AQ in WMDs, it would be nearly impossible to trace it back to him personally.

Give a terrorist a WMD he can kill 5,000 people for a day. Train him to build a WMD and he can kill 5,000 people a day for a lifetime….

Here is Tom Maguire’s latest on Libby and Fitzgerald. Hey Tom, I have another scenario that also fits all the facts. Libby told Fitzgerald about the June meeting and backed it up with the Secret Service logs. In the meeting Miller clearly notes Wilson as the ‘clandestine guy’ and testifies under oath Libby did not name Wilson. But Miller’s notes address Wilson, CIA and Valerie Flame. This all makes sense if Libby never mentioned Wilson by name and Miller knew about the Wilsons prior to her meetings with Libby. Check out every single detail you know and you will see this scenario holds up no problem! Libby set up Miller to expose the NY Times…..

And stop by Mac Ranger to see his latest as well. He notes that Wilson was on the TV circuit months before he leaked to Kristof and Pincus and not once mentioned the Niger forgeries – even though by now everyone knew they existed and were forgeries! Why didn’t Wilson attack the Niger documents then??? He did not need to discuss his trip to Niger to debunk now known forgeries!

Mac Ranger also has this post on the Miller-Kelly exchange.

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  1. boris says:

    So the MSM and rogue CIA were all in on the scam.

    How suprised am I !!!

  2. BurbankErnie says:

    Throw in the DNC and you have a trifecta.
    Don’t forget what happened at the height of the Election last year. The DNC had their hands in MemoGate and Fortunate Son along with PlameGate to name just a few attempts to overthrow the Govt. and throw the Election.

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  4. ordi says:


    AH, a little sedition, hey! Bad bad boys!