Oct 20 2005

Larry Johnson – Crude Rude Dude

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Folks, let’s get up close and personal with Larry Johnson – big supporter of the Wilsons, Valerie classmate at the CIA, source on many stories, VIPSie extraordinare – and foul mouthed thug.

This is the low class type out to get Bush and Cheney for establishing a democracy in Iraq. Let’s let America see one of the most connected and vocal heroes of the fanatic left through his own words on his own blog.

Let me introduce the United States of America to one of the lefwingnut’s finest.

Number 1:

When Judith Miller went to jail in July I rejoiced because some justice, at least in my eyes,
was being visited on a media whore who helped the Bush Administration mix the
kool aid that took us to war.

What class. I guess ‘ol Larry wants us to go back to Saddam, his sadistic bloody rule, his WMD technology and terrorist safe haven (give a terrorist a WMD and he can kill 5,000 once, show him how to build WMD and he can kill for a lifetime). And he sure knows how to treat the ladies.

Number 2:

The airwaves have been filled with folks like like Joe DiGenova, his wacky wife, Victoria Toensing, and Andrea Mitchell insisting that, “Joe Wilson lied” about who sent him to Niger and what he discovered. Well, let’s play he said, she said and pinpoint the real liar.

Andrea Mitchell, a woman genuinely confused by facts, said the following on Tuesday’s edition of Hardball:

Boy, I bet he was an altar boy when he was younger.

Number 3:

Ms. Toensing is wrong. Let us pray that Ms. Toensing is not practicing law these days because, if her comments in this article reflect her abilities as an attorney, clients could be in serious trouble.

Larry seems really uncomfortable with women in authority roles. My guess is he was selected for the CIA for his muscles…

Number 4:

Someone needs to alert Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen that he is a nitwit and moron for trying to advance White House supplied talking points that no real crime occurred.

Other mental midgets like Cohen, such as Victoria Toensing, continue to insist that no crime could have been committed because Valerie Plame, “worked at a desk job”.

Larry struggles to put a complex argument together, and consistently defaults to invective. He reminds me of the redheaded guy (Wat Falhurst) on A Knight’s Tale: “pain….intense pain……”

And these people think it would have been better to leave Saddam in place instead of creating a stabilizing democracy in Iraq! Like I said, hired for their muscle. And now they want to take down Bush and Cheney.

What a hoot!

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8 Responses to “Larry Johnson – Crude Rude Dude”

  1. mary mapes says:

    oooh, I hope Larry makes an appearance. Wishful thinking, too chicken(hawk) to do battle with you.

  2. Curt says:

    Apparently Curt Weldon gave the name of the staffer who kept the able danger info from the commission…..one Dietrich Dieter Snell.

    Trying to get confirmation now.

  3. Curt says:

    Sorry, it was during a radio interview tonight…

  4. Lesley says:

    Ooh Mary, if Larry does show up, he might call AJ a Bozo or a Poopie Head! That would teach AJ, just like manly man Larry took MacRanger to the woodshed. (wink)

  5. mary mapes says:

    you sound strangely (pleasantly so) familiar…do you bite your toenails????— I’m on to you…

    Larry you are exceptional. A patriot. Where did we go wrong?

  6. Lesley says:

    Sssh, Mary. You’re going to make AJ think his blog is exclusively read by toenail biters or friends of toenail biters. That visual could make him give up blogging forever.

  7. Snapple says:

    By the way, the Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has launched his own website. I guess whatever they decide will be posted there.

    Here is the link to the WP article about that.

  8. Snapple says:

    This Ray McGovern has an article on this site that is very pro-terrorist and anti-American.

    It is called Global Research

    Here is Ray McGovern’s article

    This is a really nasty article.

    He even gloats that Cheney’s “chickens are coming home to roost” so he sounds like an echo of Ward Churchill.

    That’s really terrifying.