Oct 20 2005

Word To Fitzgerald: VIPS Can Kill Your Career

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The VIPS and liberal spin media are out in full force again, exposing their weird and whacky fantasies for all to see. Fitzgerald needs to be very careful. If what I see in the press is what is going to be the basis of indictments, Fitzgerald can probably kiss his career good-bye, and the democrats can look forward to decades as that ‘strange and loony’ minority party.

Like Michael Moore and Howard Dean becoming the face of the democrats – soon we will be adding the VIPs and folks like Larry Johnson to that list of distinguished nut jobs representing the left. It will be the attack of the conspiracy theorists! When Fitzgerald aligns with these folks, against the Bush administration and their success in bringing democracy to Iraq – it will be no context. If you think Cindy Sheehan left a bad image on the democrat party when she called for the removal of US troops from New Orleans. These Wilson cohorts will make her look like a pure genius in comparison.

The problem is, the initial ‘crime’ Fitzgerald was directed to explore came up empty because the Wilson’s are the ones who outed Val to the press (Joe needed someone to back up his story). This happened with Kristof in April (you need time to legally vet stories before they go to print). There were only 4 people at the Wilson debrief at the Wilson home, and only Val and Joe would have put forward the argument Joe debunked the forgery. The two DO analysts who wrote the findings report have a different story – under oath to the Senate.

So let’s look at what some of the lefties are drooling over fantasizing about. First we go to a stalwart leftie at AP, Pete Yost:

The evidence prosecutors have assembled in the CIA leak case suggests Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff sought out reporters in the weeks before an undercover operative’s identity was compromised in the news media, casting doubt on one of the White House’s main lines of defense.

Yost is kidding – right? May 6th Kristoff writes about his interview with Val and Joe Wilson and states the Wilsons’ exaggerated claims about debunking forged documents Joe had never seen. This revelation is known to have caused the WH to inquire into the veracity of this claim, which was followed up by a Pincus story in the Post a few weeks later – using the same sources as Kristof.

Hint Fitzgerald: If Kristof testified he had two sources confirm the topic of the debrief, then it can only be the Wilsons. If you have this testimony and have not “connected the dots” that this exonerates the administration – well, you would severally damage your reputation for failing to do so.. Unless of course you are bringing obstruction and perjury charges on Kristof and the Wilsons.

Yost wanders honored with his delusions:

For months, the White House and its supporters have argued top presidential aides did not knowingly expose Valerie Plame, the wife of administration critic Joseph Wilson, as a CIA operative.

Not quite true. I think you will find many of us have said the WH was acknowledging they had heard the same thing the press was telling them. The press knew already.

Where Libby first heard the information still isn’t publicly known, but a full three weeks before Plame’s name first showed up in print, Libby was telling New York Times reporter Judith Miller that he thought Wilson’s wife worked for the CIA, according to Miller’s testimony.

Yost needs to learn to read carefully. Miller’s testimony, as she reported it, clearly indicates that Libby referred to Wilson as some “clandestine guy”. Her notes refer to the Wilsons – but she never says Libby called them by name. In fact she claims just the opposite. It is these notes which are the second smoking gun found on the NY Times. First Kristof exposes his two sources as the Wilsons, next Miller’s notes demonstrate she knew Wilson prior to meeting with Libby, who was talking about some unnamed person to Miller.

While Libby maintains that he didn’t know Plame’s name until it was published in the news media, the now-public evidence suggests Libby at least was aware that Wilson’s wife worked at the CIA and that he spread the information.

Just the opposite. All the information shows the press knew about the Wilsons before the administration and were calling on the administration to get them to back the Wilson claims. You want to know why Miller had ‘Valerie Flame’? The same reason she gave for having “Victoria Wilson” written in down for her third meeting with Libby

I told Mr. Fitzgerald I believed that before this call, I might have called others about Mr. Wilson’s wife. In my notebook I had written the words “Victoria Wilson” with a box around it, another apparent reference to Ms. Plame, who is also known as Valerie Wilson.

Another possibility, I said, is that I gave Mr. Libby the wrong name on purpose to see whether he would correct me and confirm her identity.

This is a standard interrogation trick. Miller says “yeah, I heard Joe was sent by Victoria Wilson” and if Libby knows the details he says “Don’t you mean Valerie?”. It is clear Miller is trying to get confirmation from Libby about things passed to her and/or the NY Times by the Wilsons. Remember that all their claims rested on the debriefing and the topics of the debriefing – specifically determining the Niger documents were a fake.

That is what gave the Wilson story legs. Bush used forgeries to take us to war in Iraq. Not Bush used faulty intel. Not Bushed used conflicting intel. Bush used forgeries! But the forgery angle exploded all over the Wilsons and their media enablers because there was no way for Wilson to have found that the Niger documents were forgeries at the time of the debriefing.

Back to Yost:

Prosecutors, however, have a different account from Russert. The TV network has said Russert told authorities he did not know about Wilson’s wife’s identity until it was published and therefore could not have told Libby about it.

Actually, Russert and NBC claim Russert did not know Plame was a CIA operative. They have never denied knowing her name or the fact she worked at the CIA as far as I can tell.

Enough silly Yosting. What about the kooks backing Wilson and the press. What about the rogue ex-CIA whackos who will come front and center as heroes if Fitzgerald tries to indict on this twisted information. Let’s read a recent Ray McGovern screed – and watch how he interprets a Fitzgerald’s indictment:

The investigation has long since morphed into size “extra-large,” which is the only size commensurate with the wrongdoing uncovered—not least, the fabrication and peddling of intelligence to “justify” a war of aggression.

Yep. He claims Fitzgerald is investigating the Bush administration’s forging of evidence. These folks need a little more oxygen reaching the brain.

The coming months are likely to see senior Bush administration officials frog marched out of the White House to be booked, unless the president moves swiftly to fire Fitzgerald—a distinct possibility.

Images of Conservative Americans being led away in chains, unless we see another Watergate power play… They dream for America to drop back into another dark decade, while we try and defend ourselves from another AQ attack.

When introduced to former ambassador Wilson at the June 14 conference, I wasted no time asking him—rather naively, it turned out—if he knew who the former U.S. ambassador who went to Niger was. He smiled and said, “You’re looking at him.”

Interesting. Ray McGovern found out Wilson was the mythical ambassador well before the Novak article. And if you look at whose website this article is on, it is on Larry Johnson’s website. A fellow VIP and comrade to McGovern and classmate to Valerie. Now we know that Johnson and McGovern could have been connected the dots well before the WH as well. Johnson goes out of his way explaining how he knows Valerie. Here is the timeline from McGovern himself:

Wilson then dropped the other shoe during an interview with the Washington Post also on July 6.

Fitzgerald needs to be very careful. I have been able to show two potential sources from the record, in their own words, which predate the WH involvement in trying to understand where all these claims (now known to be lies) where coming about forged documents.

One last word from the frothing McGovern and his VIPSies:

We recommend that you call an abrupt halt to attempts to prove Vice President Cheney “not guilty.” His role has been so transparent that such attempts will only erode further your own credibility. Equally pernicious, from our perspective, is the likelihood that intelligence analysts will conclude that the way to success is to acquiesce in the cooking of their judgments, since those above them will not be held accountable. We strongly recommend that you ask for Cheney’s immediate resignation.”

Did I say these people were suffering from delusions of grandeur???

Is Fitzgerald the next Ronnie Earle? It is clear he is not going to get anything on the original crime of exposing an agent or the espionage act. It will be worse for Fitzgerald if the Grand Jury voted to dismiss those indictments.

Then he will be left with a weak case, backed up by delusional conspiracy theory nuts, attacking a President for establishing a democracy in Iraq….

Oh yeah. There’s a career building move for you!

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8 Responses to “Word To Fitzgerald: VIPS Can Kill Your Career”

  1. VRWconspiracy says:

    Mark Levin said tonight on his show that the lawyers he knows in the justice department who know Fitzgerald say that he is top notch — not a Ronnie Earl type. But we will shortly know about that.

  2. Plame Game: Blowing Wilson’s Cover

    Since opening the connection, AJStrata has been on a tear connected the dots – If you haven’t yet, read the lastest post.

  3. BurbankErnie says:

    The Left is Hyperventilating over this story. My word, the entire MSM Plame story is based on “LEAKS”. When a look at the FACTS are taken, it seems clear enough that Fitz has seen what Mac, Tom, AJ, NRO, and every other rational person has seen.

    Wilson lied. Miller, Corn, Plame, VIPS, DNC, Kerry Kamp et al conspired to overthrow a sitting POTUS in a time of War with misinformation and lies.

    MSM and Left spin will not alter Fitz’ path IMO. Hardball tonight was especially fun, Matt Cooper was getting tagged by Matthews, along with a cast of talking heads. The Dems seemed to be playing it down some.

  4. gumshoe says:

    not sure why you’re wagging a finger at Fitz,AJ.
    can’t say see it anyways.

    Joe W. was blowing so hard on this story (HIS story)
    since this thing came outta the gate,
    my gut said something was way off.

    i’m inclined to believe he and some pals *did* cook it up.

    if so,i’m condfident Fitz has been able to uncover that.


    you may wanna correct this line above,AJ:

    “Just the opposite. All the information shows the press knew about the Millers before the administration and were calling on the administration to get them to back the Wilson claims.”

    think you meant:

    “Just the opposite. All the information shows the press knew about *the Wilsons* before the administration, and were calling on the administration to get them to back the Wilson claims.

    minor point,perhaps,
    but i think it’s the thrust of your whole post here.

  5. Mahon says:

    Re: VIPS. Can anything better symbolize the degree of pretention and self-regard that these people bring to this issue than the name they have chosen for themselves? It may stand for Veteran (something or other), but it’s clear they want us to know they are “very important people.”

  6. Snapple says:

    Here is this site called VIPS

    This guy Ray McGovern, made the VIPS site and wrote an article in the terrorist-loving Global Research that gloated that Cheney’s “chickens are coming home to roost” and he will be indicted

    Ray McGovern, works at some school/church in DC. See his e-mail at the link above.

    This must be the school. It seems more like political activism than religion.

    These have a DC phone number. It seems to be in Adams-Morgan.

    “The Church of the Saviour at 202-387-1617 or e-mail us at
    office@surfglobal.net if you would like more information on any aspect of our churches’ lives or join us for the Ecumenical Worship Service, at which Gordon Cosby usually preaches, at 11:30 a.m. Sunday mornings at 2025 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, D.C.”

    Who is this Ray McGovern guy that we should believe him? A former intelligence guy?

    I have no crystal ball, but my money is on the VEEP not the VIPS.

  7. Snapple says:

    This Ray McGovern’s writingas are posted on URUK NET.
    That is a pro-terrorist site.

    Here is one of his articles

    McGovern reduces the whole issue to oil.
    Well, McGovern’s article is just really crude propaganda.

    Of course we have to worry when someone like Saddam has the oil wealth of an entire country.

    Bush was the guy who finally said we can’t let Saddam have all that oil money to repress his people and buy off foreign politicians and the UN.

  8. Snapple says:

    It is alleged that this former CIA VIPS guy, Ray McGovern, has written about classified briefings:

    “McGovern’s scathing, penetrating, and meticulous deflowering of the neocon modus operandi vis a vis Iraq was a wonderful start. And just recently, he has written in some detail about the pre-9/11 briefings given to George W. Bush that have been classified and censored. ” http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/091703_not_one_night.html