Oct 18 2005

Plame Twist – Hannah

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All you need to know about Raw Story is here and here.

1992 – U.S. Newswire begins work in its second consecutive presidential election, working for eventual winner Clinton/Gore ’92.

1993 – U.S. Newswire becomes the first news release wire service ever selected to distribute news and information to media nationwide for the White House Press Office.


The good Dr. Sanity is being inundated by leftwing trolls over her post about the Plame case yesterday – but answers back today with as good as she gets. So far she is single handedly taking on 20+ all on her own without breaking a sweat!

The poor lefties never had a chance.


In a new twist which is hard to unravel, rumors over at RawStory (not known for accuracy that I know of) is claiming John Hannah has been warned he is a target of the investigation – for reciewing Wilson 4 months prior to the supposed crime!

blockquote>Individuals familiar with Fitzgerald’s case tell RAW STORY that John Hannah, a senior national security aide on loan to Vice President Dick Cheney from the offices of then-Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs, John Bolton, was named as a target of Fitzgerald’s probe. They say he was told in recent weeks that he could face imminent indictment for his role in leaking Plame-Wilson’s name to reporters unless he cooperated with the investigation.

This looks like another attempt to leak grand jury information by CIA rogues, but it could be accurate. But we need timelines again to straighten things out. Recall Wilson had been a vocal Pain In The A.. for months. In a comment to a Larry Johnson article in TPMCafe on July 13 2005, we learn Hannah was fingered by Wilson in his book!

I think the center of all this “Get Joe Wilson” effort was located in Cheney’s office — and Wilson traces it to a meeting in early March, 2003, just before the invasion, where participants tasked themselves to do a “workup” on Joe. Participants included Libby, (Cheney’s Chief of Staff), John Hannah and David Wurmser — who then were both NSC and in Bolton’s office at State, and apparently Newt Gingrich participated. Rove was not a participant, and he only received the product of the “workup” when it was appropriate to get into the smear part of the plan.

So why would these folk want to “get Joe Wilson” — Two reasons, He knew the truth of the Yellow Cake story and was willing to tell it, and second, because Joe Wilson was operating to some degree in partnership with people (principles) from the First Bush Administration. He had meetings with Brent Scowcroft, Larry Eagleberger, James Baker — and the first op ed Wilson wrote which was published in December 2002 in the San Jose Mercury News, he sent to GHW Bush, who responded with a nice note saying he agreed with Wilson’s analysis

The two reasons given are laughable. The real reason is obvious. Wilson writes the President’s dad who passes it to W who asks Cheney to find out who this guy is. Geez – how hard is this? So Wilson becomes a known entity and maybe his wife’s employer pops up (not likely). The fact is Valerie and Joe spilled the beans on her employer to Kristof and Pincus in May and June, which spread around the press. OK, Fitzgerald could be a zealot and ruin his career on this silliness.

We do get another name for the CIA cohort club though out of all this – another classmate of old Valerie’s – just like Larry Johnson. I would not have looked back at the wild conspiracy theories running rampant in the far left if not for the Hannah tip – and found this

Larry Johnson, former CIA and State Department official who was a classmate of Plame’s in the CIA’s training program at the Farm, said when the CIA’s internal damage assessment is finished, “at the end of the day, (the harm) will be huge and some people potentially may have lost their lives.”

“This is not just another leak,” said former CIA officer Jim Marcinkowski, who also did CIA training with Plame. “This is an unprecedented exposing of an agent’s identity. There’s only one entity in the world that can identify you. That’s the U.S. government. When the U.S. government does it, that’s it.”

Why am I so sure? Because Jim Marcinkowski appears to be another Larry Johnson – just google “m Marcinkowski, CIA’ and see it for yourself. In fact they do shows together pretending to be Republicans…

Is this Hannah charge real? I don’t think so. Did he turn on Cheney? Possibly.

If the democrats thought going after Clinton in peace time hurt the reps – boy wait until they see what happens if they go after Bush and Cheney during a time of war on this silliness. Let’s hope Fitzgerald is a truly serious prosecutor and not out to become the champion of the lunatic left.

BTW, Hat Tip to Polly commenting at Tom Maguire’s site

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  1. I would hate to think that one of Bolton’s boys is turning on Cheney, but reading that RawNews thing, it sort of sounds as if he was in bed with Wilson when Wilson wrote his book–so couldn’t he possibly lead back in a co-conspiracy charge not to Lewis and Cheney, but to Wilson?

    What will come first, the indictments, October 31st, or my nervous breakdown over not knowing what is going on????

  2. BurbankErnie says:

    Well, I think we just found the three anonymous sources who knew of Plame’s real work at the CIA, Larry, Jim and the other Classmate of Plames.

    Is/was the elaborate scheme to have Hannah spread the misinformation for the Dems (IMO, this is bigger then Big Mouth Lying Wilson, this is All Left Encompassing) throughout the WH to discredit the Bush Admin and lose/win the 04 Election?

    However this shakes out, I sure the Hell hope that Fitz is the Investigator of the 21st Century. The arguements for and against in the Blogosphere makes much more sense then the Lunatic rantings of the Post, Time Mag, et al. I really want this put to bed one way or another, no matter what the Political cost.

    And did I tell you what a Pussy Bill Kristol is?

  3. AJStrata says:


    I think the dems will rue the day they get an indictment off of this – if they do. So far I am not buying the RawStory bit (they are big Downing Street memo fanatics).

    And yes, I saw your Kristol comment at TM’s

  4. ordi says:

    I don’t believe the rawstory either. It does make me laugh! IF it is true and Cheney bites the bullet doesn’t that mean Bush gets to select another VP? Since Cheney is not running in 08 Bush would then be picking his successor. Condi anyone! LOL Wouldn’t that chap the Dems and Hillary’s asses!

  5. Dana Abash or whatever her name is was just on CNN saying that Fitzgerald is going to “show his cards” tomorrow. I hope so, but how does she know this? It’s a mystery.

    Kristol: the man is a menace. Maybe he outed Valerie Plame.

  6. ordi says:

    Honest, I did not read this before I posted above!

  7. BurbankErnie says:

    I think any “News Org.” that would mention WHIG when referring to the WH is slightly bent to the Left.

    And Yes, Raw Story is a major source of News for the DU Crowd. I wonder what their track record is on Leaks, percentage of Right and Wrong. Since they are not Main Stream, I would think their Average is not too high.

    Ordi, good call, but I seriously doubt Mr. Cheney is going anywhere before the 09 Inauguration.

  8. ordi says:


    I agree Cheney is not going anywhere. This “Rumor”just feeds into DU’s Conspiracy theories and it makes me laugh! They just keep chasing their tails thinking Bush is so dumb and he keeps beating them. LOL

  9. BE is right. Cheney answered questions–not under oath, and not in front of the grand jury–posed by members of Fitzgerald’s staff in June, 2004 and he has not been contacted by the SP’s office since then. He would have to at least have received one of those little notes telling him he was the possible subject of an indictment if he were going to be indicted tomorrow.

    Look: if Fitzgerald were going to indict the vice president of the United States in a time of war he would have let the White House know this afternoon. Cheney would have immediately resigned. This isn’t going to happen. It’s a fantasy.

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  11. patch says:

    John Hannah!?????

    I’ve been following this story for over two years. Where did Hannah come from???

  12. AJStrata says:


    Came from a previous round of wild conspiracy claims by those wild anti-war folks!

  13. mary mapes says:

    Since the origins of this rumor can be found in the DNC talking points (and pedalled through Pincus) I am starting to see the game plan. I they know no-one is going down, or at least no one they’ll like. Spread a little evil dust on Cheney to get the choir excited and singing. Then when nothing happens there will be OUTRAGE …Fitzgerald will be Ohio!—Cheney is even more corrupt then before.

    After all, if the DNC dished no spin, don’t you think the choir would be slightly pissed they just wasted 2 years thinking this would go their way?

  14. Blunderford says:

    Who the Fook is John Hannah?

    We all know Rove has his tentacles all over this sheet, and if they’ve woven a Web that spits him back out into the White House smelling like a rosy turd blossom, I’m going to heave up the pork ‘n beans I enjoyed so much for lunch.

    Now they’re t…

  15. mary mapes says:

    Wilsons’ toning down the illegality a bit

    “It’s now clear that Rove and Libby, from what’s available in the public record, used their positions to engage in a defamatory campaign against me and my wife,” Wilson said. “This was not just political hardball. It was pure and simple character assassination.”

  16. BurbankErnie says:

    When you have no facts on your side, it is all about stirring up the base. That is all the Left has done in the last five years; get tne Moonbats SEETHING. The RAGE would be scary, if it wasn’t so pathetic.

    In the end, they drive away the moderates. Good for us.

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