Oct 12 2005

Base Not Buying Anti-Miers Crowd

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I have been arguing the Anti-Miers crowd had gone beyond where the base was willing to go, primarily because they have nothing solid for all their emotional consternations. Well now there is a poll out proving this is the case (through of course it is being spun the opposite way).

Here is the poll Pew Research which shows less support at this early stage than for Roberts. OK, but it also shows the same level of opposition to Miers as for Roberts!

Opposition to Miers among conservative Republicans is not much greater than it was to Roberts in September.

The anti-Miers crowd has failed to make their case. Specifically, 6% Conservative Reps opposed Roberts, 9% Miers. 12% of Moderate-Liberal Reps opposed Roberts, 19% Miers.

While the base is more in the ‘don’t know’ category for Miers at this stage than for Roberts, it is understandable due to the call for a conservative civil war by the anti-Miers crowd. Unfortunately, until we get something beyond the mind reading from a distance as proof that Miers is the next Souter, the base will trust Bush over any pundit’s opinion.

Hat Tip: RealClearPolitics

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