Jan 29 2009

Another Break Through For Adult Stem Cells

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As the exaggerated promises of embryonic stem cell therapies continue to fall short of the hype, adult stem cell therapies (click on image to read up on adult stem cells) continue to produce medical miracles:

Stem cells transplanted into early-phase multiple sclerosis patients stabilised, and in some cases reversed, the debilitating neurological disorder, according to a study published Friday.

First they removed defective white blood cells that, rather than protecting the body, attacks the fatty sheath, called myelin, that protects the nervous system.

The immune systems were then replenished with so-called haemopoeiticstem cells — extracted from the patient’s bone marrow — capable of giving rise to any form of mature blood cell.

Adult stem cells, harvested from the patients themselves – not taken from butchered human beings in a gruesome effort to grow spare parts – created these miracles. Maybe to believe in God requires a deep respect for life, but the fact is we have the tools to cure ailments without killing fellow human beings. Maybe a belief in God is all it takes to accept his gifts and our much need humility.

Spare and replacement parts garnered from our own bodies, not snake oil. That is what distinguishes adult stem cell research from embryonic stem cell fantasies.

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  1. JDavis says:

    I thank God that our President, George Bush had the courage to say no to the horrendous idea of harvesting stem cells from innocent little babies who were denied the right to live so it might prolong another life. It would be the height of selfishness to want this for myself, I couldn’t do it.

  2. Wayne at Jeremiah Films says:

    I’ve linked to your post from BlogWatch Unborn Life