Oct 12 2005

Told You So Nagin

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In this recent Fly By I mentioned the insane scheme by Mayor Naging to bring people back into the city without phones, water and basic services. Well guess what:

The slogan “New Orleans: Imagine it Clean” graces the sides of garbage cans in the French Quarter, a reminder that the city’s government once implored residents to pick up after themselves.

Now, residents are becoming increasingly frustrated by the city’s own failure to collect the growing mounds of fly-infested garbage that have lined the streets since Hurricane Katrina struck six weeks ago.

“It’s getting to be ridiculous,” said Michael Brown, 54, as he stood beside a pile of refrigerators, used clothes, ruined furniture, and trash cans buzzing with flies outside his home in New Orleans’ Irish Channel neighborhood.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on Monday told a meeting of his “Bring Back New Orleans” commission that the city was working toward putting a once-a-week garbage collection schedule in place, but did not say when that might happen.

Nagin is an idiot.


A Blog For All sums it up better: Nagin is dumber than a bag of hammers. Damn that is funny!

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  1. lawhawk says:

    Between Nagin and Blanco, I think you’re going to see the full repetoire of euphemisms for stupidity. Glad you enjoyed the bag o’ hammers.