Oct 10 2005

Checkmate In Plame Game

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I have long maintained that Valerie Plame, Joe Wilson and Plame’s CIA cohorts were the true targets of the Fitzgerald investigation. My take on the possible events that would warrant charges for divulging classified material is presented here, while my reasoning on why these are the only real possible targets is here.

Well Mac at Mac’s Mind, with plenty of sources in the right places, is now fairly confident the charges are going to include Wilson accidentally divulging he had detailed knowledge of the fake Niger intel when he shouldn’t have.

I have long agreed this was the case – but Mac has a whole new angle on why it was the case. I assumed Wilson was let in on the material after his trip nand clearances where no longer valid – months after. Mac has a totally different take:

The fact – the inescapable fact – is that there is no way for Amb. Wilson to have known that UNLESS he KNEW that before he even made the trip because:

I won’t steal Mac’s thunder, but it would be a blockbuster day if true. And the MSM would never recover from it.

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