Jan 13 2009

Militants Attack In Pakistan, Thrown Back

It seems the Islamo Fascists are becoming headline hungry again. WIthout some victories the movement runs the real risk of running out of gas. The news has all been about drones killing leaders in hiding and Pakistani forces fighting through the tribal areas while giving notice to locals to stop harboring the enemy. In many areas homegrown resistance has blossomed in the form of the Pakistan version of an Awakening.

WIthout a lot of positive news (the only large success was the recent bombing in neighboring India) the movement of al Qaeda and the Taliban are receding. To avoid drifting into the dustbin of history these groups need to make headlines (like Hamas is doing while it is being crushed by Israel).

One area of focus for the militants in Pakistan is the Khyber pass, which provides a supply route for US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. There was a brief period where the pass had to be shutdown and the area cleared by the Pakistani forces. Apparently this successful clearing resulted in an attempt by the militants to attack some of the frontier outposts in Pakistan in retribution. It did not go so well:

Pakistani soldiers repulsed an attack by 600 fighters in a tribal area near the Afghan border, killing at least 40 militants, military officials say.

Hundreds of insurgent fighters, many from Afghanistan, attacked a military camp and checkpoint near the border.

The officials said that although the main attack was beaten off, there had been a series of skirmishes afterwards.

More here:

The official said most of the force of about 600 came from Afghanistan and were joined by local Taliban fighters.

The initial attack involved mortars and rocket fire which sparked fierce gun battles at the fort at Mamad Gate, where members of Pakistan’s elite Quick Reaction Force are stationed.

The security official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that most of the attackers eventually fled the scene, but at least 40 were killed and many more surrendered or were arrested.

Those captured will lead to forces to terrorist hideouts on both sides of the border. The fact that a lot of the attackers came from Afghanistan means the Pakistani side is calling for help, while those on the Afghan side realize the unchecked movement of material and supplies will kill them off. To me it seems like a move of desperation, taking on the Pakistani forces in this manner.

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