Jan 05 2009

It’s Official: Liberal Media Is Pro Palestinian

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Only someone who cannot distinguish terrorist states from democracies would equate Hamas to Israel. These are the people who ignore the targeted killings of hundreds, thousands or millions in order to find wrong doing when the west defends or liberates. 

And today the NY Times has come out of the closet and proclaimed their anti-semite support for terrorists:

Israel Strikes Before an Ally Departs

For nine days, as European and United Nations officials have called urgently for a cease-fire in Gaza, the Bush administration has squarely blamed the rocket attacks of the Palestinian militant group Hamas for Israel’s assault, maintaining to the end its eight-year record of stalwart support for Israel.

Just a note of clarity, since this is one extremely biased piece. Officials of the UN would include Iranians and Syrians. And most European Union nations back Israel. Anyway,more on this strange liberal bit of sick fantasy:

Mr. Bush, in his weekly radio address on Saturday, said the United States did not want a “one-way cease-fire” that allowed Hamas to keep up its rocket fire, and Vice President Dick Cheney on Sunday echoed the point, declaring that only a “sustainable, durable” peace would be acceptable.

Clearly no sane person would want a peace deal which stopped Hamas from reigning death down on innocent Israelis

On Dec. 19, just one month before Mr. Obama’s inauguration, Hamas declared an end to an Egyptian-mediated truce with Israel that had taken effect in June, and rocket attacks from Gaza have been increasing since then.

Mr. Obama has disappointed many commentators in the Muslim world by steadfastly declining to condemn the Gaza operation, and he maintained his silence over the weekend as Israel began a ground invasion.

So the NY Times admits that Hamas increased it rocket attacks (from deep within civilian centers) – but whjo cares if a lot of Jews are dying? Obama is supposed to condemn the killing of terrorists launching rockets at civilians? This open appeasement of terrorists can only lead to bolder and broader terrorist attacks. Support the attacks on Israel today and you will see attacks on the US and EU tomorrow!

The disregard for human carnage here is stunning. As long as Israelis are being mowed down it is OK, but to take out killers who are in the open, spouting their plans to kill civilians, is wrong? The US is better off without the cesspool of the NY Times and its warped value system. And thank God President Bush still has his priorities straight. Terrorists need to die, democracies need to survive.

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  1. Cobalt Shiva says:

    AJ, I’m starting to wonder if the passing of the World War II generation is allowing genteel anti-semitism to become more openly acceptable.

  2. WWS says:

    Cobalt, look at Cynthia McKinney, for one. There’s a leftist where the anti-semitism is naked and unabashedly out in the open. She’s just crazy enough to say what the others think.

    Obama is going to have an interesting conundrum soon. He’s got about 2 weeks left where he can still get away with voting “present”, as he is doing now on the middle east. That’s really been the only tactic he’s ever used on hard issues, and it’s amazing that more people don’t see that. Oh well, they will soon. When he’s forced to make a decision, it will end up being very similar to the weak decisions Bush has made on the Isreali-Palestinian issue. (talk of hope, no actual actions of any consequence because none are possible – remember Zinni?) Obama is going to be driven by politics in this as in everything. There’s only political cost in favoring the pali’s, and in a time where he needs support on the economy, he can’t afford it. So it will be business as usual. (cost meaning that all the anti-Isreali’s are already on his side, and they have nowhere to go, so he can shaft them with impunity. The left is about to see that happen to them more and more.)

    Instead of hope’n change, we are about to get indecisiveness and indifference, masked with pretty speeches about nothing. 4 years of it.

  3. […] Obama is taking a lot of heat for siding, albeit quietly, with Israel on its efforts to destroy the murderous terrorist group […]

  4. Terrye says:

    I think the Israelis are concerned about the missile technology given to Hamas by Iran, they fear these newer more dangerous weapons might do some real damage. I think that papers like the NYT just look at numbers. More Palestinians are being killed than Israelis, so somehow this is not fair. Israel is supposed to be proportionate. If 2 Israelis die, then only 2 Pals should die…according to the NYT. However, does any of us have to wonder what the US would do if some neighboring country was calling for us to be wiped from the earth and made a point of shelling our territory?

    I know Americans who think the Mexicans are taking over the US just because they cross the border illegally…imagine the reaction if they were lobbing in mortars.

  5. Birdalone says:

    Quote of the day from NYC Mayor Bloomberg: “…Asked about the suffering of the Palestinians in Gaza, [Mayor]Mr. Bloomberg replied sharply: “That they are putting people at risk is an outrage. If Hamas would focus on building a country instead of trying to destroy another one, then those people would not be getting injured or killed.” …”


    AJ et al: The NYT has actually tried to show balance in their total news coverage, analysis and opinion on Gaza the past ten days, much more so than the openly leftwing European papers.
    The NYT published the photo of the Hamas rocket attack on a Beersheba school, and keeps mentioning the Iran link, which has been very helpful for Israel’s defenders.

    As to proportionality? I like this joke, courtesy of chabad.org, seems to stop Hamas-lovers into silence:

    There’s an old joke about three people, one of them a member of the Israeli Defense Forces, who were shipwrecked and landed on a remote cannibal-infested island.

    They were captured before long, and as cauldrons of water were being hoisted on to the fire, the generous natives offered to grant each of their captives one last wish.

    The first doomed man requested a pen and paper, and penned a farewell note to his family.

    The second person asked for a five-course -non-human-meat – final meal.

    The Israeli then asked that the tribal leader punch him in the face. A strange request, but in their final moments on earth, people don’t always think coherently…

    As soon as the Chief socked him, the Israeli pulled out an Uzi and mowed down the hapless captors.

    “Why did you wait until he punched you before shooting them?” the two relieved friends asked.

    “And have the world say that I was the aggressor?!”

  6. crosspatch says:

    It isn’t so much “pro-Palestinian” that bothers me, it is “pro-Hamas” that is the part I have a problem with. Israel has been getting along rather well with the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank area and there have been no rockets or suicide attacks from that area. The problem is Hamas and through extension their master, Iran. It seems to me that the press is really more pro-Iranian and pro-Hamas than pro-Palestinian.

  7. Wayne at Jeremiah Films says:

    Thank you for your post, I’ve included a link and quote to it from BlogWatch: Main Stream Media Bias Exposed as yet another example of the liberal Bias in the MSM.

  8. Ronnie says:

    I wonder how our European cousins & the liberal left of America can be so naive. What about history can’t they comprehend? All Israel asked was for the rockets to stop. If my neighbor lobs mortars at me he can anticipate more than that back. I won’t wait till he kills my children. I do feel sorrow for Palestinians but remember their choice was a corrupt Palestinian Authority or Hamas. They chose Hamas who could care less about human life. Maybe the Muslim world would find this fair. Israel will lob missile for missile back into Gaza but put no guidance systems into them. Wherever they land they land. Sounds fair to me. The death toll won’t be even but that’s not how you keep score. In the conservative parts of America we want terrorists to get those virgins ASAP & support Israel 100%. I would suggest that Hamas give up on that open border idea. Would you let terrorists into your house? Build a better wall & leave the Palestinians to someday start building something besides poor missiles. Ronnie