Oct 08 2005

Plame, Wilson In Trouble

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This will be quick. My post here highlights all my posts on the subject of Plame and the grand jury – it has nothing to do with spilling the beans about Plame’s empoyer. It is all about Plame and others leaking to the press.

Here is a very reccent article hinting that my suspicions where right all along:

The prosecutor in the CIA leak case is exploring a range of possible crimes, lawyers in the case say, suggesting that the investigation has moved well beyond its initial focus on whether anyone in the Bush administration illegally disclosed the identity of a CIA operative.
In recent days, the prosecutor, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, has accelerated the pace of his inquiry in an apparent effort to conclude the case before the grand jury’s term expires on Oct. 28. He has indicated to several lawyers that he might be preparing to bring charges.

The notes refer to Joseph C. Wilson IV, a former ambassador to Gabon. An Op-Ed article that he wrote for The Times, on July 6, 2003, which was critical of the administration’s Iraq policy, started the events that led to the disclosure of the identity of his wife, Valerie Wilson, a CIA operative, and subsequently to Fitzgerald’s inquiry.

As I mentioned ealier, even though Miller thought she got an agreement to not discuss any sources beyond Libby, a good prosecutor will use a slipped word or related context to open the inquiry into any areas he wants to – especially if there is evidence that supports his suspicions.

Also, Mac at Mac’s Mind has some inside intel that Plame and others in the CIA might be getting concerned about their possible roles in leaking classified material.

As I’ve said all along, I have actual contacts within the Agency, believe me or not, that’s your choice, but I’m telling you there are people bouncing off the walls at Langly.

The liberal media needs to prepare for the biggest let down of their lives.

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  1. Snapple says:

    I hope that they don’t get Carl Rove. The left blame him for everything.

    Maybe he did nothing except be the biggest red herring in the history of the world.

    I hope so. I am sick of listening to the Rove-haters gloat.

  2. patch says:

    I don’t believe anything is going to happen to Mr. Rove.

    However, a lot should happen to Wilson/Plame/Miller/Cooper, et.al.

    For starters, what is the genesis of the infamous “sixteen words” in the State of the Union in 2003, that has caused so much problems. Note that British intelligence is credited for the intelligence, but where did they get it? Niger is not their area of influence. That’s right, they got it from French intelligence. Where did they get the information?

    Let’s go back to the famous trip by Mr. Wilson to Niger. Before and after the week in Niger, Mr. Wilson spent a week in Paris. Doing what? Picking up something for the wife at Galerie Lafayette?

    Before, the NY Times printed Mr. Wilson’s well known Op-Ed, they would do some due diligence. Who better than Judith Miller, ace reporter in the DC area. Want to bet Ms. Miller is the source of the knowledge that Valerie Plame is also known as Mrs. Joseph Wilson?

    Of course, I could be wrong as anything and both Turd Blossom and Scooter are headed for the big house. But I’m willing tto bet the house that they’re innocent and the CIA/MSM crew are guilty as sin.

  3. […] Two great posts by AJ Strata today- Plame, Wilson in trouble and Fanatics killing Conservative movement. I’ve agreed with AJ all along that Wilson and Plame were at risk in Fitzgerald’s investigation (what sense does it make for a NY Times reporter to stay in jail 85 days to save Scooter Libby or Karl Rove?) and from what AJ has deduced and Macsmind says is inside info, the investigation is not proceeding according to the MSM narrative. […]

  4. MaidMarion says:

    Here’s something else that has been puzzling me since Joe Wilson went public with his Niger trip:

    His mission was to go to Niger to try to confirim/deny Saddam’s attempt to purchase yellowcake. Yet, if you go back and read what he has written, or review the video of his TV appearances on the subject, he artfully uses his journey to Niger as the basis of his diatribe that “the Bush Administration didn’t listen to his intelligence analysts who were telling him Saddam had no WMD.”

    Whether or not Saddam did or did not purchase or attempt to purchase yellowcake from Niger wouldn’t prove or disprove whether or not Iraq had WMD. Yet this was precisely the disinformation campaign Joe Wilson was fronting to the public.

    So who was he fronting for? Perhaps those disgruntled intel analysts the Bush Administration wouldn’t listen to…

  5. There’s bee a lot of “where’s Karl” commentary–i.e. he’s not around, the administration is distancing themselves from him, etc. But I was thinking that inthe lat six weeks, Bush has made him the de facto head of Katrina relief and taken his advice on the SCOTUS appointment. Seems to me rather the opposite from “distancing.” Would Bush do this, or would Rove allow him to do it, if either had the sense that an indictment was coming?