Jan 04 2009

Great Football!

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Update: Ugh – Miami provided another major let down. Congrats the Ravens. – end update

Yesterday’s NFL Wild Card games were excellent – mainly because the games were not really settled until the very end. In my mind, that’s what makes good Football.

The Arizona Cardinals, playing at home for the first time in many decades, took out the Atlanta Falcons – where the Falcons actually had the better season record. Arizona won home field advantage by being one of the division winners, which seemed to set the tone for Saturday. John McCain got one small victory it seems.

But the best game to watch was the OT win by San Diego last night over the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts were sporting the best season record of the day, the Chargers the worst. This one went back and forth, and included a cheap trick play by Indianapolis which I was hoping all night would not be the final score. I was rooting for the Chargers and of course enjoyed the nail biter more than a Colts fan would. 

My team plays this afternoon. I have hope the Miami Dolphins will continue their amazing season. But being a Dolphin fan for over 3 decades has taught me to be prepared for any outcome. Enjoy bantering about the playoffs in this NFL WIld Card open thread!

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  1. scaulen says:

    poor fins, atleast they made it to the play offs…. for one weekend. Parcells just did to you guys what he did to the Pats, let word slip he was leaving just before a big game and became the distraction he loves to be. at least he didn’t do it to you guys before the Super Bowl. He’s such a “look at me” he should be a chick.