Oct 08 2005

Fanatics Killing Conservative Movement

My position on the Miers debacle is clear: the anti-Miers ideologues, driven by their irrational fears and wild fantasy scenarios, have become so fanatical they are killing the conservative movement dead in its tracks. Only an ideologue could claim that Bush looked weak in his selection of Miers, therefore it was OK to actually weaken him with open resistance (Rush Limbaugh)

My primary post on Miers is here and illustrates how you can discern whether there is a valid issue being raised or not. If it relies on speculation – it is not valid.

The post also requests these ideologues have more than crazy ‘what if’ scenarios to rationalize taking on Bush. Unfortunately ‘rational’ and the anti-Miers crowd are not compatible notions. So far nothing. So far they continue with their lost cause and the undermining of the broader conservative movement.

Bush is not going to give up his nominee – and I don’t blame him. So continuing the insanity to stop Miers is de facto irrational.

These people will toss it all away because of their insecurity and their obsession with one issue – making abortion illegal. This is very different from being pro-life and anti-abortion. These kinds of positions do not require a blind faith in the concept of banning abortions. Under these broader frameworks there are many ways to make abortion a last resort, tough decision between a women, her family, and her doctor.

But because these people are obsessed with making abortion illegal, they do not care about anything else – including the war on terror. It is absolutely clear Harriet Miers was selected to expand the experience base of the US SC. We have plenty of judges and judicial scholars on the bench now. People so steeped in the theory of law they can convince themselves Eminent Domain is legal and proper, as is banning free speech before elections, killing a fetus, etc. That is the problem with people too steeped in law – they strive to bend reality to a nice neat package theoretically framed in law.

Miers is different and a much needed outsider. She has spent most of her time in the private sector – where social theories that might buttress things like eminent domain are disdained in preferecne to the free market.

But moreover, she has been WH Counsel during the Global War on Terror. She is probably the best voice for defending the holding of enemy combatants and key elements of the Patriot Act. It is why I think she is the best selection for the court. She expands the experience base in areas woefully under represented.

But these issues are irrelevant to people obsessed with Roe v Wade. I have never been overly impressed with David Frum. Now he is personna nongrata. Same with Bill Kristol and Sen Brownback. My own Senator Allen will get my vote for Senate, but nothing else. Since they are willing to throw it all away on this one issue I feel no guilt in throwing them away in return.

I do not trust fair weather allies who give up everything when they do not get their way. I said before, here, that the fanatical right had to be careful and not go so far out on the fringe or they would lose the normal conservatives. I should have known better. Obsession blocks out everything else – especially logic.

I am not a moderate. I have no use for McCain’s brand of policies. They stink. I am for low taxes and smaller government and I am not ‘moderate’ in these positions. I am pro life and I am not ‘moderate’ in that position. And I am for defending this country and winning in Iraq, and I so not take that stand from a positoin of ‘moderation’.

But I am not so fanatically obsessed that I would throw all this away because Miers is not Janice Rogers Brown. Too many can and have. I have lost all faith in the fanatical right. I cannot support them or trust them anymore.

The damage is done, and Bush is weakened. Anyone who wanted to see more accomplished beyond banning abortions (and that includes a wealth of proposals to continue to make abortions rare) is not going to be willing to rely on these people either.

Sadly, Miers is a conservative and, by all indications, pro -life. It’s not like she is definitely pro abortion – but those fanatics sure pretend she is. And that is what makes this unbearable. Their view of Miers is the same as the left’s view on tax cuts and the rich. Out of all proportion to reality.

The damage is done.

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4 Responses to “Fanatics Killing Conservative Movement”

  1. Can someone tell this Raging RINO how conservatives are so much more tolerant of disagreement than the liberals are? Maybe Mark Warner will run for President. LOL

  2. What do we critics want?

    So, in answer to Hugh’s question, I say this. I want a fight. If this isn’t worth fighting over, what is? What is?

  3. madasheck says:

    She is pro-affirmative action AJStrata and that, by definition, is not conservative. That makes her a Souter liberal. Were she to embrace a position allowing affirmative action based on class rather than race I’d be fine with that, but she drafted briefs for the Grutter case which forced it to stay defined based on race. That’s not cool, to put it very mildly.

  4. AJStrata says:


    I have seen four recent comments from you on this site (BTW, welcome and thanks for taking the time to comment), but not one shred of prrof. I know she supported an affirmative action class by a liberal supporter of hers – but that was professional courtesy to a fellow colleague, not necessarily her views. Are you saying she shouldn’t promote diverse views being voiced? That is certainly anti-c0nservative in my book.

    Come back with proof. I will not take down Bush without solid, unambiguous proof. No conjencture or tea leaf reading.