Oct 06 2005

AQ In Iraq, Bomb Threat In NYC

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Folks, how many dots need to be connected for the media-formally-known-as-mainstream and the liberals to realize (a) we cannot cede Iraq to Al Qaeda by leaving without succeeding in our mission, and (b) Al Qaeda and Iraq are now one in the same in the Global War On Terror.

The word that NYC is hunkering down against 19 possible bombers planning an attack which was unearthed in Iraq should settle this issue once and for all:

Authorities stepped up security on the city’s mass transit system Thursday after receiving a credible threat that the New York City subway may be the target of a terrorist attack (search) in the coming days.

A NYPD source told FOX News that the threat involved 19 suitcase bombs to be placed in the subway system.

ABC News reported just before the press conference that intelligence learned of the threat after three Iraqi insurgents were arrested in a raid several days ago.

Let that sink in. If we have done what Rangel, Sheehan, Gore, Pelosi and others have been demanding – running away from Iraq – we probably would not have discovered this plot until it was too late.

Moreover, think about what kind of world we would be living in if we did run from Iraq and cede it to Zarqawi and Al Qaeda? There would be thousands planning sessions all over Iraq preparing jihadists to go out and attack the US.

The result? In the end we would have to go back in and retake Iraq and restart the process of cleansing it of terrorists.

This story simply dispells the suicidal theory we should cut and run from Iraq and Al Qaeda. The test for the media and the left is simple: will you still try and claim we should leave Iraq in light of this latest threat?

Here is Michelle Malkin’s post on this, which is sure to grow.

Here is the Jawa Report post, which should also grow with links soon.

Here is the story from ABCNews on the Iraq connection:

According to sources in intelligence, emergency services and police headquarters, the intelligence community developed information that the threat may have involved pharmacists from Iraq coming to New York for some kind of chemical attack targeting the subways.

Three insurgents, one or more of whom are pharmacists, were arrested during a raid by a U.S. military and intelligence community team, sources said, and one of those caught disclosed the threat. Because it slipped out during the arrest, the plot was deemed credible.

An interesting email warning people to avoid the subways for a few weeks at GOP and The City

Also more at Terrorism Unveiled, via Polipundit and The Counterterrorism Blog via Michelle.

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  1. patch says:

    F*** AQ!

    I’m going to work tomorrow in zipcode 10014 as I do every day.

    Also, tell the “cut and run” Democrats, Kiss my ***.

  2. Security Threat: NYC

    Now, put on your tin hats…I got this email forwarded to me on Tuesday (10/4/05) from a coworker. I sent it on to Snopes and some other NYC Bloggers as a potential hoax. Look who’s not laughing now.

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  4. Jeff says:

    But AJ, don’t you see? Our invasion and brutal occupation of Iraq caused those freedom fighters to attack New York in self-defense!

  5. Dr. Sanity says:


    In this post, I discuss the things that interest the MSM and those items that don’t. Their selective interest is, as always, fascinating; and intimately related to the hysterical blindness they seem to be suffering from.

    The latest outbreak of th…

  6. AJStrata says:


    I know they want to believe that, but when are we going to toss them out for being so stubborn?

  7. […] I may have to start numbering all the revelations that beating Al Qaeda is now tied to our success in Iraq. First, we discover a plot to have 19 suicide bombers try and attack the NYC subway system through the capture of three terrorists in Iraq. And now the US obtains an agreement from Bin Laden’s deputy to the Iraqi terrorists: The United States has obtained a letter from Osama bin Laden’s deputy to the leader of Iraq’s insurgency that outlines a long-term strategic vision for a global jihad, with the next phase of the war to be taken into Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, according to U.S. officials. […]

  8. NYC on alert for terror attacks against subway

    Michelle Malkin reports on the NYPD’s investigation of terrorist threats against the subway system in the Big Apple.