Oct 05 2005

Poll Shows Miers Support

Mark Coffey has linked to a poll which is great new for Miers and Bush, and a clear warning to conservative, whining pundits that are wringing their hands over Miers:

Asked to rate Bush’s nomination of Miers, 44 percent of those polled described it as excellent or good, while 41 percent said it was fair or poor and 15 percent had no opinion.

Among respondents who described themselves as conservative, 58 percent said the Miers pick was excellent or good, and 29 percent thought it was only fair or poor.

Hmmm. So complaing that you are out of the loop concerning Bush’s nomination process and using this fact as to assume the worst about Bush and Miers runs against nearly 60% of conservatives. The chattering class better be careful and not leave their base (readers, listeners, wacthers) behind. Start moving along folks – we all heard your complaints and are not moved by them.

BTW, everyone is free to ask questions and learn more about Miers. But assuming Bush is an idiot and screwed up his selection is not learning more or asking questions. It is called ‘jumping to a conclusion’.


The poll supports my comments on this previous post.

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