Nov 30 2008

Time To Clear The Pakistani Tribal Swamp Of Pure Evil

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Modern societies are not police states. There is no way to stop a small number of fanatical martyrs from going on mass killing sprees like we have seen in India this week. The chilling details of what was planned for Mumbai (Bombay), India, now spewing from the sole surviving attacker, are a wake up call for the world:

The terrorist gang, thought to number as few as 10 gunmen, had planned to kill 5000 people and destroy the iconic Taj Mahal Palace hotel and the stock exchange. In the end, their murderous toll was closer to 200, and left the Taj Mahal and the Tident-Oberoi hotel badly charred and damaged.

Kasab had months of training before the attack where he was instructed in the use of military weapons and explosives. He and his fellow attackers, aged between 18 and 28, were also drilled in close quarter combat.

An Australian witness, Ray Lacey, who saw the attackers in the foyer of the Taj Mahal, said they were highly disciplined and did not waste bullets.

Kasab told investigators they were instructed to conserve their ammunition so they could sustain their attack for as long as possible. “I have done right. I have no regrets.”

Kasab told interrogators that most of the volunteers for the suicide mission spoke Punjabi. They were given false identities and were discouraged from interacting with each other beyond what was barely necessary.

The meticulous planning for the terrorist mission took more than a year, investigators say. The preparations for the atrocity began in a remote mountain camp in Muzaffarabad, in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

(Read about this amazing photo here).  The planners, funders and suppliers of this human atrocity are still at large and preparing the next blow. The fact is 10 people can inflict a lot of damage if we allow them time, space and financing to prepare and train. That is why there can be no training camps for Islamo Jihadists (or any terrorists ideology) any place on this planet. If we hesitate all we do is provide the enemy time to muster itself to deliver a blow. Months of precision targeting of al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorist leaders in the Pakistan Tribal Areas – known to house terrorist training camps and strategic planners – were unable to stop this horrendous act.

Pakistan can complain all it wants about how unfair it is the US targets people inside its borders, but this week’s death toll is the reason Pakistan has no grounds to complain. If it controlled what happens inside its borders (a) attacks like what happened in Mumbai would be very rare, if they would happen at all, and (b) America would not be sending armed predators into Pakistan’s tribal regions to perform the security actions Pakistan is incapable of executing.

If bloodshed continues to flow from Pakistan’s tribal region the world will have no choice but to eradicate the cancer that festers there.

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  1. OLDPUPPYMAX says:

    I doubt we’ll be able to depend upon the Hussein administration to eradicate any of that “cancer.” As the left in Washington and the MSM have displayed a remarkable aversion even to calling Islamic terrorists, Islamic terrorists, expecting a new tack during the coming months will result only in frustration. Of course, current or former CAIR members in the cabinet…that would be quite believable.

  2. Birdalone says:

    “Muzaffarabad, in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.”
    Kashmir is NOT part of Pakistan’s tribal areas, and a very separate history/dynamic.

    Conflating Kashmir with Pashtunistan is not accurate.

    No one in history, not even the Mughals, has EVER politically or militarily controlled the Pashtun tribal areas, which is why the Brits divided them in 1893 with the Durand Line – now known as that ‘porous border’ between Pakistan and Afghanistan, which has never formally recognized the Durand Line as an official border.

    The Pashtun tribal areas in FATA, Bajaur, & Swat – are the black hole of empires.

  3. Phineas says:

    Even if we were to whack every jihadi camp in the NWFP, FATA, and Kashmir, the problem would arise elsewhere. Not that I’m saying we shouldn’t strike them: we should, if Pakistan can’t or won’t clean the mess itself. But, until we acknowledge and deal with the real root of the problem, the ideologies of Islamic supremacism, aggressive jihad, and the subjugation of women, all of which are hardwired into Islam, this will never truly end.

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  5. combat18 says:

    The tribal areas are black holes (isn’t that racist?), but why not make they blacker, like with large numbers of B-52, fuel-air explosives, daisy cutters and tactical nuclear weapons. The Pushtoons have chose to be the locus of evil in the modern world, let us give them a taste of the penalty for evil, which is death, death of the most widespread and fearsome kind. It may be foolish to send in divisions of Highlanders or Marines, but raining death from above on these animals will not be the black hole for this empire. We can rain death and destruction on Pushtoonistan at our will with nary a casualty. Let them feel the pain they so joyfully distribute. Let them feel God’s Holy Wrath.

  6. jimmylewis2007 says:

    If we’re going to strike, we’d better do it over the next 50 days or you can expect much more the same as what happened in India over the past week. Only next time, it may very well be, in your own backyard.

    Obama’s top priorities seems to be Global Warming, Universal Health Care … while at the bottom of the list are issues such as … Illegal aliens, drilling here, terrorism …

    Jimmy Lewis
    SCS, Michigan

  7. crosspatch says:

    I believe that this man is responsible for these attacks and apparently I am not the only one to make this connection.

    Pakistan now apparently harbors Dawood, Zawahiri, and bin Laden. These are three of the most poisonous death merchants on the face of the Earth. I am tired of Pakistan’s lame excuses and claims that its “hands are clean”. What would their attitude be if attacks such as these were originating from India on their citizens and India claimed innocence and no knowledge and that the individuals weren’t in their country?

    The government of Pakistan is complicit in these murders through their inability to control their own country, their unwillingness to act, or sheer incompetence without any indication that they are attempting to correct it.

    It is time that Pakistan be held responsible for the crimes emanating from it. No more lame excuses. No more incompetence. No more complacency. No more.

  8. kathie says:

    The more that Muslims kill Muslims the greater the chances the global community reaches a tipping point. Maybe the terrorists think they won but I’m thinking the global community is getting very tired of their brutality. We need a world wide “Awakening”. I’m thinking that in some way the 24 hour coverage was a good thing. The more people see the brutality the quicker they will wake up.

  9. Terrye says:


    Yes, I agree, but the Indians are not primarily Muslim, they are Hindustani and there is some very bad blood between radical Muslims and Hindus. In fact I remember seeing young Hindus burn Korans in public. There are not very many people in the world who would do that.

    But I do think the world is getting tired of this crap and the idea that Pakistan can harbor this kind of outlaw and then flutter their eyelashes and act innocent is getting downright ridiculous.

  10. dave m says:

    Whatever happened to all that stuff about “winning hearts and minds”?
    India is now at war with Pakistan. I believe it would be their right
    to retaliate with overwhelming force, as did we on 9-11.

  11. conman says:


    Once again I am perplexed by your post. Let me see if I have the facts straight.

    The attacks were planned in “Muzaffarabad, in Pakistan-administered Kashmir,” but you think we shoudl focus on the tribal regions on the complete other side of Pakistan. Is there is reason why you think we should ignore the region where the attacks actually were planned and concentrate on a completely different region?

    You previously criticized Obama for making the following statement: “If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf won’t act, we will.” You even accused him of being “hell-bent on invading our nuclear-armed, democratic ally Pakistan.” Now you are advocating an even broader military campaign in Pakistan. Does that mean you now agree with Obama?

    Two weeks ago (Nov. 14th) you wrote a post talking about what a great job Bush has done on the War on Terror. You wrote: “The democrats are lucky. All they need to do is make sure they continue to stabilize Iraq and Afghanistan and help Pakistan clear out the last remaining Islamo Fascists hold up in their northern tribal regions – then plan the victory parades.” Suddenly two weeks later and you are talking about “bloodshed,” “cancer,” etc. Perhaps you were a bit too quick to declare the problems in Pakistan near victory?

  12. Neo says:

    At Virginia Tech university last year, lone gunman Seung-Hui Cho in one day killed 32 people — two at a dorm and 30 at a school building. Per person, Cho outdid the Mumbai terrorists. Cho had just two handguns. So we might ask, what did the Mumbai terrorists gain from their heavy arsenal and five months of training in Kashmir?

  13. crosspatch says:

    Actually I see little evidence that the world has the stomach to do what is required. In their haste to “protect” innocent lives, they end up killing more innocent people than would have been killed had they not been so concerned. Innocent people get “protected” to death.

    The Indian police did not act out of fear of killing hostages so as a consequence, hundreds of hostages were killed. Indian police did not kill the terrorists at the train stations out of fear of killing a bystander and as a consequence, dozens of bystanders were killed. Again, they were “saved” to death.

    If we truly believe that all people are created equal then we must act and we must be prepared to accept civilian casualties because not acting will CERTAINLY mean more casualties. While we should take every step to minimize loss of innocent life, we can no longer avoid it. A Pakistani life is no more valuable than an American, British, Indian, Afghan, or Iraqi life. We can not allow them to paralyze us with the possibility of civilian casualties while they go on causing hundreds of such casualties.

    We have tried negotiating with them for years. The time has come to kill them before they kill more.

  14. crosspatch says:

    A quote from Melanie Phillips that I saw on Power Line:

    The atrocities demonstrated with crystal clarity what the Islamist war is all about – and the western commentariat didn’t understand because it simply refuses to acknowledge, even now, what that war actually is. It does not arise from particular grievances. It is not rooted in “despair” over Palestine. It is not a reaction to the war in Iraq. It is a war waged in the name of Islam against America, Britain, Hindus, Jews and all who refuse to submit to Islamic conquest.