Oct 05 2005

Call To Coalition of The Chillin’

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Coalition members, the selection of Harriet Miers for US Supreme Court Justice has once again split the conservative base between the moderate middle and uncompromising right. This rift threatens to split a coalition built on mutual respect for minor differences, all aimed towards common goals. When one partner stretches beyond what is supportable by the broader coalition, then it is time to reconcile and work things out.

There are elements in both major parties who are so idealogically driven that losing power on principle is seen as a better path than making measured progress on principles. They do not like or want a coalition because it means compromise. I am stunned at the tone coming from some on this nomination. It is not good to see so many falling into the very same half-informed rumor-mongering we rightfully dismiss from the left.

In light of this implosion I think it is time for the moderate conservatives to once again add their voice to the discussion. It is time for a Carnival of The Chillin’ again – this would only be number 4.

Please provide your submissions for the Carnival of The Chillin’ #4 by 9:00 PM Eastern, Wednesday, Oct 5th, to me here AJstrata@strata-sphere.com

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  2. Don Surber says:

    Pouting Thomases

    By 9, the conservative side of the blogosphere had imploded in a narcisstic fit of self-righteous indignation, the result of instapunditing instead of thinking.

  3. The Miers Nomination

    Relax people. I don’t agree with everything Bush does but he has played the left like a fiddle the last 5 years and I do believe he has done it again.

  4. More about Harriet Miers: Beth Without Profanity Edition (with updates)

    I can’t decide which post I want to link to from The Anchoress, because she says everything I want to say about the Harriet Miers nomination, only less profanely.

    Read this.

    I knew Bush would pick Miers because he is the master of the rope-a…

  5. OK, just don’t call me a moderate or a RINO. 😉

    Today is Dumbass Blogosphere Day! Definitely a good day to drag out the ol’ Coalition of the Chillin’ again.

  6. Hey, can we kick out some of those non-chillin’ Coalition members now? heeheee

  7. Chillin’ With The Coalition

    You guys are acting like a bunch of schoolgirls. Have some freakin faith in Bush will ya! Stay strong and focused people.

  8. Right Wingers Become Right Whiners! I’d Rather be

    Bush has his eyes on the prize, which is the COURT, not the FIGHT.

    Seems many of our conservative friends have gone from being Right Wingers to Right Whiners? I?d rather be a RIGHT WINNER!

    We?re NEVER going to get the conservative government th…

  9. AJStrata says:


    I too dislike the those lables, so I would never use them on you. I just need to know what to call these hyperventilating pundits who are all upset they did not pick Bush’s nominee (could it be that simple?)

  10. AJStrata says:

    Flopping Aces,

    The Coalition is made up of people who don’t buy into all the handwringing and calls of doom. We have to occassionally rally together to get the conservatives who are freaking out to calm down. This time is different, they are disparaging their own. So un-Reagan of them.

  11. Don Surber says:

    10 Reasons I Like Harriet Miers

    My gut instinct told me support Harriet Ellan Miers.
    My friend, Daisy Cutter’s reaction was Daily Kos and Chuck Schumer like her, therefore we should not. Why should I listen to Schumer or Daily Kos? Or for that matter, Dan Balz?
    Ten reasons I like h…

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  13. […] AJ Strata is throwing his 4th Carnival for the Coalition of the Chillin’. Why? Because he is sick and tired of the fragging being done by our own side. Wtf is wrong with you people? You are playing into the far left’s playground here. […]