Oct 01 2005

Fly By 10/01/05

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I just got through my list of stories I wanted to add and learned of this new Bali bombing. The terrorists are losing the PR game and are now trying intimidation. The problem is, who in this world wants to allow a nation state to come into existence which sends suicide bombers when it doesn’t get its way? The more voilent Al Qaeda acts, the more likely humanity will rise up and annilate them. What liberals forget is, while our efforts to stand up a democratic Iraq has forced the terrorists to fight us, their low life, cowardly attacks on innocent people bring more people to our side.


Lot’s of movement on lots of fronts. Let’s start with another media darling going bust before the nation’s eyes. The media-formally-known-as-mainstream is so tilted to the liberal edge it is lucky if it can still even find moderate, middle America. First the media fell for Cindy Sheehan, who has aligned herself with the socialist and communist nuts who want to destroy America as we know it. But who will ever forget Cindy’s call for the US military to withdraw from New Orleans!!

Then came Ronnie Earle, with his sad attempt at a Ken Starr maneuver to take down a national politician using grasping legal excuses. First we learn from Byron York at NRO that Ronnie has been allowing a film crew to follow his efforts to overthrow Tom DeLay for two years! Next, Byron is able to get a preview of the movie and we learn Ronnie Earle thinks he Jesus incarnate:

The root of the evil of the corporate and large-monied interest domination of politics is money,” Earle says as he takes the filmmakers on a nighttime drive around Austin. “This is in the Bible. This isn’t rocket science. The root of all evil truly is money, especially in politics. People talk about how money is the mother’s milk of politics. Well, it’s the devil’s brew. And what we’ve got to do, we’ve got to turn off the tap.”

In another scene, Earle describes how he deals with offenders in cases like the campaign-finance investigation. “It’s important that we forgive those who come to us in a spirit of contrition and the desire for forgiveness. That’s important. But if they don’t, then God help them.” The film then dissolves to a picture of DeLay.

All I have to say is “Wiping it off here, boss!” [tears of laughter, remembering ‘Cool Hand Luke’]

You want to know how biased the news media is? They still promote Sheehan and Earle as reputable voices in America. Lead stories: The US Joan of Arc says the US needs to get out of New Orleans, and we have found God’s law enforcer in Texas. Damn, my sides are hurting I am laughing so hard.

Next, New Orleans Mayor has some issues. I mean real issues. He is inviting people into a city that has miles of destroyed housing, no drinking water or sewer (they have yet to obviously separate the two), limited phone service and beyond minimal emergency health care. Is it any wonder people are staying away for good?

“We’re moving out of this stinking city,” Billy Tassin snarled as he loaded his daughter’s belongings into a truck, a day after finding his home fouled with knee-deep mud. “They can finishing destroying it and burning it down without us.”

Nagin wants people back, but just like with the Superdome fiasco, he warns them they need to fend for themselves for water, food, sanitation and materials. And they are responsible for safing their homes before they can live in them. I couldn’t understand this strange need of Nagin’s, until LJStrata pointed out he is now mayor of nothing but a ghost town. Nagin must really be in need of some people to boss around and reign over.

Watching Arianna Huffington on Judy Miller has ratcheted up my respect for her a bit. Miller was not protecting ‘Scooter’ Libby – as she so boldly lied yesterday. Arianna is not buying it either. Just like Matt Cooper’s pretend concern for journalistic virtues, truth was not in evidence when Miller faced the cameras yesterday. She is protecting another source – obivous to all since her deal with Fitzgerald is to only discuss Libby. But that means Fitzgerald has given up or he got the information he needed another way. We shall see which is correct soon.


Powerline has some hints that those of us who are sure Miller is covering for someone else (Plame/Wilson) are correct.


The US and Iraq military are intensifying their efforts to sweep up the terrorists in Iraq – which is good. Break their back while a new government is put in place over the next few months – and the terrorists’ will be shunned as ‘history’.

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