Sep 28 2005

Son of K-Starr Strikes DeLay!

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I’ll tell you what, Ronnie Earle has got to be the dumbest partisan hack on the planet. After six, count them – six, grand jury attempts to indict DeLay he comes up with this weak, impossible to prove indictment. I have to say, the democrat brain trust is bankrupt.

The Dems keep trying to steal from the Rep playbook so they can make a comeback. But, like those stupid criminal stories we all enjoy, the dems keep stealing the plays that were total disasters for the Reps.

The Clinton investigation by Ken Starr, which led to impeachment, almost destroyed the Republican majority. The only thing that saved them was the fact Ken Starr had real evidence of perjury regarding a serious case (sexual assault). Additionally, in the end Clinton admitted to the perjury. The fact there was some real basis to all the mess allowed the Rep majority to survive. If there had been no hard core evidence, and it was not related to a serious crime, the democrats would have been back in power by 2000.

You don’t believe me? Run the combination scenario in your mind. Pretend some partisan Rep hack, in a backwater county that leaned heavily far right wing, had brought the charge now aimed at Delay against Clinton. Now imagine the Rep Congressional leadership used this bogus indictment as their articles of impeachment against Clinton. It is clear the Reps would have been, rightfully, laughed out of office the next election cycle.

But ‘Ol Ronnie Earle, he is going to do the Reps one better! He his going to play this same, busted up play while the democrats ARE IN THE MINORITY! He has brought the democrat party to the brink of their own short sighted demise. And trust me on this: the national democrats are not smart enough to stay away from this ticking time bomb. They are so obsessed with Delay they will walk right over the cliff with Ronnie Earle.

Back at the end of Clinton’s disasterous first term (for the democrats) I thought it would be impossible for the Reps to screw up so bad as to save Bill Clinton from himself. Boy was I wrong. I will not make the same mistake again. I had no idea it would be possible to turn The Hammer into a sympathetic symbol – but the Son of K-Starr, Ronnie Earle, just did.

Amazing. I cannot fathom the democrat party lasting through to 2008 right now. With political moves like this they should consider just giving up now before they make themselves look any more foolish.

More on this from Michelle Malkin, Mark Coffee and Powerline. Tom Maguire posts here with some interesting twists. I am sure everyone will have thoughts on this silliness.

Here is a more extensive review from the Washington Post.


See Ed Morrissey’s views on this subject here. Needless to say he is not impressed with a flimsy charge by a partisan hack either.

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  1. Countering Josh Marshall

    As former law enforcement, with knowledge of these things. I have read the indictment of Rep. Tom Delay and ask,

    “Are you f-king kidding me? I mean, is this it?”