Sep 27 2005

O’Connor Replacement To Be Named Soon

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Bush is supposedly close to selecting a nominee to replace Justice O’Connor. AP/Breitbar has this announcement.

I prefer to drop by Redstate for all things judicial. Today they do not disappoint.

Here, here, here and here.

Basically no one knows and Bush and his team are masters at keeping the lid on news until they are ready to go. I’ll stick with Edith Jones or Janice Rogers Brown as my preferences. I have no clue who Bush will pick.

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2 Responses to “O’Connor Replacement To Be Named Soon”

  1. Ted Olson. You heard it here first.

    Or someone else.

  2. clintsf says:

    No guesses from me. (OK, I lied. Brown would surprise me the least, but I wouldn’t be too surpised with someone from out of right field like McConnell or someone from the Bush team like Larry Thompson.)

    But, what’s your speculation on timing? Assume the Senate confirms Roberts on Thursday. Does GWB announce the new candidate at a press conference on Friday afternoon, and send his team to do the Sunday morning shows, or does he play it coy for the weekend, and make a point of meeting with “responsible” senior Democratic Senators like Leahy, or something like that?