Nov 02 2008

More Bad Poll News For Obama

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Another 2 point lead for Obama in a national poll which translates into the race being all tied up, and by the most accurate polling firm from 2004:

The race tightened again Sunday as independents who’d been leaning to Obama shifted to McCain to leave that key group a toss-up. McCain also pulled even in the Midwest, moved back into the lead with men, padded his gains among Protestants and Catholics, and is favored for the first time by high school graduates.

There is a surge out there for McCain. Anyone out on TV or radio declaring this race over are showing themselves to be fools (got that Gallup?).

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  1. rayabacus says:

    I have said, based on Obama’s underperforming the polls during the primaries and the number of undecided voters, that his vote total would be 7 points under his polling total. Most of the pundits have said that what he has in the polls is the max he is going to perform.

    That being said, I have stated time and again that I think that Mac gets 40 states.

    Polls are gradually coming back to reality and I think it is because of exit polls re early voting. I’ll be looking at the final polls on Monday and then comparing them to the actual vote on Tuesday. I do think that Obama will need to be at 56 or 57 in the individual state poll to carry that individual state. Not too many of them that I see.

  2. peakspike says:

    Good work AJ, I enjoy your site.

    Does anyone know what the internal Dem-Rep-Inde are for the TIPP poll?


  3. peakspike says:

    I believe this is why the “spread the wealth” comment is beating Obama to shreds:

    Look how the EVERY party disagrees with socialism.

    Agree or disagree: I believe it is the government’s role to redistribute wealth and income?
    Choices–> Agree Disagree
    All Respondents 22% 62%
    Democrats 29% 50%
    Republicans 14% 80%
    Independents 22% 60%
    Obama Supporters 28% 52%
    McCain Supporters 14% 79%

  4. momdear1 says:

    Not wanting to change the subject, but whatever happened to that Michelle Obama white racist bigot tape that Fox News was supposed to have? Since the African News service swears there was such a tape and that Fox has it, is it possible that Fox is surpressing it? That wouldn’t surprise me. While claiming to be Fair and balanced, I have not been able to hear any conservative view on any subject without some Democrat hack yelling them down with the Dem talking points. It seems to me that cutting off the mikes of these radicals who not only dont’ want to hear anyone else’s opinion, they don’t want anyone else to hear it either, would solve the problem. . If Fox was truly fair and balanced they would not have a steady stream of CNN has beens, all of whom say the same thing over and over and over again. Just how many times have we heard “George Bush’s Failed economic policies”, without anyone challenging it? Goerge Bush’s policies did not cause this mess. It was the Dems in Congress, aided and abetted by the 501(c)(3)’s funded by Dem arranged fed. govt. money, who demanded and got loans for people who could or would not repay them. I have had my doubts about O’Reilly since he began saying “Obama is not a Muslim.” at least once during each of his programs, as if it were a proven fact. The actual fact is that Obama alleges he is not a Muslim. The fact that he was a member of Rev. Wright’s Hate Whitey Church of What’s Happening Now does not mean he is not a Muslim. After all Obama’s good buddy, Khalidi, who was spokesperson and devoted admirer of Arafat’s PLO was also a member of Wright’s church. The least O’Reilly could do is give us the benefit of the doubt and say, “Obama alleges he is not a Muslim.” Anyway, who knows who is a Muslim and who isn’t. It’s part of the Muslim religion’s dogma to lie to fool the infidels.

  5. djl130 says:

    momdear1- with all due respect, comments like this are what give all conservatives a bad name. Obama is not a muslim and of all the things I don’t like about Obama, I accept the fact that he is not a muslim. We must concentrate on the concrete facts about Obama. For instance, take a look at the interview he gave which is being highlighted today on HOTAIR and ACE – it shows him saying he will bankrupt any company that tries to build a coal plant. That is a fact we can show, which can not be refuted- not a whispered smear. I understand your frustration, but we must not let ourselves descend to the depths of the left wing hatred machine. Happy voting – I voted for McCain/Palin yesterday. I know you have the best interests of America at heart. God Bless.

  6. Redteam says:

    djl130 tell us all exactly how you know that Obama is not a muslim. He has said that Wright ‘led’ him to Christianity. From what? I accept that Obama will mislead anyone about anything.
    His saying that he would bankrupt coal companies is only the tip of the iceberg. We all know he has a muslim name, he attended a muslim school (at least for a short time) he has many muslim friends, he supports Farrakhan, he supports muslims in Kenya. What part of ‘looks like a duck, walks like a duck thing is it you don’t understand. I say this without descending into hatred. I don’t hate Obama and I don’t hate muslims, only terrorists of all denominations. I just say, call it what it is. He doesn’t try to fool anyone about being a socialist, he openly admits it. He clearly states he plans to redistribute the wealth (I’m quite sure not his, though). He doesn’t deny his friends, Wright, Ayers, Kalidi, Rezko.

  7. ivehadit says:

    Actually, from what o has said, he practiced the muslim faith as a child.

    And Mom, imho, you are so right about Fox News. AJ had the post up a couple days ago from the hillbuzz that talked about the “softness” of Fox due to their needing access.

    They ALL make me sick. It’s just money to them, for me it’s my livelihood and my children and grandchildren’s futures, not to mention, My America the Beautiful.

    We have done the o thing before with the carter administration. IT WAS AWFUL. We are STILL RECOVERING from that. I am praying every hour we aren’t going to do that again.

  8. Terrye says:

    I have not seen this, but some folks over at Hot Air are saying they saw on Fox that Pew has McCain up by one with likely voters, and Obama up by 5 with registered voters. This is the same poll that had Obama up by 13 a few days ago.

    What is happening?

  9. djl130 says:

    hey guys – I am just trying to focus on the provable stuff, that’s all. I totally agree with y’all about Ayers and Kahlide etc. I read parts of Prairie Fire. I have also read the articles about his muslim youth. Seriously, his wife isn’t a muslim, he attended a (decidedly whacked) Christian church (yes, I know about Wright’s ties to Louie) but I just do not think it gets us anywhere to sound conspiratorial. That’s all. Look at how you guys jumped on me, I am on your side! okay?

  10. JimCap says:

    Well, I’d love to believe you buddy, but when at least half of my church and my workplace is voting for BHO, I have to say I’m not optimistic about a McCain victory.

    And my relatives in Ohio are also split down the middle between McCain and BHO. None of this would worry me, but these people, like the people in my church and workplace are normally 100% Republican.

    People like us hate the notion of “share the wealth” but most people I talk to said they don’t care about that, or they think Obama just made a verbal mistake. They are just so mad at the Republicans that they just want to get back at Bush by voting against McCain.

    When I tell them that McCain and Bush are not the same person, they don’t seem to care. Plus a lot of people I know are counting on Social Security and Medicare or already get it and they’re nervous about McCain going after it. Also, some of them say that McCain will tax their health care benefits and they’re mad about that.

    So, I’d like to believe that things are looking good for McCain, but the fact that he’s still behind in all the critical states, even if it has tightened a bit, is still behind.

    McCain needs to sweep Florida, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Indiana, Missouri, Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, and North Dakota. In our heart of hearts do any of us truly believe he’s going to do that?

    I’m a conservative because I’m a realist. I refuse to delude myself just because it makes me feel good. “Feelings” are for liberals. I like to face reality, no matter how grim it may be. That is what adults, and conservatives are supposed to do.

  11. AJStrata says:


    Have no idea who you are but I just link to news articles and provide commentary on the possible validity. I don’t know who will win tomorrow – haven’t the foggiest. But I know if you stay home and give up who will win.

    The other side. Mathematically this is a tie race if the polls use historical limits on Democrat competitive edge. And if there is no competitive edge, and McCain-Palin supporters comes out, along with anti Obama voters, then McCain can win.

    That is what the math indicates. What people decide to do is something else.

  12. Cobalt Shiva says:

    JimCap sounds like a professional Eeyore.

    How much does Obama pay his Eeyores, anyway?