Sep 19 2005

Liberals Use People, Then Spit Them Out

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You want to know why Hollywood and the Media-Formally-Known-As-Mainstream are so liberal, so anti-business, so anti-American? Because, as a segment of our great society, their segment is the most abusive, cold hearted, uncaring, greedy group of people who have ever walked this earth under a free market economy.

These liberals really hate themselves, because they truly are the ruthless exploiters of the average citizen, whom they mock in their ‘products’ and on whom they look down on from their elitist mansions. Mansions paid for by the sales of said products to those same groveling masses they mock and disrespect.

As proof I offer up this story of a reality TV show cruelly using someone and then tossing them aside – leave broken hearts and even death in their greedy wake. [hat tip Drudge].

The producers of “Extreme Makeover” promised Deleese Williams “a Cinderella-like” fix for a deformed jaw, crooked teeth, droopy eyes and tiny boobs that would “transform her life and destiny.”
But when the ABC reality show dumped the Texas mom the night before the life-changing plastic surgeries, it shattered her family’s dream and triggered her sister Kellie McGee’s suicide, says a bombshell lawsuit filed in L.A. Superior Court.

If you look at the picture of Deleese I think you will find, as I do, she is quite attractive. The picture took a long time to download, so I was expecting someone with a real disfigurement. Here is how these greedy media leaches dealt caringly with a fellow human being:

The show announcing Williams’ selection for a mega makeover had already aired on Jan. 7, 2004, when the producers abruptly dropped her because the dental surgeon told them her recovery time would be longer than expected, Cordova said.

Williams was alone in a Los Angeles hotel room reading her pre-op instructions when a producer showed up and dashed her dream of a new life with a “pretty” face, the suit alleges.

“You will not be getting an extreme makeover after all. . . . Nothing. It doesn’t fit in our time frame. You will have to go back to Texas tomorrow,” the suit alleges she was coldly told.

Williams broke down sobbing: “How can I go back as ugly as I left? I was supposed to come home pretty,” the suit says.

And to add ‘drama’ (read: make more money through bigger ratings) they convinced caring family members to say things they did not believe so as to help Deleese get what she wanted:

As part of the premakeover hype, producers coaxed McGee and other family members to trash Williams’ looks on videotape, the suit alleges. When they suddenly pulled the plug on the project, and the promised “Hollywood smile like Cindy Crawford,” a guilt-ridden McGee fell apart.

“Kellie could not live with the fact that she had said horrible things that hurt her sister. She fell to pieces. Four months later, she ended her life with an overdose of pills, alcohol and cocaine,” said Wesley Cordova, a lawyer for Williams.

“This family is shredded. There is a human cost to this,” Cordova said.

Williams, 30, and her husband, Mike, are raising McGee’s two children, along with two kids of their own.

Want to clean up America? Let’s get rid of these liberal business people who thrive on the suffering and anguish of others. Who need so much anguish to thrive they create some, so they can buy a bigger mansion.

No wonder liberals are so anti-business and anti-American. Their little corner of America is a bloody cesspool.

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