Oct 22 2008

About Those (Bogus?) Michelle Obama Audio Tapes

People may recall the big buzz about some supposed audio tapes with Michelle Obama where she loses her composure and lashes out at ‘white racists’ opposing The One. Apparently, if the source of those tapes is to be believed, they will be handed over to Fox News sometime soon.

API has an ongoing discussion with FOX NEWS on the best way forward in the process of releasing Michelle Obama tapes to the American people.

API hopes the negotiation will be completed as soon as possible so that the tapes can be made available to FOX NEWS in the next few days and specifically before the voting day – the 4th of November.

The important thing we want the readers to know is how the tapes will be handled once it finally leaves API’s custody. API has confidence in FOX NEWS and will allow them to decide whether the tapes will be aired in full, edited or unedited. Once the tapes are released to FOX NEWS as per agreement that will be arrived at between the parties, API believes that FOX NEWS  is competent enough to decide on how to proceed in handling the tapes because – better than us in API – they know what is best for the American listeners.

Still not sure what to make of this one. I don’t understand why API did not just release them – except they must have feared a major legal response. Personally I don’t think these will change the motion of the election very much at all.

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34 Responses to “About Those (Bogus?) Michelle Obama Audio Tapes”

  1. ivehadit says:

    SBD, has the news conference happened yet? I can’t find anything on it.

  2. sbd says:



  3. ivehadit says:

    SBD, what do you make of this-Frank Marshall Davis being obama’s father? Why would obama be worried about this coming out? It seems like no big deal to me.

  4. kathie says:

    Fox News denies negotiating over ‘Michelle Obama tapes’
    10/22/2008 8:46:46 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 10 replies · 312+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | October 22, 2008 | Bob Unruh
    Fox News flatly denies it is engaged in any negotiations with African Press International, the Norway-based website that claims to have embarrassing recordings of Michelle Obama and which has announced to the world that it is working with the popular cable news channel. API has promised on its website that tapes of Michelle Obama’s alleged conversation with the agency will be released by the Nov. 4 election. In a statement to WND after Fox’s denial, API said, “We cannot force any one to believe us. We have put the notice out there and we do not put out things

  5. Redteam says:

    conguy, no can do. I won’t be putting Bresch to rest. First I can’t figure out why a Scotland resident is interested in the US election and even if he is, why would it be in support of an Anti-American marxist.

    uh, and while you’re at it, explain why a guy with a handle such as conguy think anyone would take him seriously? Your name alone tells everyone you are trying to con them. we get the message, you don’t like America.

  6. breschau says:


    Oh, is he still posting? Just pay no attention. Trust me, it just pisses him off to no end that I simply ignore him now.


    You’re hoping that Andy “crooked, slimy Jew” Martin is going to expose the truth? How clueless are you, man?


    So, you’ve devolved into the worst of your own stereotypes? Questioning Obama’s actual heritage? At long last Sir, have you no shame?

  7. BIB
    Since Aj deleted my last post I will try again.

    I said nothing about their being black and if you think that was the similarity you are illogical thinker.

    My implication which I thought was quite obvious was both women would do whatever to obtain power and keep it. Including eliminating their opponents

    Black had nothing to do with it.

    Second how the hell would a repsonse to AJ’s statement on his blog obtain a few more votes?

    YOU friend are the retard.

  8. momdear1 says:

    First of all guys, it was Nelson Mandella who invented necklacing,not his wife Winnie. Why do you think the Brits put his sorry a– in jail for so many years. He was a terrorist. A Communist Terrorist. It was bill Clinton who set him up for SaintHood. Nobody ever talks about all the innocents he murdered before one of his kind took control of the US Govt and “lifted him up” to respectability and sainthood.

    Lets see. So the GOP took Sarah shopping and bought her a wardrobe equal to what the beltway princesses, rich on Govt. loot, graft, and lobbyist’s payoffs are wearing. Seeing how thrifty she was with Alaska’s money, is there any doubt that she was just as thrifty in her personal spending? Imagine the fun the people now horrified about the $150,000 pricetag would have had making fun of her if she had showed up in home made or thrift store garments. The biggest problem with her critics is she looks so darned good in anything she puts on. I’ll bet you could put $150,000 worth of lipstick on pigs like Janet Reno, Madeline Albright, Donna Shelala and the other dogs on the approved list and they still wouldn’t look like anything but what they are, big old ugly beasts eat up with envy. When you can’t find anything else to gripe about, bitch about the price tag. By the way, I didnt’ think that $150 rag Michelle Obama wore on The View looked all that good on her. Am i the only one who has noticed that Michelle seems to be getting uglier every day? Me thinks her inner being is coming through since she has been muzzled and prevented from venting her opinions about what a dirty lowdown rotten devil whitey is.

  9. J.D. says:

    I confess. I enjoy this blog, because A.J. often sees a silver lining in the Obama clouds that are forming in increasing numbers. He also has a knack for findng stories that the MSM simply refuses to report touting good news in our war efforts. I am holding out hope that the polls are indeed wrong for the sake of our nation.

    Just some facts and predictions:

    Media: The media is in the tank for Obama. Irrefutable. They have sold their souls and abdicated their journalistic responsibilities. They will be rewarded for their efforts with the Fairness Doctrine, attempting to silence many critics of the MSM who seek to balance the conversation.

    Congress: Half as popular as Bush. Will be rewarded with a larger majority. Reid and Pelosi are perhaps the most inept and embarrassing leaders in modern times.

    Obama: Classic socialist. His proposed policies, his voting record, his associations, and those he calls “his mentors” can only be classified as such. For him, government and more of it is the answer.

    Gravitas: How many times did we hear that Cheney was chosen to lend Bush some “gravitas” in 2000? How many times have we heard it said in regard to Obama? ZERO! It has been said however, that Biden was chosen to shore up Obama on Foreign Policy, and we are to take heart that Obama says Gen. Powell will be his advisor. All this shouts, “I am not qualified, but look how smart the people around me are.”

    Palin: She scares the liberals to death. The vicious attacks on her have revealed the true nature of the left. The past demonization of Clarence Thomas and now Governor Palin says that one party only pretends to be color-blind and for equal rights. After all, one is not truly “black” or “femine” unless they are liberal.

    Race Relations: Set back 20 years. Between Obama’s throwing Granny under the bus as a “typical white person,” Murtha calling his constituents racists and rednecks, the MSM repeatedly opining as fact that anyone voting against Obama must be racist has only divided us further. I have black friends who are supporting McCain who have been blistered by their friends as sellouts. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYxG0F3xubo to see CNN express disbelief that young black men have the ability to judge a man by his character and not the color of his skin.

    The Future Under Obama: Higher Taxes on the Rich and Corporations, The Fairness Doctrine, Liberal Congress, Liberal President, 2 More Far Left Supreme Court Judges, unchecked by a far-left Media, More Dependence on Government through Entitlements, Higher Deficits, Smaller Military in Number, Strength, and Superiority….But hey, the Europeans will like us!

  10. Oh mommy dear I am not quite sure who invented it but Stolen for Wikipedia.

    The practice became a common method of lethal lynching during disturbances in South Africa in the 1980s and 1990s. Necklacing sentences were sometimes handed down against alleged criminals by “people’s courts” established in black townships as a means of circumventing the apartheid judicial system.

    Necklacing was also used to punish members of the black community who were perceived as collaborators with the apartheid regime. These included black policemen, town councilors and others, as well as their relatives and associates. The practice was frequently carried out in the name of the African National Congress (ANC), and was even implicitly endorsed by Winnie Mandela[1], then-wife of the imprisoned Nelson Mandela and a senior member of the ANC

    Take Care of You and yours.

  11. bush_is_best says:

    ah bloody spartan person… one by one, here you go:

    being black? yeah, speculation, in the history of the world and all its leaders and all the wives, you chose the Mandelas, given the reputation of your party, I made a logical guess… people will agree with me, yet I will withdraw the comment as the topic is utterly meaningless.

    Your quote: “This Michelle is probably just like Nelson Mandela’s wife tire necklaces and all.”

    seriously dude. first of all, you, the author, are not in the position to declare whether or not your ‘intention’ was obvious. There is nothing obvious about it. nobody is disputing anything about the mandelas, anywhere. your next sentence was “michelle obama hates america”… c’mon man, that right there classifies you as an remedial player… think first, please. you have no real basis for such a comment other than your preference for the opposing party, she might very well be the first lady, I guarantee she does not ‘hate america’ … take it up a notch, this is presidential politics… your angry, unoriginal opinion could use improvement to say the least.

    yes, I am confident nothing revealed here will affect peoples voting in one way or the other. you are correct with that assessment.

    MOST IMPORTANTLY: in this pinnacle of the American democratic system, the time honored tradition of electing a president… you shout: “end of free elections!” Black socialism” (then say”its not about being black”) both first ladies “eliminate opponents” (your example, tire necklaces of south africa…) on the very same page as “michelle said “whitey”, barack is not an american citizen? he’s a terrorist? hates america? THIS is what you come up with? this level of politics and you are digging for fake scraps and waving them around? who’s retarded?

    have the balls to go toe to toe with your opponent, on the up and up. scandals would be out by now. nobody cares about ayers or $150K clothes or expense reports for babies or acorn or anything… nobody who’s undecided anyway…

    who is smarter? period.

    you can go back a few years. whatcha gonna do? buy Google stock? new, young? untested? confusing maybe? from hippie california? or buy GM stock, solid, american, traditional…

    pick a winner for once…

    side note: the best thing bush did during his entire presidency, was, ironically, throw a little help to sub-saharan africa.

  12. ivehadit says:

    Bresch, what in the devil are you talking about?

    Is what Martin is reporting true or not and who cares?

    You are projecting.

  13. Redteam says:



    Oh, is he still posting? Just pay no attention. Trust me, it just pisses him off to no end that I simply ignore him now.

    wtf? you’re supposed to be ignoring me. talking about me is not ignoring me. it just tells me it p*sses you off that I am on to you. Hope you get this over there in Scotland. would hate for you to miss out just because you’re back home.