Oct 21 2008

Sarah Palin Is The GOP Leader For The Future

Let me remind all those frustrated conservatives across the spectrum who, in one way or another, allowed the Democrats to take Congress in 2006. Many stayed home, others were tired of being belittled as impure conservatives and voted democrat. Both the moderate and far right were going to teach each other a lesson with Democrats in charge and screwing up our country.

Let’s end that nonsense this year. We don’t need to see what Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Ried will do to illustrate the fact liberal policies are dangerous and naive when compared to reasonable conservative policies. Enough of the infighting and petulance. Let the Noonans and Brooks and Frums implode. This is the year the heartland conservatives can take control from the talking heads of the Political Industrial Complex.

This is the year we could begin the conservative age of Sarah Palin – America’s version of Maggie Thatcher. Sarah Palin will do at least one stint as VP, maybe two. She will do two stints at President, mark my words. And there is no reason to delay that time coming to America. Look at the enthusiastic crowds she garners in debates (a record viewing audience) on the trail (record crowds for a VP) and on SNL (record ratings). Just look at how well she just did in Colorado recently with 22,000 people attending!


John McCain did the GOP and America a huge favor in selecting Palin. He established the next conservative wave, and it will be coming straight out of the heartland and Main Street USA. We will take this country back from the elites in the Political Industrial Complex if we simply get off our butts, grab about 5 friends and march to the polls. Because when the broad conservative movement marches to the polls, we will be symbolically marching on DC and the corruption and cronyism that has become so entrenched it has led this nation into a rut.

I have a special message to all American women, Palin is going to shatter that glass ceiling once and for all, and yes that alone is worth a lot to this country. Remember, your daughters and sisters could grow up in a country where women are now absolute equals. Or we can wait another quarter of a century and let men run the country. I for one don’t feel like explaining to my three daughters why their sex has to be perfect to lead this country when we have seen so many flawed men strive for and win the job. There is no perfect woman coming to win the presidency. There never will be since one doesn’t exist.

We can change DC – vote McCain-Palin.

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  1. robert c verdi says:

    As someone who tends to be socialy liberal I say with full confidence that Palin would be best for this country. Of the 4 people running for the executive branch, she is the only one who ever changed and reformed the system. Palin understands that being pro-buisness does not mean supporting corporations, it means establishing a system that allows buisness to flourish. The others? Obama says buisness loves him, of course many do when he pours billions of dollars in taxpayer money into projects who is going to be at the trough to suck it all up, the crony captalists, hacks, and yes many legitimate operations. On a side note, how in gods name can people believe Obama is opposed to lobbyists and special intrests, when every one of his policies is going to bring armies of lobbyists to navigate the regulations and steer contracts to some buisnesses and not others? Its clear to me that many of the people who support Obama have no idea how government works. Oh well, Palin is the future wether she wins now or later, as for the pundits who hate her and mock her, they don’t decide elections they just pretend to.

  2. Terrye says:


    I was looking at Hotline and Allah {for reasons known only to himself} highlighted a re-poll done by NYT/CBS that showed Obama ahead by 14 points. Never mind the fact that all the other polls show the race getting tighter, it will help screw with the RCP average and that is what is important I guess. That and dampening GOP spirits and turnout.

    But one of the things noted in that poll was that Palin had high negatives, the other was that the public supposedly thought McCain was too negative.

    So if we believe NYT and CBS we should stop talking about Ayers and socialism and send Palin back to Alaska never to be heard from again.

    I think they are afraid of her, and so they are trying to do to her the same thing they did to Bush. Make her look dumb.

  3. Mike M. says:


    I’ve been watching politics since I was 13…in 1976. Sarah Palin reminds me of Ronald Reagan. The same small-town, outside the Beltway background, the same non-political family, the same underestimated intellect, the same sense of humor, the same good common sense.

    And the same set of New York-Washington axis snobs hating her guts.

  4. garrettc says:

    And not to for get two other promising conservatives: Bobby Jindal and Michael Steele. As conservatives, we should be grooming a whole new generation of small government activist conservatives for office at the state level. There is quite a large pool of possibilities. Perhaps some of them can keep most of the muck off in their drive to emerge.

  5. Stix says:

    I agree. We need to have people like Palin, Jindal and Steele lead in the next elections. Not to give up on this year, but all of the Conservatives that are looking for a pure conservative (or whatever they think is a pure Conservative) or the Political Punditry of DC and the eletists in the Republican Party should take a god look at Palin and Jindal. They are the futue of the party. They are from outside the Beltway and bring with them Middle America, just as Reagan did.

    Great Post AJ

  6. Newton says:

    Color me very confused… I have been reading AJ rant against idealogical purists for a few years and I don’t perceive much of a distinction between Palin and the Conservative purists. Not that I’d be upset with her views, I am just confused. I don’t understand what makes one an idealogical purist. Is it immigration?

  7. Aitch748 says:

    Newton: It’s the “my way or the highway” attitude that AJ has been talking about. It’s not holding to your principles per se; it’s more of a control-freak stance in politics.

  8. Dongshow says:

    Palin? Are you seious? She’s going to have too much trouble keeping her job in AK to to worry about much else. Alaskan’s don’t like the spot light, and she’s viewed as responsible for it.


  9. norm says:

    palin=thatcher? that shows a complete lack of insight into either thatcher, palin, or both. sarah palin is just more of the extreme far right divisionist politics. don’t agree with me? then you are anti- american. or not patriotic. or socialist. you claim to not like cronyism. but you like palin. maybe you should check her record of appointments in alaska a little closer. you claim you don’t like corruption? then maybe you should look closer at her abuse of power in alaska. this type of politics is not good for america, and is not good for the republican party as a whole. but the extremeists on the extreme fringes of the far right exlemplified by this blog are not about america…they are only about power for the far right.

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  11. Newton says:

    Aitch748: AJ appears to define a rabid purist around the issue of immigration. AJ appears to be “My way or the highway” on immigration only, or are there other areas of policy disagreement that I have missed. This is something that has bothered me for a long time. I consider myself a purist on AJ’s political spectrum, but darned if I know why. I am an evangelical, GW skeptic, anti-amnesty, free market capitalist, and pro GWOT. Except for my position on the Senate immigration bill, I can’t figure out why I am an idealogical purist and Palin is not.

  12. Aitch748 says:

    Are we seriously going to pick a fight on immigration policy again???

  13. owl says:

    Perfect AJ. I love Palin as my candidate, even recognizing the flaws. It is all about balance. I still support President Bush 100%. Balance. I find Palin and Joe the Plumber have something in common that scares the h*** out of all the Obama people and some of the Pugs. Common sense. The others have lost it. They are willing to sign sucide pacts. Ever hear “if we stay home this time, we will have victory the next time?” That’s a sucide pact. Palin and Joe share something even more important. They are NOT AFRAID. Call them dumb. They are NOT AFRAID. This is intolerable to their foes. After all, didn’t we all agree these people are just too dumb to speak?

  14. Newton says:

    I do not wish to “pick a fight” on anything. Just define what makes Palin so different. If there is a legitimate area of policy disagreement I only seek to define what it actually is. I did not support the immigration bill and that view apparently makes me some sort of idealogical purist, along with millions of other ordinary Americans that called and wrote to complain and effectively kill the bill. I simply do not understand why that policy difference defines a purist.

  15. norm says:

    owl…here’s what palin and sam the un-licensed plumber have in common. they both need to make fallacious claims in order to support there arguments. her’s about stopping the bridge, and his about buying a business and how much he makes. if your stand is based on fallacies then what good is your stand?

  16. Newton says:


    You would have more credibility if you got the basic facts straight: as I recall he didn’t ever say how much he currently makes. Obama’s answer was the crux of the issue and no amount focus on the questioner can erase it.

  17. Frogg says:

    I haven’t had time to investigate it; but, I’ve been hearing that the epublicans who don’t like Palin are the ones who look forward to the end of Reagonomics (or the Reagan era).

    If so called “true conservatives” like Palin, and the anti-purists like Palin…..

    that’s just good news to me. I won’t even try to figure it out.

  18. norm says:

    newton…sam the un-licensed plumber makes a little over $40K a year. he would receive a tax cut of nearly a $grand under obama’s tax program, which when you make $40 something a year is a lot. he will get bubkus under mccains. and he will be taxed on his health benefits. but like most republicans he will vote against his own financial interests.
    the crux of obamas answer – which you don’t want to discuss – is that mccain wants to provide more tax cuts to the wealthy. but these tax cuts do not and never have paid for themselves. so the resulting deficits must be paid for by successive generations. that’s the ugly truth of the real wealth distribution going on. it’s time to finally admit that trickle down economics do not work. never have. even reagan had to raise taxes because they didn’t work. we had a tax program under clinton that worked. everyone did well. bush shifted that program around and now it doesn’t work at all. but to go back to what did work is SOCIALISM. that’s the crux of the issue. and it’s f’ing funny that the extreme fringes of the far right don’t get it.

  19. norm says:

    here’s the breadth of what aj calls americas thatcher. she believes the vice president is: “…in charge of the U.S. Senate…”

  20. You folks are crazy if you think there will ever be a fair election again.

    Even without Obama the Democrats will do everything in their power to retain it.

    With Obama Acorn will become the new Poll watchers Iimplementors and Law enforcers.


    Wake UP.

    And yes Palin is the best of the 4.