Oct 15 2008

Bogus? Michelle Obama Unhinged: “White Racists” Opposing Her Husband

Major Update: API has another post up recapping events:

1. API had a telephone call from Mrs Obama after consultations with Nairobi. We will avail all the details and what transpired so that all interested parties may understand that the story is not fake.

2. API has no interest in the outcome of the US elections and we do not partner with any group in the promotion of any candidate for the presidency.

3. Our recordings will be released when we are satisfied it is not intended to be misused in any way or for any gains by an group.

Although we are not hiding anything, we would like to release all the information in the right way in order to avoid misunderstandings that may put us into problems with the Obama’s. We do not want to land into legal disputes with anyone.

The Obama campaign spokesperson(s) should not be quick to dismis the story as false. They should wait until they get all the facts on the table before making any conclussions. They should not think they control all calls Mrs Obama makes.

Sounds like someone called in the lawyers ….

Update: Folks, when you go to the API links below make sure to check out the comments – some people are simply wigging out.

Update: Here are the links to (1) the original API post, (2) the first reply and (3) the last reply. Of interest is this line in the last reply:

The truth will come out soon and the Obama campaign spokesperson(s) will have a problem to deny that API actually had a telephone conversation with Mrs Obama. Mrs Obama should open up to the campaign spokesperson(s) now so that they do not continue denying what they do not know.

Sounds like team Obama may have a problem on their hands. Still, need solid proof.

Update: I have serious doubts about this story. The only reason I posted it was because I saw it on a very reliable companion blog, Gateway Pundit. However, that does not make it true. We are now stuck waiting for API to give some evidence that it is true. Until then, Innocent until proven guilty.

MAJOR UPDATE:  Looks like this is a bogus story folks!

Wait! As reader SBD points out in the comments below this may not be bogus.  – end update

If there ever was a ‘whitey’ tape of Michelle it has now become a moot point.  Apparently John McCain and Sarah Palin and all whites who oppose Barack Obama are “white racists

When API told her that our online news media was only relaying what the American Bloggers and other media outlets had discovered through their investigations, Mrs Obama was angered and she came out loud with the following: “African press International is supposed to support Africans and African-American view,” and she went to state that, “it is strange that API has chosen to support the racists against my husband.

As everyone knows I am not buying the claim Obama is not naturally born. But a lot of people are opposing Barack because he is a closet socialist liberal who hangs around with unrepentant terrorists, is willing to sit down with our enemies and has allies who want to cut off Israel.

I could care less what race a person is that holds those views – as do many of us. That is why we support people like Secretary of State Condi Rice and oppose ‘The Messiah”. Michelle seems to be showing a lot of stress inside the Chosen One’s inner circle.  H/T Gateway Pundit.

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  1. bush_is_best says:

    Idiots – Obama is not Hitler, McCain himself will tell you that.

    “My view is that the United States’ special relationship with Israel obligates us to be helpful to them in the search for credible partners with whom they can make peace, while also supporting Israel in defending itself against enemies sworn to its destruction,”

    “The world must work to stop Iran’s uranium enrichment program and prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. It is far too dangerous to have nuclear weapons in the hands of a radical theocracy. And while we should take no option, including military action, off the table, sustained and aggressive diplomacy combined with tough sanctions should be our primary means to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons.”

    Whos quotes are these?

    Obama’s support for Israel is pretty clear. There are entire speeches out there where he lays out his stance. Listen to what the man says. He stands for peace. He surrounds himself with experts. He will garner respect in a region fed up with the american cowboy bull-in-a-china shop diplomacy…

    If less people die, and are maimed, during his presidency, than during the terms of the last guy you elected, will you stand corrected?

    If Obama wins – the world benefits.

    Time will tell…

  2. kathie says:

    Just so you know bush is best, you can google this information.

    7 Bush years 9016 deaths 8 Clinton years 13417 deaths

    We all know that Obama changes his mind when it suits him, or the tide changes. Would you bet your family on Obama if you lived in Israel? I wouldn’t!

    Michelle said in the interview, API (if there was one), that 80% of Obama’s family is Muslim, that is why he can not disparage them.
    I can understand that, but I wonder, how many of the 80% are Islamofascists, and if he can distinguish between the two.

  3. kathie says:

    Just so you know bush is best, you can google this information.

    7 Bush years 9016 deaths 8 Clinton years 13417 deaths

    We all know that Obama changes his mind when it suits him, or the tide changes. Would you bet your family on Obama if you lived in Israel? I wouldn’t!

    Michelle said in the interview, API (if there was one), that 80% of Obama’s family is Muslim, that is why he can not disparage them.
    I can understand that, but I wonder, how many of the 80% are Islamofascists, and if he can distinguish between the two.

  4. kathie says:

    Just so you know bush is best, you can google this information.

    7 Bush years 9016 deaths 8 Clinton years 13417 deaths

    We all know that Obama changes his mind when it suits him, or the tide changes. Would you bet your family on Obama if you lived in Israel? I wouldn’t!

    Michelle said in the interview, API (if there was one), that 80% of Obama’s family is Muslim, that is why he can not disparage them.
    I can understand that, but I wonder, how many of the 80% are Islamofascists, and if he can distinguish between the two.

  5. kathie says:

    Sorry, it probably wasn’t worth 3 entries!

  6. bush_is_best says:

    no, probably not 3, but thats ok…. I get where you are coming from with the death statistics, but it illustrates a fundamental point, and perhaps difference in style between the 2 camps.

    Are you interested in truth, or are you interested in winning at any cost?

    You realize there is a war going on, don’t you? You would appreciate fairness and accuracy in arguments directed at you, would you not? You understand the analogy “comparing apples to apples” don’t you?

    So please, deaths are tragic regardless, but look a tiny bit farther before you go throwing facts out that you believe support your argument. Please.

    Do you honestly believe, that military deaths due to hostile action, are higher during the Clinton years than the bush years?

    Are you serious? Is that some sort of attempt to prove people wrong, who are angry over our beloved sons and daughters dying? Are you saying that democratic policies are more fatal to our military than republican ones?

    If one were to follow your logic, then deaths during your precious Reagan years were even higher than those awful deadly Clinton years. If you are going to raise that argument, why do you not include that? Why?

    Please. Straight talk.


    Here is the death chart from the DOD Military manpower data center for those years. Reagan – BushII – draw your own conclusions.


  7. kathie says:

    Bush is best……yes I believe that military death were higher during Clintons years then during 7 years of Bush, for what ever reason, Clinton fought lots of non-wars, or wars that nobody talked about much and alot of service people lost their life. Bush has fought 2 wars that the Senate authorized.

    Obama has said nothing different then Bush has said about Iran, and he is working with allies, you know groupies just like everybody wants, until that same everybody wants to pretend that unilateral working is better. Like no-preconditions, however Iran has put pre-conditions on the US for talks with them, maybe they know something that Obama does not.

    I know what Obama has said on supporting Israel, but he can always say we are over stretched and can’t help, or our economy is bad, we can’t help, or the United Nations should step in and solve the Israel problem, like they did in Lebanon, that is the peace keepers that a working so well.

    Real problem is that I don’t trust Barack Obama.

  8. bush_is_best says:

    Ahhhh…. Even though I do not agree with you, THANK YOU for at least giving me a thinking persons response… that’s more like it…

    [ not that the rest of you are not ‘thinking people’, you obviously are… but your responses are SO one sided its hard to take them at face value…]

    I am sorry that you don’t trust Obama. I don’t trust McCain. He feels like more of the same and a blast from the past, which I dont think we need in the modern world of today. Who knows really, but I feel more inclined to give Obama a chance based on his words than I do McCain for his words. There are SO MANY factors that go into the presidents job, most of which are never spoken of. Its the most complex and demanding job in the world. I feel, based on my choices, Obama is the one most suited to handle that complexity.

    [now… if that doesn’t expose me as a fraudulent terrorist nazi america-hating drug abuser I don’t know what will…]

  9. The Macker says:

    No one here thinks of you in those terms. Maybe more as a “useful idiot” for the hard left that surrounds and informs Obama.

    I don’t trust Obama to stand up to Islamists, Marxists, race and class baiters. How can I , given his history? ( Odinga, Ayers, Dohrn, Farakahn, Phleger, Wright, Chicago machine, Acorn) Even an aging, inconsistent McCain is safer than a consistent idealogue with a pernicious idealogy.

    Obama is a lot like Huey Long, except with a mafia-like network.

    This is “one sided” because the evidence is one sided.

  10. kathie says:

    Bush is best……I present one side because I support one side. Winning the war in Iraq, keeping terrorists off balance in Afghanistan, working offensively any where we find these bastards. I think that the UN is mostly useless in any dispute, especially where guns are used.

    Actually I don’t think we need much of a change on the big issues that a President is responsible for. I don’t think ‘waterboarding’ is torture. I would not bring the Gitmo terrorists to US soil, I would not give them rights that are given to prisoners of war, men in uniform. I think Abu Graub was bad, but I’ve seen just as bad on college campuses. I blame the guys that are now in prison. I don’t care what the world thinks of us, that too will change. No president who leads, no nation who leads will satisfy collectivists. People thought we were cowboys to support Poland, the Czech Republic, and bringing down the Berlin wall. Time heals most wounds. Iraq as a friend makes more sense then an enemy.

    Obama has done nothing but organize some guys in the community. He hangs out with some very questionable people, he has very personal relationships with many Arabs who inform him, his behavior in public office tells me nothing. I like to judge a person by their words and actions. I’ve heard his words, other then campaigning and talking more, I can’t verify anything he has said. I know plenty of people like him, who talk alot and are empty when it comes to doing. Because the office is so difficult I would like to know what his core beliefs are. Actually I wonder after spending so much time with Rev. Wright if he could put this country first. I know where President Bush stands, I see it in his eyes, I hear it in his words, and I see it in his actions. Is he perfect, no, but perfection only comes in heaven. I like President Bush as a man, I trust him to protect us, I respect what he has done. I’m not tickled pink with McCain, but I do trust him. I think Obama is an experiment and all theory. I don’t think he even knows what he would do in any given real situation.

  11. antimedia says:

    bush is best, let’s test your claim that you’re open-minded.

    Obama was born into a family where both the mother and father were communists. Obama’s first autobiography talks at length about a mentor named Frank. Frank was a communist according to his own writings. Obama went to Chicago and became a friend of Bill Ayers and worked extensively with him on several education “reforms”. Bill Ayers is a communist, according to his own words.

    Obama attended Rev. Wright’s church for twenty years. Rev. Wright is a black liberationist, an offshoot of communist theory. The Communist Party of the USA supports Obama.

    How would you feel about electing a communist as President? Obama may not be one, but how would we know? He refuses to talk about his ties to communists, sloughing them off “someone I knew” or “a guy in my neighborhood” or “someone I met once”.

  12. Sue says:

    Everything Obama says or promises has a sell by date on it. Anyone banking on him keeping his word will be disappointed.

  13. bush_is_best says:

    ok cool, now we are getting somewhere… largely because of kathie. Macker is calling tens of millions of people far more accomplished and respected than he is, ‘idiots’. I will group myself in with the idiot crowd (I’m here with you afterall) but to deny the appeal of Obama in this day and age is to “deny the obvious”. antimedia is, well, kind of McCarthy-esque and about 40 tears too late… funny though

    A few fundamental things you may believe, but will eventually have to admit are incorrect, are as follows:

    To be of Arabic decent (Arab) is no different than being from any other world geographical region and is certainly not a crime.

    Islam is a world religion and to be Islamic is by no means an admission that you are a terrorist.

    You are talking about extremists only? ok, Obama is not one of them, even if he has a funny name. He will protect you just the same.

    Communists, marxists, socialists are buzzwords. For political scientists they are economic ideologies, and failed ones at that.
    For most they incite negative feelings of the cold war and ‘enemy’ which is not where we need to be going in any debate. It is an exaggeration beyond that which is absurd.

    Every economic or social policy put forth by either candidate is designed to fit within our existing in capitalist framework, not change it. If you want to cite ‘spread the wealth around’ over and over, whah whah, keep in mind that your ‘chosen one’ g.w. bush just nationalized the banks. Im not calling anyone a communist. Lets call it even so we can move on.

    Obama is untested. Obama is an experiment. Obama has questionable ties. Yes, lets go with that. Nothing he says, no matter how convincing, is going to sway you because you are convinced he is evil for some reason. I am of the opinion that, since he has been elected to public office before, and all those allegations have been beaten into the ground for his entire career, that they are essentially without merit and, with the scrutiny he is under, would have derailed him prior to where we are now. Its a last ditch attempt to win an election. You know it is. If he were a criminal, he would not have gotten this far, in this country.

    Now. Lets spend huge cash on education. Lets piss off big oil and turn big auto upside down and make a car that runs on something else. Lets make peace and allies in a manner that works, and preserves our reputation around the world. Lets get poor people the help they need, and sick people too. Lets show the world that we don’t believe white people are superior. Lets talk about what this all actually means, instead of splitting hairs on desperate mudslinging. McCain is an alright guy. He just sends the wrong message to the world. Palin is a joke.

    Obama is scary because he represents inevitable change far to early than the conservative (aka = against change) establishment is ready to accept it. Its all happening anyway, lets get it started.

  14. Frogg says:

    I can’t imagine that Obama isn’t a natural born citizen either; but, you have to ask why he doesn’t just submit his BC to the court and end it. Instead, he delays……and the DNC has joined in requesting that he not have to submit his BC. There is clearly something on that BC he does not want Americans to see. So what if he changed his name? So what that his father was Muslim? We know all these things. What is he hiding?

    A second law suit has been filed for Obama to produce his BC:


    As far as Michelle Obama and her “whitey racist” remarks. I don’t know. But, since she sat in Rev Wright’s church for twenty years……I wouldn’t doubt that she feels that way.

    Guess we will find out in a couple days if this story has legs.

  15. sbd says:

    I have discovered something that has caused me to question the purpose of this sudden API interview posting. It may be a diversion to buy time. Let me explain why I have come to this conclusion.

    This is not the first once in a lifetime interview API and their Editor Kipter Korir has had the good fortune of writing about in recent months. A few months ago, API and Korir surprised the world with the interview Mr. Felicien Kabuga, a 14 year fugitive on the run for financing the Genocide in Rwanda back in 1994.

    That interview was widely held to be a hoax, but it was never proven a hoax because none of the parties who wanted him arrested contacted API to accept his “Evidence” to make a deal.

    This interview was the first time any story written by API was found in the Lexis database. The same is true on a search of the editor’s lastname.

    I then did a wayback archive search on the url for the API blog. The first postings were created in 2006 and their name at that time was APN for African Press Norway.

    The reason Kenya gets brought into the picture is because Mr. Felicien Kabuga was living with his wife in Kenya for all that time. He owned extensive pieces of property in Kenya and was protected by the Kenyan police.

    This information was revealed because of the API interview which supposedly occurred in Norway. This information caused the UN to Sanction Kenya and the blame was placed on the legally elected President of Kenya as opposed to Odinga, Obama’s guy, cousin, or thug who by the way caused over 1800 deaths after he lost the election. More would have probably died if he wasn’t appointed to lead Kenya jointly with the elected President.

    At the same time that the APN/API came into existence, Obama took a trip to Kenya where he critizised the Kenyan President to help elect Odinga. Corsi confirmed this information on his recent trip and also authenticated a document that outlined the Odinga strategy to get elected.

    That document also listed contributors to the campaign which includes a $950,000 contribution from Friends of Senator BO.

    Even worse, it describes the actions that the campaign needed to take in the event they were going to lose and they did,

    Ethnic Tensions/Violence as a last Resort

    1. Prepare ground for rejection of Unfavourable results

    2.Increase interest in monitoring activities to ensure no rigging happens

    3. Deflect attention from ourselves should opportunities be available to manipulate voter turnout in our green areas to discourage voter participation in hostile areas

    4. Use ODM agents on the ground to engineer ethnic tensions in target areas

    The result, Odinga got half of what he wanted and over 1800 people are now dead.

    Now, the question is how does this fit in with Michelle Obama interview. If API is a resource that the Obama’s control, they would use it to their advantage. API has already been involved in a similar interview that was never proven or disproven and that one has already been 4 months.

    The Obama’s only need three weeks to string this along. In the meantime, they have focused our attention on the Adoption issue and away from the Kenya Birth Certificate issue and when the time is just right, they are going to pull the rug out from under us.

    The API website story will be proven false and the Republicans will be made to look like racists for wanting to believe that Michelle Obama could say such things.

    I will post the previous interview labeled a hoax on the next entry.


  16. sbd says:

    Rwanda News Agency (Kigali) – AAGM
    June 5, 2008 Thursday


    About a week ago Norway-based online agency African Press International (API) published the much publicized interview with suspected Rwandan Genocide financer Mr. Felicien Kabuga.

    Government of Rwanda and the UN tribunal for Rwanda are believed to have been caught off-guard – suddenly that a man with a $5million bounty on his head surfaces in an interview seeking to surrender to Rwanda. RNA put the different issues that the interview has raised to API Chief-Editor Kipter Korir, and below are the excerpts in which he reveals that government is secretly seeking to contact the man they have hunted for years.

    Mr. Kipter Korir, could you just describe the circumstances leading up to the much publicized interview with Rwandan Genocide fugitive Felicien Kabuga and how you managed to secure it anyway.

    Many media outlets and other institutions have treated our story on Kabuga and his presence in Norway at the time of interview with caution. It is not difficult to understand why many find it difficult to see the real picture in all that has happened, the fact that API met Mr Kabuga and even managed to secure an interview. Mr Kabuga travelled to Sweden in an effort to meet an elderly Sudanese man who is refugee in that country. While in that country, he discovered that the man he was looking for was not there. He managed, one way or another, to get information that a South Sudanese delegation led by the South Sudan President Salva Kiir was going to be in Norway for a conference.

    It was at that time Mr Kabuga chose to travel to Oslo hoping the old man he was looking for in Sweden had found his way to Norway to meet his colleagues from South Sudan.

    As things turned out, the Sudanese old man was not in Norway but had travelled to South Sudan. Those close to Kabuga, who met him in Norway, directed him to API’s Chief Editor who happens to be a friend to the Sudanese old man. After discussions on what Mr Kabuga wanted, the parties agreed on an interview on condition, API assisted Kabuga to connect with the Sudanese old man and another man of Ugandan origin now resident in the UK, so that the two men may initiate talks with the Rwanda Government for the purposes of reaching an agreement on a conditional surrender. Both men are close contacts of API’s Chief Editor.

    The ICTR and Rwanda government are treating your purported interview with Mr. Kabuga as a ‘hoax’. There does not seem to be anything tangible evidence to back up the interview.

    API has noted that several media outlets have focused on the behaviour of the ICTR and the Rwanda government on how they have reacted to the story. As a media outlet, API does not go around distributing prove to institutions in order that those who read API articles may believe what is being written.

    The Rwanda government and the ICTR has the opportunity to get in touch with API and find out the truth. The Rwanda government could have been satisfied if the Minister for Justice had taken contact and received the document that is supposed to be handed over to him in an effort to find ways and means to start talking.

    When the government categorically spells out publicly that they will not talk to Kabuga, while at the same time allowing their embassy to engage in secret contacts, such public move by the government serves to destroy the spirit of the intended talks. The government should have taken time to receive the document containing important information, thereafter decide whether or not to engage in formal talks.

    By doing so, the government will be showing a will to listen to Kabuga’s story and make a fair judgement on whether to accept his conditions or not.

    Mr. Kabuga has rarely spoken in the media directly, the only journalist who met him died later, how would he have trusted you?

    API has noted that some media outlets do not have time for Kabuga because he has been accused of genocide. And yet many people tend to say an accused person is innocent until proven guilty. API has been contacted by many media outlets and other international government branches who emphasize that the only journalist who met Kabuga in Kenya died later. As far as API is concerned, nobody has come forward with clear evidence that the journalist who died was killed by Kabuga. API has understood that the murdered journalist had plans to lure Kabuga to a police trap. API has no intention to lure any accused person or persons to police traps. API will remain professional in interviews and will not be party to colluding with others to net people being searched for by any international body.

    This, however, does not mean API condones any form of crimes, be it genocide or any other. We are now dealing with a man who has decided to reach out and surrender. The fact that API has become the only media to break the story does not make the story to be a hoax as some would like to have it fall into that category. Many have asked how Kabuga could have trusted API. This only leads API to believe that some have taken the narrow path that has led to underestimate Mr Kabuga. API chooses to believe that a man who has managed to hide for many years, having many friends, and buying his way for safe hiding, knows when to trust and who to trust depending on the place and timing.

    Anybody that has tried to blackmail him into a trap has seen their fate. Surely, if you met Mr. Kabuga you must be very scared?

    Kabuga has been accused of genocide in Rwanda. Some who have followed the genocide stories in Rwanda are saddened. And yet they must not forget that every story has two sides. Kabuga has decided to surrender because he wants to tell his side of the story to the Rwanda government. If he is guilty, it does not mean that everyone he meets has to fear for his life. API has reported a story as it is and has no reason to be afraid of the man because API has not misreported the facts. And API has not in any way held in its map to blackmail Mr Kabuga, but just to pass on the message on the request for talks geared to a conditional surrender.

    The ICTR says the purported interview is just meant to disorganize its search that has been focused on Kenya to indicate that he is not there, so they are not taking the assertion that he is in Oslo seriously.

    API has noted that ICTR is relaxed on the issue because they are of the opinion that Mr Kabuga is in Kenya and not Norway. Every institution has the right to believe or not, any given information at any given time. API goes by the correctness of the interview and will publicise more information on the issue when the Rwanda government decides to take the matter more seriously.

    One of the last articles says Rwanda had expressed interest to move forward with possible negotiations with Mr. Kabuga. But officials here are not saying anything to that effect. How true can the public be about what you publish?

    In our articles, API has categorically stated that Kabuga is not in Kenya. API has also stated that Rwanda has expressed goodwill to start the talks. API appreciates the move and thanks the Embassy of Rwanda in Belgium for taking great interest in the story and by negotiating a way to meet and get evidence on what Kabuga is presenting, all in the effort to start the talks in one of the Scandinavian countries. The communication with the embassy will soon bear fruit because, as API understands it, the participant is mandated by the Government to proceed.

    From your meeting with Mr. Kabuga, how would you describe him?

    On seeing Kabuga, one notices he is a tired man. It is, however, not difficult to understand that he means what he says when he now wants to go back home. His health seems to dictate the day to day program when it comes to his activities. The man is now aged and he expresses sadness for what happened to his country in 1994.

    Some observers are saying the timing of your articles is very suspicious: just after the Kenyan ruling; before the ICTR is to report to the UN Security Council. The suspicion is that somebody is behind it all and you are just doing their job. Don’t you think there is some reason in all this?

    This is a serious matter that concerns many institutions and people. Due to the fact that Mr Kabuga is the most wanted man, and that he has not given interviews since going into hiding, has led many people to be suspicious on the timing of the articles. To think or even imagine that the timing has any hidden agenda is uncalled for, and primitive, because the interview is not one API was aware of in advance that it was going to take place. It was only after being contacted for a meeting in connection with the search for the Sudanese old man, whom Mr Kabuga wanted to meet in Oslo, that API requested for the interview and was reluctantly granted with conditions.

    The ICTR wants to believe that Kabuga is in Kenya, because the institution will soon report on Kenya to the UN Security Council and the Council members may decide to impose sanctions on Kenya. having been accused of giving refuge to Kabuga. API is not in a position to change the ICTR’s way of looking at things, because they have their own machinery, and if their machinery confirms to them that Kabuga is hiding in Kenya, that remains to be seen when the man resurfaces one way or another. (End)


  17. sbd says:

    Sound Familiar??

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