Oct 10 2008

Obama Caught In Outright Lies Over ACORN

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McCain wants to change DC, Obama wants to change America!

Barack Obama has now been caught in outright lies to the American public regarding his association with ACORN:

Obama’s campaign website states:

Fact: Barack was never an ACORN trainer and never worked for ACORN in any other capacity.

Chicago- The Barack Obama Campaign – written by Toni Foulkes, a Chicago ACORN Leader, which was published in the journal Social Policy. Did we mention that Social Policy recently pulled this particular article from their website, while leaving links to all other articles up?

“Obama took the case, known as ACORN vs. Edgar (the name of the Republican governor at the time) and we won. Obama then went on to run a voter registration project with Project VOTE in 1992 that made it possible for Carol Moseley Braun to win the Senate that year. Project VOTE delivered 50,000 newly registered voters in that campaign (ACORN delivered about 5,000 of them).

Since then, we have invited Obama to our leadership training sessions to run the session on power every year, and, as a result, many of our newly developing leaders got to know him before he ever ran for office. Thus it was natural for many of us to be active volunteers in his first campaign for STate Senate and then his failed bid for U.S. Congress in 1996. By the time he ran for U.S. Senate, we were old friends.

Read the whole thing.  If Obama will lie to us about his past, why should Americans believe him about his plans for our future?

McCain wants to change DC, Obama wants to change America!

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  1. sbd says:

    Barack Obama’s closet

    By Dateline D.C.
    Sunday, January 14, 2007

    But back in Chicago, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is more important than Iraq or Washington. ACORN and its associated Midwest Academy, both founded in the 1970s, continue to train and mobilize activists throughout the country, often using them to manipulate public opinion through “direct action.” It’s sometimes a code for illegal activities.

    Prior to law school, Barack Obama worked as an organizer for their affiliates in New York and Chicago. He always has been an ACORN person — meeting and working with them to advance their causes. Through his membership on the board of the Woods Fund for Chicago and his friendship with Teresa Heinz Kerry, Obama has helped ensure that they remain funded well.

    Since he graduated from law school, Obama’s work with ACORN and the Midwest Academy has ranged from training and fundraising, to legal representation and promoting their work.

    Today, Barack Obama’s conduct and “misgauging appearances” are the responsibility of his Democrat colleagues. In two years, it might be yours and mine.

  2. sbd says:

    Even in winning their case, ACORN et. al got the judge to add additional wording to the decision that the Appellate Judge was not happy about.

    ASSOCIATION OF COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS FOR REFORM NOW (ACORN), et al., Plaintiffs-Appellees, v. JAMES R. EDGAR, in his official capacity as Governor of the State of Illinois, et al., Defendants-Appellants.


    May 8, 1995, ARGUED June 5, 1995, DECIDED


    JUDGES: Before POSNER, Chief Judge, and EASTERBROOK and KANNE, Circuit Judges.


    The decree made in this case declares that the State of Illinois is not complying with the “motor voter” law; declares that all provisions of Illinois law that conflict with the law are invalid; and enjoins the state officials who are the individual defendants, together with all persons acting in concert with them, from failing or refusing to comply with the law. So far, so good. But the court went on, in a fourth paragraph of the decree, to order the defendants to designate a chief state election official to be responsible for coordinating the state’s responsibilities under the “motor voter” law; to delegate to that official “all necessary powers to achieve such compliance”; to take all necessary steps to enable people to register when they apply for a driver’s license; to take all necessary steps to ensure that no one’s registration to vote in federal elections is cancelled for failure to vote and that Illinois complies with the “motor voter” law before canceling any individual’s registration to vote in federal elections unless the reason for cancellation is death, criminal conviction, mental incapacity, or the registrant’s request; and to ensure that people who change residences within the same registrar’s jurisdiction remain eligible to vote in federal elections even if they have failed to notify the registrar of the move before the election.

    We do not understand the function of the additional requirements and prohibitions found in paragraph four. When asked about them at argument the federal government’s able counsel did not defend them, even though the government had proposed them to the district court. Instead he suggested that a simple declaration of the constitutionality of the “motor voter” law and a simple injunction against violating it would have sufficed. Most of the additional requirements merely restate individual provisions of the law, such as the provision requiring the state to appoint an election “czar” to coordinate the state’s responsibilities under the law. 42 U.S.C. § 1973gg – 8. Since the simple injunction requires compliance with all provisions of the “motor voter” law, thus including the provision requiring the appointment of a state election “czar,” we do not understand the purpose of repeating that provision in the injunction. It might seem harmless, if pointless, duplication, economy of expression not being high on the list of lawyers’ virtues. It is pointless, but it is not harmless. There are differences in wording between the provisions of the law and the provisions of the judge’s order, and, although it is unclear whether these differences are meant to have any significance, any verbal discrepancy in a legal instrument invites interpretive disputes. In at least one respect the court’s order goes well beyond the “motor voter” law. It requires the state to delegate to the election czar all necessary powers to ensure compliance with the law. The implication is that the state legislature must delegate legislative power to this official.

    The “motor voter” law is an intrusion upon the operations of state government, the district court’s decree an even greater intrusion. No justification for the additional intrusiveness appears in the court’s opinion. The opinion does not discuss the decree. It merely announces it. The government, as we have said, does not defend the decree, though it is its own proposal that the court adopted.

    We are forced to the conclusion that the Department of Justice, in proposing such a decree, and the district judge, in entering it, failed to exhibit an adequate sensitivity to the principle of federalism. The value of decentralized government is recognized more clearly today than it has been for decades. This recognition, born of experience, enables us (and not only us) to see that federal judicial decrees that bristle with interpretive difficulties and invite protracted federal judicial supervision of functions that the Constitution assigns to state and local government are to be reserved for extreme cases of demonstrated noncompliance with milder measures. They are last resorts, not first. United States v. City of Chicago, 870 F.2d 1256, 1259 (7th Cir. 1989); Kasper v. Board of Election Commissioners, supra, 814 F.2d at 340; Grimes v. Smith, 776 F.2d 1359, 1367 (7th Cir. 1985); Duran v. Elrod, supra, 760 F.2d at 759; Angela R. v. Clinton, supra, 999 F.2d at 325-26; In re Pearson, 990 F.2d 653, 658 (1st Cir. 1993); Mackin v. City of Boston, 969 F.2d 1273, 1275-76 (1st Cir. 1992); New York State Ass’n for Retarded Children, Inc. v. Carey, 706 F.2d 956, 959 (2d Cir. 1983) (Friendly, J.); cf. Rufo v. Inmates of Suffolk County Jail, 502 U.S. 367, 392-93, 116 L. Ed. 2d 867, 112 S. Ct. 748 (1992); Original Great American Chocolate Chip Cookie Co. v. River Valley Cookies, Ltd., 970 F.2d 273, 277 (7th Cir. 1992). Since the State of Illinois, rather than seeking a declaratory judgment that the “motor voter” law is invalid, decided not to comply with the law, an injunction commanding compliance with it was a proper remedy, and of course a lawful one. Green v. Mansour, 474 U.S. 64, 68, 88 L. Ed. 2d 371, 106 S. Ct. 423 (1985); Edelman v. Jordan, 415 U.S. 651, 664, 39 L. Ed. 2d 662, 94 S. Ct. 1347 (1974); Zych v. Wrecked Vessel Believed to Be the “Lady Elgin”, 960 F.2d 665, 669 (7th Cir. 1992). But until it appears that the state will not comply with such an injunction, there is no occasion for the entry of a complicated decree that treats the state as an outlaw and requires it to do even more than the “motor voter” law requires.

    The fourth paragraph of the district court’s decree is stricken. Should the state fail to comply with the decree, the federal government can seek supplementary relief, as well as institute proceedings for contempt. The decree, as modified, is affirmed, and the stay is dissolved.

  3. Redteam says:

    Well, it’s started. Gallup today Obama down from 11 pt lead yesterday to lead of 10 today. The long downhill slide to oblivion has begun, it should be all downhill for Obama from here on out.
    The truth is catching up. You can only cover your lies and deceit for so long. Stay on that slippery slope.

  4. DJStrata says:

    Where did Obama do his “community organizer” position?

  5. tarpon says:

    OK — so Buraq Hussein Obama was a freelance community organizer who was paid by whom?

  6. missy1 says:

    Sweetness and Light did a thread a week or so ago about Obama’s denial that he worked for ACORN. It looks like Project Vote is an arm of ACORN. They also included interesting documents at the end that show that ACORN and Project Vote share the same offices, billing addresses, ph. numbers, etc.


  7. KauaiBoy says:

    Tampering with the federal voting system is tantamount to treason and I wish those caught were treated accordingly. These people are trying to further corrupt the process of electing our president….if the evil efforts of the MSM weren’t enough.

  8. missy1 says:

    After I became old enough to vote I was so excited, never missed voting. After retiring I made a point of being the first one to the polls every election, and then would anxiously wait for the returns to start coming in in the evening, and would stay up watching as long as it took. Now it is nothing but dread. I vote and hope my vote doesn’t get canceled out by fraud, watch the returns but the anxiousness has turned into dreadful anxiety.

  9. […] have no idea, but he’s trying to deny it on his web site. […]

  10. scaulen says:

    Seriously, tell me why we can’t visit these people with a ball-peen hammer??

  11. conman says:

    Too funny. The chief investigator of the Palin inquiry relased his report today – it concludes that Palin “unlawfully abused her power as governor” by pressuring the Public Safety Commissioner to fire her former brother-in-law as a state trooper. It also found that Todd Palin had extraordinary access to the governor’s office and her closest advisers and he used that access to try to get Wooten fired. Gov. Palin knowingly “permitted Todd to use the governor’s office and the resources of the governor’s office, including access to state employees, to continue to contact subordinate state employees in an effort to find some way to get Trooper Wooten fired,” Branchflower’s report reads.

    Great timing. It is headline news all over the place – including Fox. This will be in the news cycle for days as Republicans prolong its significance by talking incessantly about how partisan, improper, yada, yada. The only saving grace is that it was released on Friday – at least the Republican controlled legislative body that released the report helped her out a little bit.

    While Palin may be loved by the Republican base, this will kill her “reformer” claim with rest of the country. She’ll be left to nothing more than the job of campaign smear attack dog against Obama so the Republican base get their red meat at the rallies. Once again, McCain is knocked completely off his message – the focus of the news is now back onto McCain and off of Obama. And it comes at a time when McCain’s campaign is already seriously faltering. It is truly amazing at how quickly McCain’s campaign in unraveling.

  12. missy1 says:


    All this investigation accomplished for the $195,000 spent, was to reveal the agencies Palin attempted to reform to be guilty of worse activity than what she has been accused of.

    Guess what, more investigations will ensue because the Alaskans are angry that the person at the root of this fiasco is still on the force and that all up the chain, his illegal activity was protected or ignored. The agencies charged with protecting the citizens of the state failed.

    The report is analyzed here:


  13. AJStrata says:

    Yeah Conman – Palin tried to protect her family from an abusive brother-in-law who threatened to kill her father and tasered his son-in-law.

    And Obama hangs out with unrepentant terrorists.


  14. Terrye says:

    Yeah conman too funny. Liberals across America will stand shoulder to shoulder with the womanizing wife beating rogue cop against the popular lady Governor. Wow. that is something to be proud of.

  15. bruhaha says:

    “Did we mention that Social Policy recently pulled this particular article from their website, while leaving links to all other articles up?”

    Actually, the link has been coming & going….

    I discovered it was gone while working on this last week. Of course, the index page leaves the UN-linked title and introductory info, making it appear that it’s just ‘one of those articles that wasn’t ever posted’, which one frequently runs across on the web.

    But note that they left a couple of big hints even to those who never saw the article pre-pulling:

    a) the articles all have ID #s that run in numerical sequence. A quick mouse-over of the links to articles listed on either side of Foulkes’s are numbered “837” and “839”. And, in fact, if you Google the title of her article one of the first listings you’ll see has a link formed as the rest with “838” at the end.

    (But since the article has been de-linked, clicking the Google link takes you to the index page for that issue of Social Policy.)

    b) at the END of the entry you’ll find “[more]” – obviously, meant to be a link to take you to the rest of the article (again, formed exactly the same as all the other articles on the site). That is, there is no reason to have “[more]” if it is NOT meant for a link!

    What’s interesting about THIS instance, is that the site did not simply omit the title from the index page… perhaps because that would have aroused greater suspicion? (Also, if/when they decided to restore the link it would be easier to pass off as a technical problem with their code, server, etc. A mite too convenient that ONLY this article was affected, and that ONLY when it was most inconvenient for it to appear… but it’s what they’re likely to say if the question is ever asked. Anyone game for that? Or no someone with creds who could do so?)

    The dynamic (php) code for the page itself has apparently been left untouched (which explains the odd “[more]” line being left in place.) The code is set up so that the title (and [more]) refers to a document database to supply the link. If the link to the article is missing or defective in some way, no link is generated.

    Ah, but the interesting part is why the link has, since last Friday, returned, disappeared and returned again. I went BACK to the index page on Sunday Oct 12, and the link was there again, and took me to the article. But Monday morning it was gone again. Tuesday AM, it’s there.

    I’ll have to track for awhile to have much of a guess what’s happening. One possibility is that routine clean-up/repairs have been restoring the proper link… but when whoever is interested in the article’s NOT being found has caught it they have ‘re-de-linked’ it.

    It’s also possible, at least for this last restoration (if it lasts!) that the decision about whether or not to allow the link to appear has been affected by the wider effort, esp. that at “stopthesmears.com” to play with the facts and wording, till it “works”. That is, they might decide at some point that they can explain the original article away because of the new squishier language they’re using.

    I do not believe the actual ARTICLE content has ever disappeared from the site’s database (which is why it can so easily reappear).. and I expect that, in the end, the journal will WANT it to all to be there… it’s just that it isn’t always convenient right now for people to find it. After Nov 4, they may not care.

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