Oct 09 2008

Gut Check For Obama

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McCain wants to change DC, Obama wants to change America!

It seems they have reopened one of the bombing murders by the Weather Underground group and the case points to Dohrn and Ayers.

The unsolved murder of two San Francisco police officers has languished as cold cases for 30 years until now. A federal grand jury has been looking into the murders. Many of the people now under investigation both as potential targets and witnesses in this case are scattered across the country. Many of them are now in their 50s and 60s. Investigators believe the crimes were politically motivated and committed by militant radical groups. 

On August 29, 1971, sergeant John Young is killed in a barrage of gunfire when two men walk into the Ingleside police station and begin shooting at officers sitting behind the glass partition. It is the second unsolved police killing in 18 months.

On February 16, 1970, officer Brian McDonnell is killed when a bomb explodes at Park Police Station. 

And now, sources tell us, those investigators have identified potential suspects: former members of two militant groups in the ’60s and ’70s — the Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army, people who’ve been out of the spotlight for decades. The most prominent among them is Bernadine Dohrn, a former leader of the Weather Underground and now a law professor at Northwestern University in Illinois.

So here is the gut check question for Obama: will you call on Bernadine Dohrn and William Ayers to come clean with authorities and will you throw your full support behind the prosecution’s efforts to find and punish the killers of these good people?

Just watching him hem and haw would be worth it. H/T Reader Snapple.

McCain wants to change DC, Obama wants to change America!

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  1. browngreengold says:

    I would love for this to be accurate simply because Dohrn et al need to be brought to justice.

    The article you linked is from 2003 though so, unfortunately, I don’t think this is on the front burner any more.

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  3. Aitch748 says:

    Speaking of a “gut check for Obama”:

    Hey AJ, have you seen this new ad? Looks like McCain is starting to get feisty about Mr. Community Organizer’s bad taste in friends:


  4. owl says:

    Speaking of Ayers/Dohrn………watched the new ad. Better than most (said earlier that McCain’s ads stink) but still not there.

    Get rid of the Drama Voice. Cut the Drama Music. Pare it down.

    Obama is running 2 ads that are top shelf. One on healthcare and the newest one on taxes. Could someone please study these?

    We need the Ayers/Dohrn ad……..it just needs to be cleaned up. Please. B. Hussein O. is a very scary guy without the music.

  5. owl says:

    Watching McCain/Palin townhall. He finally said Frank and Dodd. Finally. I hate to tell him but he will need ear plugs to filter out Keating5. It was going to be all economy/Keating the last 2 weeks, regardless of anything said or not. Say it louder, Senator.

  6. ExposeFannyNFreddyNow says:

    Instead of pointing to these connections one by one why not list them all?

    Ayers, Alinsky, Acorn, Wright, Raines, Johnson, Fannie & Freddie, Odinga … How many more “associations” will Obama need to deny to clean his record?

    Are these the people the Obamas mean when they talk about Americans with “holes in their souls”? If so, are all Americans in the Obama’s world view like Bill Ayers? If Ayers doesn’t have a “hole in his soul”? Should Americans then be like Ayers?

    Given how easily Democrats accept such “associations”, how many other Democrats have such “associations”, and do they all average eight or more “associations” each?

    One “association” might easily put down to the folly of youth and lack of experience. Two already begs the question of sound judgment.

    But eight or more, and across the breadth of his adult life, right up until his campaign? Either Obama has conscientious reasons to have such associations or he’s the biggest naif that’s ever sought office.

    McCain should ask how many average Americans have even one such “association”, never mind eight; how many of their friends have such “associations”; how many would keep friends that keep up such “associations”, even right up until the moment they sought their support; how would they react if they found out their neighbor kept such “associations”; and how many such “associations”, both foreign and domestic, might the US expect, “without preset conditions”, in its future if Obama’s elected.

    What sort of relationship should the US expect to have with Kenya if Obama were elected?

    And why do we still know nothing about his college years, the most formative years in most people’s lives? What’s he hiding? Why doesn’t Obama discuss them even on his own terms? Why is this time such a closed book?

  7. clintsf says:


    It wouldn’t be at all as powerful to list them all at once.

    It’s certainly true that any one of these associations can be dismissed, and that it’s the whole picture that is damning. But you just can’t convey the whole picture to the average voter at once. They aren’t interested in an hour-long documentary.

    So you do it one shady character at a time. And you never lose sight of the picture you’re trying to build in the mind of the independent voter. By November 4th, when McCain asks the voters to imagine the Federal government filled with Obama appointees, it’s going to be a horrifying image.

    At least, I’d guess that’s the plan. And from their reactions (screeching “Racism!!!”) the Obama supporters look scared. They have to know that every time they play the Race Card they are alienating the middle-American blue collar Democrats they absolutely need to win the election.

  8. kathie says:

    A friend sent this video to me, every one should view it. I don’t know how to blue line, but if you copy this onto google you can see it.


  9. kathie says:

    A friend sent this video to me, every one should view it.


  10. BarbaraS says:

    Wouldn’t it be amusing if in launching Obama in his national career Ayers sealed his and his wife’s doom by bringing themselves to the forefront of the authorities? These people are scum and deserve to be brought to justice.