Oct 06 2008

Afghan Taliban Awaken: Dump al-Qaeda And Sue For Peace

The pivot point in Iraq was when the Sunni Arabs of Iraq decided al-Qaeda was a brutish and violent ally that was actually more their enemy than the US or the democratically elected Iraqi government (run by Shiites and Kurds, primarily). Things became so bad with al-Qaeda by their side they decided to take up arms against the Islamo Fascist movement. This decision of course was made all the easier by the atrocities al-Qaeda had inflicted on their fellow Arab Muslims in the region.

Today the “Awakening”, which can be summarized as the Muslim street turning against al-Qaeda and working to gain peace with democratic Muslim governments which are allies with the Great Satan America, is still spreading. I have noted on many occasions it is beginning to take form in the Pakistan tribal regions. Now word is out an Awakening is transforming the Taliban as well, the group the sheltered and supported al-Qaeda on their lead up to 9-11:

Taliban leaders are holding Saudi-brokered talks with the Afghan government to end the country’s bloody conflict — and are severing their ties with al Qaeda, sources close to the historic discussions have told CNN.

The militia, which has been intensifying its attacks on the U.S.-led coalition that toppled it from power in 2001 for harboring Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network, has been involved four days of talks hosted by Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, says the source.

The rest is CNN gibberish, but the essence of the news is still the same. The Taliban in Afghanistan want peace. The key question is will they turn over al-Qaeda? That will be a key element of any peace deal. 7 years ago they were offered the option of turning over Bin Laden, with a guarantee of no war, or war. 7 years ago the Taliban made a horrific decision which cost them dearly.

Hopefully they have learned their lesson and will handover those criminals they have been harboring for so long. If the Afghan Taliban sue for peace, that will leave the tribal areas of Pakistan as the last recourse of the Islamo Fascists, a far cry from the 60 nation threat we faced 7 long years ago.

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4 Responses to “Afghan Taliban Awaken: Dump al-Qaeda And Sue For Peace”

  1. kathie says:

    Al Qaeda can’t see this turn of events as good for them. The Taliban will have to kill bin Laden et al before he kills them, or let him escape to Yeman or Somalia. How could this really work out well for both parties?

  2. ph2ll says:

    AJ says “…The key question is will they turn over al-Qaeda?”

    I agree. Will they turn over Bin Laden (or his remains) to show good faith? Could this mean a last chance trogan horse campain to infiltrate and conquer by posing as honest brokers willing to turn over a new leaf? I have no idea and I’m only using idle speculation because I don’t know how much I could trust these people. But the folks on the ground would be in a better position to make that determination. I do hope for the best.

  3. gwood says:

    Let me see, al-Qaida has been humiliated in Iraq, and with 26 million now freed from their long nightmare, the country is well on its way to becoming…..VERMONT. Now the Taliban has decided Binnie and the boys are the world’s hottest “hot potato”, and are prepared to toss them to the Great Satan. We are headed to the endgame here, thanks to W.

    Meanwhile, we are about to elect the party that not only created the economic mess we’re in, but the same ones who opposed these successes every step of the way. Our country is truly screwed up, we’ll get exactly what we deserve if we elect this bunch.

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