Oct 06 2008

The Ayers Implosion Of O-Bomba!

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For those wondering why McCain-Palin is bringing up Ayers (and others) now it is to hammer Obama with his deceptions and terrible past associations in the final lap of the race. If every week a new problem arises for Oabam, he will be on the defensive and hemorrhaging supporters. 

The media is going to cry and whine these matters were discussed during the primary. Well they weren’t for most people and the Clintons could not ‘take the gloves off’ against Obama. Most Americans are just now tuning in, and just now learning about Obama’s unpleasant ‘pals’. The nation has James Wright as an example of Obama’s poor judgement in their collective memory, so these renewed allegations will have a sense of reasonableness.

We are a nation at war, and the fact Obama palled around with terrorists who hated this nation and bombed it will not go over well. There are certain things you cannot paper over. This is the story of Bill Ayers, Obama’s buddy:

H/T Ed Morrissey. So, why now? To maximize the exposure of this Obamination and limit the time Obama and his media puppets have to do damage control. Expect a lot more to come out soon, but everyone needs to understand who is ‘in’ with O-Bomba. And everyone needs to understand Obama could not possibly have not known about Ayers, the man gleefully stomping on the American flag in a September, 2001 article.

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4 Responses to “The Ayers Implosion Of O-Bomba!”

  1. kathie says:

    Sean Hannity has done a yeomen’s job of exposing Obama. He added a PLO name to the group last night. Sometimes Hannity drives me nuts with repetition, but I think it will get the message out.

  2. MerlinOS2 says:

    20 more states close their voter registration rolls today many states opened early voting.

    Don’t wait too long to hit hard half the votes will be cast early or absentee in the next week , two weeks tops.

  3. Phil-351 says:

    Merlin, that is why the timing is so appropriate. Early voting is really for the people that have thier minds set, no matter what. Putting this out now gets the interest of those on or close to the fence. They will now start to sit back and look hard at both candidates, and may go early to vote late in the month or wait until Nov. 4 to see what other shoes drop or skeletons rattle out of the closet.

  4. Jacqui says:

    I know they want to focus on Ayers and that is valid but the ACORN connection to this financial crisis and thr connections to Obama and other Dems are huge. The Corner has this post with a link to a chart which visually shows the links:

    ACORN — The Flow Chart [Lisa Schiffren]

    Open this link (http://justsaynodeal.com/acorn.html ) to see a brilliant diagram of all of ACORN’s work, and the Senators and presidential candidates who make it happen. Dodd, Frank, Schumer, and of course Barack Obama are stuck in the swamp of self-dealing, corruption, and politicial machinations, all masquerading as social justice and cheap real estate for the poor, at quite large taxpayer expense. This is a savvy Democrat web site. Follow the link for a really astonishing set of Democratic web sites which compete with each other in their exposition of Obama’s perfidies, corruptions, and non-messianic attributes. Remember — former libs are much better at political knife fighting than those whose first instincts are, and remain, conservative.