Sep 30 2008

More On Pakistan Awakening

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There is more reporting on the growing Pakistan Tribal Awakening in the heart of the region thought to be the center of Taliban and al-Qaeda sanctuary.  First this report:

Intensive Pakistani military action in the border areas has emboldened several tribes to turn against Taliban militants.

The Salarzai tribe in Bajaur, where the military is conducting a bloody campaign against militants, has formed a militia to throw the Taliban out of their area.

On Friday about 400 men brandishing weaponry that ranged from rocket launchers and Kalashnikovs to ancient rifles gathered in the Bajauri town of Raghagan to chant support for the Pakistani government.

The Lashkar, or militia, had gathered to meet a group of journalists taken to Bajaur by the military to show that their operation had the support of locals.

Then this report:

Pakistani tribesmen backed by army helicopter gunships have battled Islamist militants in the Bajaur region on the Afghan border, killing several of the militants.


Pakistani security forces launched an offensive in the strategically important Bajaur, one of the main sanctuaries for al Qaeda and Taliban militants in Pakistan, in August. Up to 1000 militants have been killed this month, the military said.

In some places, ethnic Pashtun tribesmen have banded together with encouragement from the authorities to oppose the militants, whom the tribes blame for bringing violence to their region.

The latest clash broke out in Mulla Saib Dara village, 20km east of the region’s main town of Khar, when a militia force of about 6,000 tribesmen tried to set ablaze militants’ houses and hideouts.

As the Muslim Street Awakens to the horrors of the Islamo Fascists, and the US and our partners in the War on Terror provide support and aid, we see the indications that the Bush effort to snuff out al-Qaeda and the Taliban is on the verge of working. Right after 9-11, as the liberals rung their hands in a panic that we would be caught in a quagmire in Afghanistan, al-Qaeda was perceived by many, especially in the Muslim Streets, to be the future of Islam and the downfall of America and the West.

But after George W Bush took the fight to the Islamo Fascists, forcing them to fight on their home turf in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan, their animalistic brutality has become blatantly clear to the Muslim Street in those countries. And now al-Qaeda and the Taliban are no longer the future of Islam.  They are the enemy of Islam and we are the allies.

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  1. Terry Gain says:

    Lets pray that the Pakistani Awakening develops before the Obamiot assumes office and proves his military manhood by invading Pakistan.

    Iraq is progressing so quickly that even Obamiot may not be able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    With significant good luck Obamiat’s wreckage may be confined to the destruction of the American economy and the spread of Islamism throughout Europe.