Sep 01 2005

Cheers To Bill Clinton, CNN Gets Ugly

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CNN just ran an interview with George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, who are going out to repeat their efforts to bring in much needed donations for the Katrina survivors. But those low-life, self absorbed reporters at CNN cannot help but flame dissent during our nation’s dark hours.

What’s-her-name Malveaux [Suzanne], who admits she has family and friend in New Orleans and therefore should not have been allowed to give this interview, asked George Bush if the government (meaning his son) acted quickly enough to help. She listed all the problems at the Superdome after 3 days as evidence he did not.

Bush the elder responded he understood the frustration and fear of the people in the Superdome, but everything was being done. He was trying to explain the frustration was normal and finding someone to blame was normal. (Of course, anyone who stayed has to be careful who they blame).

When Malveoux tried to press Bush again, President Clinton jumped in and did the most incredible job of putting this twerp reporter back in her place. It was amazing. He reminded her that the people were put into the Superdome because they had not evacuated and that was the place deemed to best protect them – to keep them safe. When Katrina did not hit New Orleans dead-on something else happened – the levees broke. He went on to explain to the CNN fool reporter that when the flooding came it took out water, sewer and electricity. It became a different problem than was expected, and while the Superdome people were having troubles people in the streets were drowning.

Then he reminded her they plan to have the place evacuated by tomorrow.

Bill Clinton was not happy at all at the focus of the questioning, and he slammed her but good. So my hat is off to Bill Clinton for being an upstanding American and former President, and for trying to stop the gutter reporting at CNN. He made me proud.

If anyone can get a video link I would appreciate it.


Ed Morrissey has the transcript to this CNN hit job here. It is more stunning live – but this will do for now to show people why this was such a terrible move by CNN and such a great defense by Bill Clinton

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  1. In some ways it’s heartening to see glossy talking heads like Suzanne Malvaux and Shepherd Smith denuded of their usual distance from their subject and so clearly shocked and personally effected by what’s going on. Malvaux was like any other relative wanting to blame or get answers–now of course that’s not what CNN pays her for and it was totally inappropriate and you’re right, this was probably Clinton’s finest hour, but as the reporters begin to come unhinged, hopefully the rest of the country will begin to grasp the reality of what’s going on.

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  3. Gwedd says:

    It’s the advantage of age. As he gets older, Bill seems to undertsand more and more what it means to be an American. He was always in a hurry. To be governor, to be president, to be respected.
    Now that he’s had a chance to step back and see the world from up on high, his views have started to mellow a tad. Not a whole lot, mind you, but he more and more seems to “get it”. I still wouldn’t vote for him, but at least he’s shown he has a soul.



  4. Nettie says:

    Wow, I’m impressed. It takes a lot for a Dem to do that for me.

  5. AJ, good on Clinton…thanks for bringing attention to this, I would have missed it otherwise…

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