Sep 01 2005

A Well Deserved Thrashing

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In the following post I made it clear that the political right was more than capable of making a statement that would make the situation worse regarding Katrina’s damage. I had a comment in mind, and I was not the only one who saw it at NRO. Jonah Goldberg made a comment that was flip and glib – a political trait brought to the country by Clintonistas Carval and Begala – and he is getting what he deserves for it.

From Pierre Legrand at the Pink Flamingo in Baton Rouge – in the midst of the human suffering:

Here is the post and the incredible idiocy of the statement proves beyond any shadow of doubt that the Corner has passed beyond usefulness.

I think it’s time to face facts. That place is going to be a Mad Max/thunderdome Waterworld/Lord of the Flies horror show within the next few hours. My advice is to prepare yourself now. Hoard weapons, grow gills and learn to communicate with serpents. While you’re working on that, find the biggest guy you can and when he’s not expecting it beat him senseless. Gather young fighters around you and tell the womenfolk you will feed and protect any female who agrees to participate without question in your plans to repopulate the earth with a race of gilled-supermen. It’s never too soon to be prepared

Well Jonah let me just tell you about one lady stuck in there right now…one of those residents you in your smug stupidity attack.

When faced with the reality of disaster, it is not surprising to see this kind of backlash.

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  1. boris says:

    Sorry but every time I read that post it makes me laugh. It also happens to be rather true. I understand the “that’s not funny” attitude, but I wonder if it’s not just hypersensitivity.

    For me the outrage at the looting and barbarism on display is as pretentious as the apologists who say it’s just poor folk gettin themselves some of what they shoulda had in the first place. Postmodern moral relativism and the erosion of tradition has produced a society that functions only in fair weather, that flounders under stress, and disappears entirely in disaster.

    Proponents of traditional values and morality should not delude themselves that things are otherwise. Neither should they flaunt their disapproval of their own kind who poke fun at the emperor’s naked stupidity. Tragic it may be but sanctimoniously blinding yourselves to the farce leaves you vulnerable to being blindsided by the fraud.