Sep 29 2008

Another Political Milestone Reached In Iraq

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While too many Americans listen to the outright lies about Iraq promulgated by a media they pay for, the reality is Iraq is well on the way to a bright new democratic future:

IRAQ’S NEW election law will not, by itself, stop sectarian violence. Nor will the law, which governs provincial elections early next year, deliver electricity, clean water, and jobs to bomb-blasted urban areas and forlorn villages. But in adopting the law by a unanimous vote last week, members of the Iraqi Parliament made it clear that they recognize the benefits of waging their power struggles by purely political means.

Recent changes in the power balance among factions made the agreement on the election law possible. Al Qaeda in Iraq has been pretty well smashed by the Awakening Councils – 100,000 armed men paid by the American military and deployed by Sunni Arab tribal leaders. On the other side of the key sectarian divide in Iraq, the government of Shi’ite Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki used the Iraqi army to take on the militia of Moqtada al-Sadr, reducing that firebrand cleric’s sway over Basra in the south and large areas of Baghdad.

In this new situation, members of Parliament could see advantages to making the compromises an election law required. With fear of a Sadrist takeover reduced, Maliki and his political allies in the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq had a chance to enhance their representation in Parliament, thanks to their new aura as nationalist enforcers of security.

Yes Barack, you were horribly wrong about Iraq and what we could achieve, and your stubborn grip on your failed views illustrates a dangerous arrogance, where ego trumps finding the best solution to our country’s problems.

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  1. kathie says:

    AJ didn’t ya know, that what is happening in Iraq is the plan that Joe and Obama told Petraus to carry out? You need to give credit where credit is due!

  2. gwood says:

    Where can the anti-war left move to goal posts to now?

    Up until recently they were saying “well, the surge hasn’t worked because there’s been no political progress”. Now that Iraq is more democratic, safer, has more stability, and has better leadership than……..say…..Illinois, I guess they’ll have to harp on the cost.

    There’s a problem there too, because the Iraqis are beginning to pump a lot of oil. Because of the downward pressure on world oil prices that increased Iraqi crude could inject, this could be the cheapest war, from a purely financial standpoint, that we ever fought.

  3. BarbaraS says:

    Why in the world is Obama being so stubborn about being wrong about the surge. He looks like a fool saying he is still against a successful manevur. Really, he has changed his whole platform to Bush lite what difference would this one make?

    I’ve never believed in the polls but what is this stuff. Obama says “John is right” or “I agree with John” yet his poll number are increasing. Unbelievable.