Sep 28 2008

Why America May Be Tuning Out UNTIL Election Day

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As folks may know LJStrata and DJStrata have been out campaigning for McCain-Palin. One thing is striking, how vile and crude the far left is. They have had bitter old men (ex-hippies I guess) try and rip up their signs (thankfully the old coots don’t have enough strength to tear cardboard). They have had a lot of things yelled at them. It is a vocal but small minority.

And then there is everyone else, who look aghast at the 3rd graders now entering their retirement years. They are visibly, but quietly, repulsed. They grab for information and walk away from the scene. You can see this in full force in the following video where McCain-Palin supporters simply express their support in the middle of liberal madness in NY City:

“>H/T Jawa Repor
t. This is not America folks, this is fascism. This is not America as the shining city on the Hill. We used to be able to respect differences of opinion, now we mock them. I can start to see how Jews felt in pre-WWII Germany when the bitter and angry Nazis took over.

The last time I saw a surprise bump in the polls for Obama was when the Olympics where on, and it was interesting to realize it was probably due to a sampling anomoly. There is no doubt the far left is rabid about this election, and therefore they are most likely to be heard – both physically and in poll samples. They are obsessed. They are also about 20% of the population.

When the nation turned its attention to the Olympics Obama’s poll numbers rose as the rabid left sustained its obsession and the rest of the country put its attention elsewhere. When the Olympics where over and attention turned back to politics, Obama tanked.

The question one has right now is whether Obama is rising, or whether Americans, sick of the bile and anger and hate from the far left, are tuning out until election day. Watching the hate rise on the left I could make the case for the latter, that polls are now dominated by the angry left and the moderates have been repulsed and made their decision, and are just staying away until the get in the voting booth.

This sounds too good to be true, so I would have to mark it down to my own optimism. But I have been saying for a year now hyper partisanship will turn off the moderate middle and send the election to the other camp. I still think this is the case, but there is no way to prove it until after the polls close.

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  1. Terrye says:


    Civil war?? I don’t think so. The truth is half the country just wants this election to be over because they are sick and tired of hearing all this crap. They just want to be left the hell alone.

  2. dave m says:

    I’m not listening to mainstream anything.
    Why would you bother? I have better things to with my time that lap
    up propaganda. That extends to the pollsters as well. They’re totally
    in the tank for Obama too.

    Maybe an Obama victory will happen. If it does, it will be the
    death of the Left. They will kill themselves. Interestingly I read
    an op-ed Friday in the London Times predicting that the next
    President would only serve four years and after that we would get
    a great President. Well, what do London writers know? Not that
    much about our politics, but it seems buyer’s remorse can even
    spread to England. The London Times has also been totally gooey
    about Obama, maybe not so much now.

    Quite apart from Iran, nobody is mentioning the newly re-emergent Russian threat. Putin seems to be openly assisting both Iran and Syria with getting nukes, trying to make deals in Latin America and selling
    weapons to Chavez.

    I don’t see it far-fetched that Putin, facing Obama as President, will
    feel quite safe in taking all those new countries that we refer to
    as “Eastern Europe” back inside the Soviet Union, including Poland,
    Czech Republic, Bulgaria, maybe East Germany. He won’t have
    to fear a Nato response. Europe will look at Obama, and be quiet.

  3. Mike M. says:

    AJ, a word of caution. The polls, particularly the rolling polls, will not look good over the next several days.

    The financial mess has worked strongly to Obama’s advantage. Between the crisis itself and the media hype, Obama has been able to pile up a 6-8% egde in the polls released yesterday. Those polls were Thursday/Friday/Saturday polls, and indicated that the polling for Saturday favored Obama even more heavily. The polls coming out over the next few days are likely to be pretty ugly.

    DON’T PANIC! The bailout deal will address the financial issue and get it off the front page. The sense of financial panic will ease. And Obama’s bubble will burst. But this won’t begin to show until polls coming out Wednesday or Thursday.

    Also, keep the Bradley Effect in mind…Obama is almost certain to underperform his polling. I suspect by about five points.

    Finally, there are still five weeks to go in this campaign. The reports I’m hearing indicate that between the campaign funds and the party funds, the McCain camp has a substantial edge in funding…on the lines of 75% more. And McCain is saving his funds…I suspect for a two-week blitz campaign.

    I’m not saying thingd are rosy. They aren’t. But with a month to go, I don’t think it it’s time to despair. Hold firm, keep fighting.

  4. dave m says:

    Why would an economic crisis benefit Obama, who has no
    experience at running anything?
    In England, Lefty PM James (Gordon) Brown is appealing to the
    electorate with this very simple sound byte:
    “This is no time to elect a novice.”
    He is speaking, of course, about his Conservative opponent, David Cameron,
    it has not occurred to him that a few weeks ago he supported Obama.
    Exactly what, has Obama done to help?
    I’m thinking of Blondie! “Call Me!”
    McCain needs to get way more assertive quick.
    As I see it, this present mortgage mess is entirely the fault of the
    democrats and their “community reinvestment act”.
    They should be called on it.

  5. owl says:

    Good luck. I have tried that ‘cure’ 3 times. Whatdoyouthink?

    As for Pelosi’s press conference. I did what most Americans did, I refused to watch it.

    Terrye, I am not Jewish but I have this picture in my mind of families loading onto trains.

    Momdear1 has it right. What is the name of the person(s) that inserted ACORN into their original draft? NAMES.

    Their power is the media. It is the battle and we have not found a way to fight that reaches the masses. Most of my lifetime the Grand Overseerers were Dems. And the media was still in the bottle. We have a candidate for President that has more anti-American ties than most can even imagine. Someone was not watching. Or they felt they had to be adults and use reason with the thugs while the thugs were beating you bloody.

  6. dave m says:

    The media cannot show a vibrant Times Square after the first
    Iranian nuke goes off in the harbor. Or, for that matter, cut to shots
    off the white house. They will not know what to do.
    Their spin will be useless.
    America, if it finishes this mistake, is going to get kicked so hard
    nobody will know what even happened.
    After that, there will be no money for Africa, or reparations to
    blacks and indians, or a new NHS, or CBS or ABC or FOX.
    There will be no treaties that we will still honor.
    After that, the future will be unknown.
    A failed bank or two will seem like what insanity ever made us worry
    about them.