Sep 28 2008

America’s Darkest Days May Be Ahead Of It

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As we close in on election day, and I see polls breaking towards the mythical messiah Obama, I realize I have seen this all happen before – in 2006. Way back in February 2006 I could see the warning signs that America was drifting away from the GOP, and I knew it was mostly due to the GOP becoming too strident, too conservative, too condescending to form compromise and progress.

But the opening the far right left for the Democrats was exploited and America voted for “change”, despite warnings by independents like me that there were worse partisans on the left and their policies where very dangerous.

Back in February 2006, 9 months before the election and now coming on nearly 3 years ago, I made predictions about what a Democrat Congress would do to this country. I captured it in a “2006 Democrat Contract With al Qaeda“, and nearly everything in that prediction came to pass – except the ability of the Democrats to succeed in making their plans reality. I think it is worth reviewing to see what happened when we put ‘change’ over vision:

  1. Democrats would attack the Patriot Act, pretending protecting privacy for Americans was more important than discovering plots to kill Americans. Remember, we all share the same laws here, citizens and wannabe killers of citizens. They did try!
  2. Democrats would try to shut down GITMO and give terrorists legal counsel – they did try!
  3. Roll back the FISA-NSA rules about listening in on terrorists communications – the Dems tried like hell to cripple this national security defense.
  4. Open our borders to anyone who ‘wants a job’. Dems have always supported this and they tried to push this later in 2006 when Bush and McCain and others tried for Comprehensive Immigration reform. But the mood of the country pretty much killed their open borders hopes.
  5. One of the few that did not come to pass was an effort to role back warrantless searches and screenings at airports – maybe they will try in the next Congress.
  6. I predicted the end of no-fly watch lists. There have been murmors occossionally to end this, but it too never came to pass.
  7. The biggie, so I will quote it directly: “in an effort to demonstrate our sincere apologies for the actions of President Bush towards Al Qaeda, we plan to return the State of Iraq to the despot dictator of Al Qaeda’s choice by calling for the immediate withdrawal of our military forces to the safety of European soil. We encourage Al Qaeda to do what they please with the Iraqi people.” The Dems fought victory through a surge of troops and a counter-insurgency strategy tooth and nail. They proclaimed Iraq a lost cause that we should abandon ASAP, leaving it to the will of al-Qaeda. This was the most deplorable action of the Democrat Congress. They wanted failure so bad they tried to mandate it from Congress. 
  8. Fight aggressive interrogation efforts and hand every terrorist an ACLU lawyer – the Dems did this as well.
  9. Impeach Bush. No one cannot say the cry for impeachment has not come up over and over and over again.

In 2006 America was faced with a daunting task ahead of it. We had growing challenges in Iraq and the Dems kept trying to recklessly change course and sink the ship of state. Americans, in 2006, naively voted for the promise of ‘change’ without realizing it meant destroying America’s credibility to defend itself and creating an emboldened, energized terrorist state rising up on an historic defeat of a world super power. What we got was a historically bad Congress with abysmal approval ratins.

The only reason we avoided this scenario is because President George W Bush stopped the suicidal actions of a bitter and angry liberal party. This is not to say the Democrats were total failures. In their time in office they have doubled the price of energy and allowed the mortgage crisis to careen out of control.  Soon Bush will not be President, and who we chose will determine whether we keep avoiding disaster or run head long into the abyss.

When facing a storm it is well known one must stear a ship into the storm.  To change course in a storm (out of panic or anxiety or spoiled indiferrence) invites destruction. Ships with do not keep their bows pointed into the storm, with a determination and will to weather the storm, are destroyed. It is no different for ships of state.

What is so dark about electing a Democrat? Well, we can begin with how they and their cronies corrupt our nation.  One only needs to watch this video of how the sub prime mortgage movement – pushed by the far left – was the source of our current financial nightmares. The only way for people to make A LOT more money in the mortgage business was to open up a large pool of new borrowers. The only pool out there were the ones who couldn’t meet the lending requirements.

So over the years the Dems lowered the lending requirments, let lose predatory lenders to vacuum up suckers and commissions, shoved the trash mortgages into Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (where more liberals lined their pockets) and run the whole thing into the ground, leaving America holding the bag. Is it any surprise Obama has all these personal and financial ties to the ones who have the pockets lined with money?  None whatsoever.

Here’s a dirty little secret. Let’s start with the fact Librals believe capitolism is corrupt. I mean they hate it, they are socialist redistribution types. They cannot stand free enterprise. Now, to prove this is true they go out and corrupt our markets. They don’t believe in honorable capitolism (and some GOP members have done so as well) but here the idea is to prove capitolism is evil – by making it evil. These Democrats line their pockets all they time saying “see, how corrupt capitolism is?”. They don’t mind destroying the very thing they hate to prove why it is bad. 

If Obama wins all the stops will be off again.  Liberals will go back to dismantling the country most of us love and honor. And it will be much worse than the Clinton years – Obama has shown that. Right now the man is trying to petition the law enforcement elements of this country to squash his opposition (see here, here, here and here). When combined with his campaign’s openness to outright lie and create lies, you see hints of what could be very dark days for America (here and here).

Obama is being damn clear for anyone who wants to look hard. He would have surrendered Iraq to al-Qaeda. He plans massive domestic spending and has talked about cutting the military. He plans to pull back troops from facing down the Islamists terrorists. He plans to ‘talk’ to Iran unconditionally. He will close down the monitoring of terrorists communications into this country. He will close down GITMO and end forceful interrogations. He will pull back from the world.

He will tax corporations and tell you only they are paying as the price of everything we purchase goes up. He will resist drilling, keeping gas prices sky high to ween American from their cars. He will send our money to bail out his Wall Street buddies until we cry ‘uncle’ and support socialism.

And he will not petition law enforcement agencies to silence his critics. No, because when he is President he can simply order it.

Obama is not different from all those Presidents on the dollar bills because of his skin pigment levels. He is different because he doesn’t admire, respect or honor the country those past presidents worked to build. Obama is different because he wants to tear down what they created. It is now known that one of the things Obama did with the American terrorist Bill Ayers is fund alternative schools, many anti-American. One such school dumped the pledge of allegiance and replaced it with:

I pledge allegiance, to the world …

Obama made clear in his trip and speech to Europe what he will do once he gains the reigns of power with the help of a Democrat led Congress – which 80% of the people think is broken. You think they broke things the last time they brought ‘change’ in 2006?! Wait until you see what they do in 2009 without and counter balancing opposition!

Update: Powerline weighs in on the Police State tactics of Team Obama

Update: Allah Pundit weighs in as well.

Update: A must see horror report (click image to watch). One has to ask when to “truth squads” become “hit squads”?

Update: Some people may not know that Obama did not win election to the Illinois State Senate – he seued his way into office by knocking all other contenders off the ballot, including a woman icon of the liberal movement. Obama does not believe in democracy, he prefers to use the law to over ride the rule of the people. And Mark Steyn opines on the death of freedom of speech.

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15 Responses to “America’s Darkest Days May Be Ahead Of It”

  1. cochino says:

    Yes, things do seem to be breaking Obama’s way. But I don’t think there’s reason to throw in the towel, yet! Yet, there is no doubt that if Obama is elected, it will be the most liberal government the U.S. has ever had. People with very strong anti-capitalist sentiments will hold most of the levers of power. I don’t say that lightly. It’s just true.

    As recently as the 1980’s, the Democratic Party was largely controlled by generally conservative to moderate people (although many were big government types/New Dealers). There were leftwing nuts around low down on the seniority chain. Well, the conservative to moderate people are all gone and the nuts are now in the leadership. It’s scary to see them licking their chops about getting their hands on U.S. wealth to fulfill their socialist dreams.

    I keep asking myself, “is this really what the U.S. population wants?”. Maybe so.

    On the bright side, we’re not just talking about philosophical differences, here. Six of this, half dozen of the other. Socialism just doesn’t work. Sooner or later, it has to be dismantled. They are on the wrong side, historically. People just need to keep fighting for liberalism (in the classical sense) and not give up.

  2. Mike M. says:

    AJ, you’re starting to worry me. If you are losing confidence, we’re pretty well sunk.

    I’m worried most by the intimidation tactics already on display by Obama and the Dems. They were thuggish before…but it is becoming clear that an Obama presidency would see police-state tactics familiar to the inmates of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

    And you haven’t touched on the worst of it. Iran is working on building nuclear weapons. Pakistan has them already. If Obama gets in, the likelihood of a terrorist nuke obliterating Washington is frighteningly high.

    On the other hand, I don’t think this fight is over quite yet. As I write this, it appears that a deal has been reached on the bailout…and most of the shift to Obama has been due to the crisis. Furthermore, I’ve seen reports to the effect that McCain has a significant financial edge on Obama. And McCain has not played the trump cards yet. I suspect that the plan is a last-two-weeks sledgehammer offensive. In 2000, Gore gained five points in as many days…I think McCain has the same thing in mind. This fight is not over yet.

  3. Terry Gain says:

    The guiding principle of the Democratic Party is that there are more Pauls than Peters.

    This makes socialism inevitable unless there are enough Pauls who understand the history of socialism.

  4. VinceP1974 says:

    I agree with Rush L… we can’t fall victim to a phychological warfare being done by the media against Republicans/Conservatives.

    Part of the reason GOP lost in 06 was because so many peolpe internalized the media’s drumbeat of “Culture of Corruption”.

    The GOP Corruption is NOTHING compared to the Dem Corruption..

    Of the two polls I’ve seen that included thousands of peolpe, both of them had McCain wining the debate by a wide margin.

    That was the Drudge Report and the AOL polls

    [I know they’re not scientific]

    anyway.. dont let these poll discourage you.. i doubt their accuracy.

    now one thing that is happening that I like is this story by Fox news

    This is Fox and Friends from Sunday morning, “Accountable Frank: Barney Frank changing his tune; should he be held accountable”

    They’re reading emails from viewers saying they (the Dems) should be in jail.

    Hopefully this is the start.

  5. Mike M. says:

    I just checked the Real Clear Politics page. Obama up 4.3%. But nobody is talking about the Bradley Effect. Which runs 2-6%. And all this in the middle of the financial crisis. Which is getting patched up. Close – but not hopeless.

  6. browngreengold says:

    Please AJ, don’t go all wobbly on us.

    The way I see this, and I’ve talked to several people over the last couple of days that feel the same way, is these tactics just increase our determination to keep Obama from happening.

    The intimidation of people on radio, the “truth squads”, the bracelet. All of that makes me that much more determined to get out and support McCain.

    I have never distributed yard signs, nor have I have I ever even donated to a campaign.

    Until now.

    Before Palin was picked, my attitude was “Meh.”

    Now, Palin is on the ticket and the left has gone stark raving mad.

    I have become determined.

    I have become obsessive about success.

    I would crawl across burning coals or broken glass on Election Day if necessary.

    This is my country, and I’ll be damned if the Left is going to take it from me without a fight.

  7. AJStrata says:

    Mike M,

    The polls are going to be off, it is only a question of how much. If they are really within the MoE things are not going well and the mega bullhorn of the liberal media is working.

    If they are way off, and most people have shunned the political industrial complex and are keeping silent, then there could be a massive surprise wave rising out there.

    I can see indications for both. But the former is more lilely than the latter. I was wrong about 2006, I was too optimistic.

    We may not know until voting day, and it may be a black day.

  8. Mike M. says:

    AJ, my point is that historically, minority candidates underperform the polls. Always. Typically between 2-6%. It’s not a statistical MOE thing, it’s an unwillingness to tell pollsters you won’t vote for the PC candidate.

    If the RCP average is to be trusted, and we assume a 4% Bradley Effect, then Obama has a very slight edge.

    I’m worried. Very worried, as I know the stakes. And I remember how optimistic we both were two years ago, and how that turned out.

    But I haven’t lost hope. Not with more than five weeks left in the campaign.

  9. If you have not read this American Thinker piece then I highly recommend it.

    I would ally myself with the devil himself to defeat this man. I will not surrender my country to this bunch of Marxists…

  10. America’s Darkest Days May Be Ahead Of It…AJ over at Strata-Sphere gets it!…

    Obama must be defeated…nothing less will do.
    The Strata-Sphere » America’s Darkest Days May Be Ahead Of It  

  11. WWS says:

    Well, if obama wins I won’t feel so bad about the Great Depression we’re headed into. We’ll deserve it.

  12. Cepik says:


    We knew this was going to be an uphill battle from the start, but it is far, far from over.

    Hey AJ, do you think the reason they are oversampling the Dems is because they are trying to offset the PUMAs? If that is the case, how do we know they are talking to the PUMAs and not the party rank and file? Any other ideas of why they might be oversampling?

    I’m with you BrownGreenGold, lets keep fighting the good fight!

  13. momdear1 says:

    Obama’s Liberation theology, advocating Reparations for Slavery, and other way out “get whitey” plans are not being publicized. Obama has not said whether he still plans to make Whity pay reparations for slavery but he has advocated this in the not too distant past. Is he still for Affirmative action, although past affirmative action has reduced the number of white male college students to a fraction of what they used to be. 2/3 of all college students are now female. When you add in the minorities, there just aren’t too many places left for white boys. .” There has not been a training level job availabe for a young white man in the high paying tech trades in nearly 30 years. (I speak from personal knowledge being the mother of three simi literate graduates of the public education system who were all told “You are the most qualified person who has applied but we are under a mandate to hire a minority” One retrieved his application and went back two weeks later , marked his race Amer. Indian, and was hired immediately.) About the only way a white man can get a job in this country today is to know someone who will hire him or make one for himself.

    I was actually told on one interactive website, ” I can’t wait until all your whte A–es have been killed off or run out of the country, and this country become a bronze nation like it is supposed to be.” This is not an uncommon experience. Community organizers, like Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson and their ilk have done nothing but go into vulnerable areas and convince the people there that they have a grievance and somebody (white) owes them. With all these agitators working people up into a frenzy of hate I am surprised we don’t have constant race riots in this country. Does anyone really think that electing someone like Obama, who’s whole career has been devoted to working people up into rages and fomenting ill feelings is going to change this country for the better?

  14. dave m says:

    Cheer up AJ!
    Even if Obama is elected, he won’t survive through his first term,
    well, unless he spends no time in DC.
    DC and NYC will be the main two targets of Iranian nukes,
    they will be guaranteed with an Obama Presidency.
    They’ll just be delivered by stealth, on small yachts that enter NY harbor
    or sail up the Potomac.
    I suppose there’s some chance our covert services will stop them,
    er, no there isn’t.