Aug 31 2005

Hundreds/Thousands Dead In New Orleans

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Tragically this is not surprising news at the DrudgeReport. The Mayor of New Orleans has released a statement that hundreds to thousands have died in New Orleans from Katrina. Given this is a city of roughly 450,000, and 20% remained behind, that means 90,000 people were possibly in the path of the storm. The largest number of people in shelters was around 30,000 at the Superdome (which has fluctuated between 10,000 and 30,000).

That leaves a lot of people unaccounted for who did not evacuate.

Do not be surprised of larger than expected levels in Mississippi either. Haley Barbour’s words the other day wishing everyone had heeded the evacuation orders [paraphrasing] means he knows what is coming as well. He predicted a bleak picture in this statement as well.

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